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  1. U knw say a last nite me & my mom sat down & was watching Radigan bday bash from back in the 90’s @ House Of Leo. My mom was saying that’she when Dancehall was nice. RIP Father Ratigan.

  2. A bloody scene.’ 3 killed, 12 wounded in mass shooting at West Adams restaurant
    Richard Winton, Matt Stevens, Deborah Netburn and Marc Olson
    Police say two groups exchanged gunfire inside and outside the restaurant, located in a converted home, in the West Adams district. Some diners were caught in the crossfire.

    ‘A bloody scene.’ 3 killed, 12 wounded in mass shooting at West Adams restaurant

  3. R.i.P to the big man! I believe it’s his birthday weekend also. How I hear it go…..a likkle man came to dilly’s and saw a yute that shot him in his foot,di likkle man left and come back and dun di place.

    When will it end, r.i.p Radigan

    Quena- I’m here today!

  4. deh pon the news from morning. 3 dead 12 injured.

    it a get sticky from wha day the whole a LA turn shooting range to rass.

    as me reach a dance the other day me see security a take weh demself and sheriff pon the scene cause the place shot up

  5. WEST ADAMS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Three people were killed and 12 others were wounded at a house party shooting in the West Adams area of South Los Angeles early Saturday, police said.

    When officers responded to the shooting at around 12:30 a.m. to what was described as a makeshift restaurant at a home in the 2800 block of Rimpau Boulevard, about 50 people were running from the “chaotic” scene, authorities from the Los Angeles Police Department said.

    According to the owner of the restaurant, there was a birthday party going on when an argument broke out between one group and a group of three. The three people left the house, came back with a gun and started shooting, police said.

    Police said three men were found dead inside the home and at least 12 others were hospitalized. At least three were listed in critical condition.

    Authorities from the LAPD said witnesses described the location as a popular reggae spot.

    “It’s a single-family residence that was kind of a makeshift restaurant. It has canopies; they have a DJ, they have tables set up to play dominoes,” said LAPD Sgt. Frank Preciado.

    The owner, who does not have the proper permits to operate the home as a restaurant, was cooperating with police and providing information, Preciado added.

    Police said a weapon was recovered at the scene and two people, a male and female, were taken into custody. Both were recovering from gunshot wounds, police said.

    No further information was released.





  7. Shooting at Los Angeles Restaurant Leaves Three Dead
    Police say 12 people were brought to hospitals; two possible suspects being questioned
    Associated Press
    Updated Oct. 15, 2016 1:13 p.m. ET
    LOS ANGELES—An early morning argument at a Los Angeles restaurant apparently triggered a gunbattle that left three people dead and 12 wounded, authorities said Saturday.

    Police found shell casings and blood throughout the restaurant, located west of downtown Los Angeles. Two possible suspects were being questioned.

    Los Angeles Police Department Officer Mike Lopez said a preliminary investigation found a party was under way at the restaurant at 12:30 a.m. Saturday when an argument started.

    A man and woman left the building, then returned and the restaurant erupted in gunfire.

    Three people died at the scene, and 12 others were transported to local hospitals. Their conditions ranged from critical to stable but serious.

    Police didn’t disclose the names or ages of the fatalities or the wounded.

    “There was some type of party there,” Mr. Lopez said. After the couple left the restaurant and returned “that’s when the shooting occurred.”

    One firearm was recovered.

    —Copyright 2016 the Associated Press.


    1. Everybody gonna die I’m gonna make sure mada n fada is going2 die kids anybody dem kill radigan rong person dem kill war start i kno wat i need2 kno mi a kill everything

      1. no Bob I know ur hurt but let the authorities deal wid it, no need to get urself in trouble. sorry for your loss.

      2. War bloodcla##t whey?! A can’t America unnu a plan that bumbo cause unnu won’t last a ras!

        If unnu want fi dead in a hurry go Jamaica wid dat.

  8. John John you and your dirty Bitch go kill unu self Damn assholes kill and injure bystanders now both of you fools will be locked away and leave your kids Orphan and Rob people of them like f**g Clowns!!!

  9. The lifestyle not worth it..you know..give up the streets dead jail or broke..now what about his two little kids..his girl..his wife..a life gone too soon..u have to stay home give up life..rip Robert u were a Don but now look hoe we have to remember you in a coffin

  10. Junior an John John is what Radigan duh uno?? That man don’t bother any one,suh when uno turn the gun down where he was standing that means uno intentionally shoot the man. Because one shot in him head is no stray bullet!! But I hope you’ll can finish what you started…

  11. met this shooting a come off a the war a yard,Jem road and Ramsey Rd a war with Sunlight street and it stink in the street seh big man foreign a fund di war Suh a guess dem a guh after the big man dem.

  12. John John you and your Clarendon country man fren dem coming like crosses, y unuh kill the big man. A leave unuh to di LAPD cause this a one killing weh la ppl dem hurt bout

  13. Nadi and radigon left long time. Nadi live a wittfield ave fi yrs now and a run a shop back to square one.Him and Sophia did live a LA a girl from Rome dont know if them left… Jimbo will bury him and a august him lose one a him family a Jamaica.. R.I.P MR BURGANDY BENZ.. SAY HI TO PAUL IN HEAVEN FOR ME AND LALA

  14. Lynnette Mi know u hurt right now but just gwaan hold the faith cause 54b maxfield ave will never be the same,mark just hang in there its just the Rd we all have to travel. R.I.P RADIGON

  15. the real Don is. C.d.coke ok. God don’t like ugly . remember. in the late 90. troy av.. the real Don a rub him time 23yr

  16. Robert and Sophia never lived together! Get your facts str888! The man (common law)wife is Dawnett. She has 2 beautiful daughters for him. Dawnett is who will identify his body and collect his belongings! It’s Dawnett who will give him a nice burial. Stop the lies and mix up. My heart bleeds for the family!

  17. I can’t believe what I’m hearing it was John John and his friend and his woman what the hell is going on, who was the target of their rage exactly what was the real beef? Come in someone give the real deal here!

  18. LAWD DEM put dilly eena prekeh, that’s all we good for R.I.P. RADIGAN. when u dead dem way ya how the hell u rest in peace we are a set a cockdices onto ourselves one dozen injured, man of sorrows

  19. Sheryl the boss You have the biggest rass mouth in la instead of calling everybody and telling them say Junior kill the man and shot 15 innocent people just say your condolences and shut you backside everybody I hear the story from your long breast name in it

  20. Jon Jon u and u woman and junior don’t feel like people don’t know where your family reside yard and abroad don’t think these people not going to retaliate look how la and New York ago turn dead yard trust me

    1. Unno nuh badda come a NY wid unno foolishness. More innocent bystanders doesn’t need to lose their lives.

      You better careful before you end up being the next one we are send our RIP wishes.

  21. Non progressive illiterate ghetto ppl I tell yo wid dem don & gangs always f**ng up people’s life & giving Jamaica bad name yawd & abroad!I’m so disgusted. When will it end father god?

  22. Met Tamika delete har Instagram no sah duppy deh pon Junior it’s about time Junior rub sometime fi all Di killing & robbery weh him duh over Di years God nah sleep Junior !

  23. Sheryl set up junior an John john against BARNEY to kill him,a BARNEY an RADIGAN spar,suh junior an John John a carry feelings fi dem…. Sheryl your end a guh bitter bad….. dem say BARNEY went under a CAR how him fit under there i don’t know,but when trouble take yu Pickney shut fit yu! Junior a talk bout a stray shot RADIGAN get a BARNEY did fi get… lie the wicked boy a tell junior you intentionally shot RADIGAN an just remember a nuff people see what happened, Champagne and BARNEY was next to RADIGAN an a him get the shoot in him head!! Nasty big ole long breast ugly Sheryl BARNEY OBEHA woman a work over time shi gard him up from you! because you’re one boy pickney Deh a prison fi the rest of him life,yu nuh care bout other people boy pickney! Sheryl you need to stop set up BARNEY!

  24. What is going on in the Jamaican community of LA right yasso! Men can’t go to a place where there’s innocent people without popping shot at one another. I just can’t say hate and jealous mek you pop shots with tons of people in a place all of you hang out at! No one couldn’t wait and deal wit unno business on the streets. The hate is clearly real around there. One man who clearly everyone loved is gone and two other men no one clearly not acknowledging who they are but I will my condolences to the families and friends of the to all three men that life was taking from the abruptly a night of celebration went deadly wrong and many is surviving. This tragic incident we’ll forever leave fear in many hearts no more parties people would want to go, your not going to ever know if you would be safe. I don’t blame you all because the streets wouldn’t see me and I say that to say be careful because you don’t know who is out to get you friend or foe because it could be that man you see everyday! People stop killing one another stop the violence. Take your beef away from innocent people you see a man that you beefing with leave the place shit remove yourself and deal with whatever it is away from other people! Sad still can’t believe this happened. May everyone recover who has been hurt and may the love ones of the victims God gives each and everyone of you the strength to go on. Sorry for your lost!!! :sorry

  25. Junior and John John there is no place to run and hide the whole a LA hate unuh because u kill Radigan, what a thing unuh call dung pan u nuh self

  26. Rodigan a “DON” so a so “DONS” get tek out, NO? Sum a unnu is the reason why peace cyan reign a Jamdown or a farrin because unnu promote dis “DON” business too blasted much. The same “DON” weh unnu a praise and a plan fe avenge him death a di same “DON” who fah apprentice dem a go spray unnu family. There is no loyalty in that lifestyle. Rodigan was a saint? Blood no deh pon him hands? All his years of being a “DON”, him never once order man fe tek out odda man? All a unnu blood crazed fools weh a talk bout retaliation fe go dig unnu grave a lay dung because none a unnu no serve no useful purpose among civil human beings. I feel sorry for NONE but the innocent caught in the hail of bullets.

  27. Ppl call you don when you can give them something the man busy a make money him Nava a build nuh army. All a we have to die but not all a we ago bury or talk bout. More than 90 % the comments are good after him a nuh none of the known Dons that a murder ppl u ever police a tell him turn in himself. Him a flossing don spend you money don make money don give you family start don not nuh murdera don. Dont talk what you dont know

  28. Jr and John john i primise u i Will kill u ur mother father kids will die for radigan Jr i no where ur family rest i Will find n kill dem all John John I’m waiting for ur information

    1. since you a promise fi Kill innocent people… mind dem tek the initiative before you! Matter of fact, revile you self so the war really kick off in true form! Idiot :thumbup

      MiMI and Ms. Jamaica come wid some facts.

  29. I’m watching channel 4 news and they provided several updates. Surveillance of two guys running to a BMW they are not sure if those are two of the three persons the police claims left the party and came back with firearms. They also interviewed a guy who face was not visible who called himself Seal when was asked questions said yes he received a call that said a person he knew by the name of Radigon was killed. They also have the aunt of one of the other persons killed on tv as well. They asked Dilly questions and he visibly seemed upset and didn’t want to answer questions just kept saying he doesn’t know what happened he was running for his life. He was running that place as a restaurant without a permit what charges will he face for that.
    Why would someone come on here and leave comments about killing theses offenders family, mother,father and children why involve the family members they have nothing to do with what people allegedly saying these people did. How do we know who gun killed who if everyone who had gun inside the place was popping shot to save them own life. Who pop the first shot and who got the first shot Radigon, if that is so how these three persons was able to get that close to shoot this man in a him head! There’s so many different stories of what took place and how it took place. The media said these three left and came back shit everyone should of left the house they knew something was going down and some say no one left the house argument pop off and shot fire. When people inns problem with one another the safest place is to be is away from the Jamaican population because there u will buck up on your enemies. I just can’t see it yet, house parties are the most dangerous parties to go because you have no room to run. Police say they have no one in custody at the moment but the police will soon solve it and get the guilty I just hope no more killings come from this spare the families they have nothing to do with it. Mourn the dead but please do not go and avenge dem death it’s not going to bring closer. Soon or later the police will catch you and we all know this the killers will not and can not escape.

    1. Poor you and your kind heart.

      These motherfockers will not give true statements to catch anybody.

      Your plea for peace is nill amongst these savages who worship men who dispense breadcrumbs to them. They call them Dons when in fact they are modern day plantation (ghetto) enforcers (head nigger in charge of daily oppression)

  30. What happen to the old days were when you fight you fight with your bare hands now people tell up weapons and kill people, the shit is real serious. Put the weapons down and pick up your fist and fight and done with it u get ur ass whoop then get up dust yourself off and keep it pushing but what I get to understand about Jamaican people their are a set of prideful people and they don’t tolerate disrespect and whatever means possible they going to show you they are no punks and you wonder why arguments can’t be settled with since it’s always a war!

  31. Rip radigon, look where you coming from and never dead, maxfield and a foreign dem come kill you , jah know it sad, nuff ppl you feed still but a just so, more time when you getin up in age you of to just leggo certain company and enz , just stay in, a big joke thing reach the man, rip youth

  32. I feel it for the lady just get married two weeks ago,her husband take a bullet to his chest trying to protect his wife! R.I.P to this innocent man condolences to his wife! I feel sorry for the lady that was laying on the street side she got shot in her back mash up her inside,I heard she’s a very nice respectable woman. She did multiple surgeries to save her life,prayers for her and her family. Get well soon ropa got shot in his hand. Get well soon Evan bubbla,get well soon big muma gun shot to the face. Get well soon to all the rest of people who I didn’t mention!!

    1. Radigan dadz of dadz rip Jr n John John i feel sorry for ur family in jamaica di maxfild mon dem gonna kill ur family stinga sunrise jungle radigan have a crazy army a yard i heard Jr have family not far frm radigan place not good

  33. I guess radigon did a thing when him start take up him security them .. and a say rich badness .. but I guess them not going to adjust them of to Stick to what them know.. I know just is not going to go like this.. it’s going to be a lot of bloodcurding all over from LA to NY to JA … will all know the crime rate is going to rise because radigon love all over the world and the brown family and him sons them not going to take it .. with most of all Jimbo and him killa brothers them and Cousin

  34. John John anywehh Yuh deh right .Yuh either a nyam shyt or ah fart shyt right now ! Yuh f**k up this Yuh N junior hmm wid whonuh fiShy look

  35. Wow I guess that’s why radigon did start bring up him security them .. its not going to be rich badness anymore them of to stick to what them know and do best …, I knows it’s going to be a lot of Bloodshed from LA to NY to JA and all over the world.. because everyone know that him is some people godfather and him love by people worldwide so u know what that means and the killa them that was on is books… and everyone know how him Family is them live for things like this to start crazy blood shed .. so I know that brown families them not going to take it .. and most of all him money sons them and mr. crimes jimbo and them killa Brothers them

  36. Hold on why should there be so much blood shed because Radigon was at the wrong place and the wrong time, he wasn’t the target he just happened to get one of the many shots that was fired by not only the one who started shooting but everyone in the damn house. So how do any of you know that John John kill Radigon or even Junior did it, yes Junior kill the man he was arguing with a crowd move shoot the man when he turn his back on him, just like Shaka Zulu mother told him do not every leave an enemy behind so why turn your back on a man you done shoot his friend in the foot, why are you even amongst other Jamaicans and don’t know who is fren from foe. Some men real stupid and have no damn common sense to them at all. If you street smart you should know, America no different from home, when I man set pon you he will find you. Sorry him die but he did that on himself. But lets get back to this stop threaten people families, people have it hard already to be fearing for their life because I family member did something stupid. Since Junior was hanging with John John and guess he had to shoot back but again everyone in that house that had a gun shoot back and probably wasn’t aiming at no one why you think so many people got shot too. Leave the people dem family alone straight up. His sons need to mourn his father and leave it alone no more death needs to occur stop the bad man ting and live a clean life already shit…

  37. Radigan family dem disappoint him at his funeral dem no look good. me nuh know ah wah dat him sista have on she fava mad oman and him bredda look like a dead inna casket.. Big up Nadli Yuh look good.

  38. Robert family dem disappoint him at his funeral dem no look good. me nuh know ah wah dat him sista have on she fava mad oman and him bredda look like a dead inna casket.. Big up Nadli Yuh look good. Dawnet you look fabulous do the right thing dawnet what robert would want . a wah robert family dem a fight ova him tings dem fah? robert work hard for his kids so anything robert ave a fi him pikney dem an rememba dawnet dont forget him madda the rest of them fi guh look wuk cause when robert alive him neva did a do nothing fi dem dat much suh dem fi leave the man things dem to him pikney dem so dem can mek the decision robert tell me ah him sista mek him deal wid him madda suh because him did trust and love him madda and she let him down & guh tek out him money and lend har .. big up yuh self too junior! cause yuh know seh yuh fada tell uh everything bout dem suh if a ten kids robert have everything weh robert have fi guh to him 10 kids and him mada. the rest a dem fi guh look wuk and junior and nuh give them nothing like weh robert and dawnet would a do. Big up robert mada big up dawnet big up junior, nadli, devawn, kevin, aisha, and my son Jahmal

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