2. Idiot push over and foot mat Anmarie Vaz go sit ur rass ass down!cant expect anything better from you, Daryl tek u fram country and u affi tek all his crap and bullying #cheerleading on this gyal for a big woman bcuz she with Bolt smh says alot about ur ass!

    1. Morning sweetest G,great minds think Alike cuz I swear I gave the vaz lady a bly but this is a tad too much nuffness!so like u hun im sitting here wondering why she acting like she won some prize?then I thought it made perfect sense she would be the one cheering on kasi delusions of grandeur!!

      That vaz lady literally love the fcukery,just look who shes with!

  3. Kasi!!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO BE YOU!!!!!!! Lol I would rather have a man that adores me. She’s an idiot. Usain doesn’t give a f**k about you! I doubt he’s even seen her since him reach back. I thought she used to give advice seh a woman must know her worth and not put up with a cheating man. What changed? Usain’s bank account? This girl is so stupid.

    1. Money change people. Listen I get, men cheat and women forgive. But there is no way on mother earth that I could forgive after this international disrespect.

      Shame me a yard but NOT outta road! deh so mi draw the line.

  4. Slayage, formation…these are the words these women are using to describe her humiliation? Dem yah kind a people yah follow BeyoncĂ© and believe the fairytale! Unnu life sad nuh bbc!

  5. So in other words,”get money bitch, by any means necessary?” in other words stay with him, he is just a stray dog put rin tin tin will find his way home soon? you fi get a stray dog is still a dog? Years ago someone told me,”you never respect anyone who kisses your ass,” Kasi, stop being a door mat, if he comes back fling everything he gives you on him tell him tek it an stuff it, leave, show some self respect and maybe, just maybe he might respect you in turn and come back. At this rate, him nuh rate yuh.

    1. She was up all night on snapchat, it seems, packing with her cousin. It looks like she was so excited she could barely sleep. LOL Something is clearly happening today. She has hair extensions in as well. i’m excited to see what happens.

  6. I wonder if she don’t realize sey him nah married har! I knew he wasn’t when him sey him nah get married until he 35. He might be from the bush but the man not stupid. You think he don’t know Kasi using him! Plus she don’t know how to be low key! How much other girl Usain gi things and nobody don’t know! Kasi too hype!

  7. Man give bun. But not like dat if he was doing it seceretly and got caught it wouldnt be so bad. But upfront so? If she can endure it fi ring and marriage thats if she love ita fi her business dat.

  8. Wow..I agree yes no relationship is perfect and its built on trust plus compromises,forgiveness and a mutual understanding all that good stuff BUT it takes two to tango. Both partners have to be willing to work and make compromises. Why him no compromise him freakiness eeh? Kasi sell you soul work it out in the name of a fat pocket and the next time him want a 3sum tell him say nigga my delusional mind comes with a package of multiple personalities so u can flip the switch and f**k all a dem. Bun so rass hot but the kind he served u for the world to see can feed a continent.#SELFRESPECT

  9. @Roxipoptartz Maybe you should get your head checked along with Kasi. When you’re sending in mixup, you need to crop out identifying information. Your IG name is right there at the bottom at the comments section! You see how yuh damn face broad? KMT

  10. Mi wan kasi nyam out usian. Because usian should have known better me wan she dig deeper than him pocket.if he allow her to, because you usian should have never give kasi a title. So usain you mean to tell me you love kasi more than your own brother? That you would go out of your way and give her a title as first lady, listen to all she had to say about your brother and their issues while they where dating? Usain you really think kasi loyalty is with you? Usian no good good woman don’t want you after what thwy hears bayy papyshow like kasi. If dem even have a eye on you. It clearly turn away. Usian you too f**g nasty and fool

  11. But if a baller really loves u, he would buy u a house/ slash condo, trips around the world with him and a car with leather seats no cloth seats,people are delusional, she what u call ride till she dies ,

  12. Its funny have we all forget our own mistakes, when we are chastising someone elses.
    she is young and going thru the ropes, like we was once upon a time

    1. Mi neva tek none a my family man dem yet. Ooun justify too much nastiness. If usian get a decent woman after dis dat… Bayy pappishow to usain ting..

  13. Mi Say is only Bolt alone can end this delusion. He really needs to man up and let the status of their relationship be known to her. There is no way she can be thinking she is in a relationship with this man, and talking about wedding and family when this man is clearly living a single life.

    She is in a one way relationship. Bolt come on now man…When Kobi did get ketch, he gave a public apology to the media and to his wife. Up to the little sick one name Anthony Weiner, gave a public apology to the media and to his wife. Any man that truly loves a woman, the first thing he would do is run to her seeking her forgiveness after being caught. Bolt instead ran to the next girl bed and Kasi sit down a yard a talk about she happy and her life good. This chick is clearly delusional.

    Better her than me, because I can’t take shame.

    1. What makes you believe he has not told her the status of their relationship? His actions speak clearly on what his position is, Kasi and her social media antics are the only reason some are still talking about this.
      Now there’s a story on some low traffic foreign blog claiming he brought her a $10 million ring.

  14. Kasi is in love and every one of us love differently. Some stay in situations way past its sell by date and some run the very moment that the red flag comes out. I loved someone once and I loved him so hard that I completely lost myself. Tun fool. Couldn’t let go. I had given too much, right down to my virginity. I wanted some return on my investment and I was damned if I was going anywhere. The more I stuck it out, the more heartache I suffered. By the time we crashed and burned, I had turned into a chainsmoking alcoholic, yes I got drunk every evening on cheap wine so that I could fall asleep rather than be awake to think about my heartbreak. I was luckier than most, our relationship wasn’t public for all to comment on. I finally moved on, got married and very happy. But I refuse to judge because as strong as everyone said I am, I wasn’t strong enough to sort out my life. Kasi will know what to do when the time is right. The human spirit has an amazing way of catching us before we fall. I wish her well. No need to trash talk someone that I don’t know.

      1. Yes but they will either sort themselves out and get married or she will move on, maybe even be forced to. Usain is too in love with himself to love anyone and something tells me that he has a cruel manipulative streak about him. I can’t stand the guy but Kasi must love him. I cannot believe hype and money is keeping her there. I wish her luck because by the looks of it, she’s gonna need it.

    1. Kasi is in love with the status and what he could do for her. If it were about love of the person she wouldn’t be on social media milking this for attention and she had no trouble walking away from Sadiki to Usain.
      I don’t believe Usain has manipulated her. He treats her like he knows what he’s dealing with which is why he didn’t take her to Rio and London and has never addressed all the stories in the press.

  15. To anonymous 10.36am ive seen big woman…..BIG Woman do worse over man.
    Let her learn life through her actions and stop distressed the girl even more.

    One big woman with big daughter and son try take pill for young bwoy…..it happens to the best of them.

  16. Daryl Vaz wife love the passa passa sah every likkle young gyal instagram she hitch up a follow. She is a perfect mentor for Kasi cah she can relate to her on so many levels on how to stand by her man….mi nuh want nuh badi come sue mi so mek mi tap type. Those in the know will know ask his wife Trudi she will give yuh a brief history has to what she had to go through.

  17. Lord mi jus haffi call di gal last night and tell her try hurry up and pack up BABY bag for our vacation! She tell me she post it pon snap! Gal bright u see a come ask weh we a go!

    Lord me tired fi tell him him gal dem love ask too much questions! :alay

  18. Did that girl just comment that she’s in formation???
    In formation with what exactly?? Getting cheated on and humiliated in front of millions of people around the world..??..

    If Kasi wants to stay, for whatever reason love or money, thats her business BUT it’s so sad that we live in a generation where women are actually telling another woman that it’s cute to be cheated on publicly. She has no ring on her finger nor a a chid with this man so she really has nothing to lose if she walks away but I guess money and expensive trips can be very persuasive.

    1. Just a bunch of women living vicariously though Kasi. They have no idea what it’s like to have a man who makes even a 6 figure income, so this is a big deal to them. They will continue to encourage Kasi, not knowing what her real life is like. It’s all a fantasy. This is the reason why the majority have started this campaign of “as long as she’s Jamaican I am happy” because they want to be able to relate to Kasi and feel that they too can benefit from a man of Bolt’s wealth. Kasi knows this too, that’s why she manipulates them into thinking they are her friends, responding to their comments and trying to make them feel included.

      This need to be included is also the same reason why some of the women are frustrated that Kasi is of a lighter complexion and has “mixed hair”. They want a woman who looks like them and comes from their same circumstances so they can fulfill their fantasy of having a rich man. Daydreaming of that they would do if they were Kasi. Delusion at it’s finest.

  19. The basketball player JR Smith did take his girlfriend on a romantic vacation and then dump her and married his long time baby mother two months later. So Mizty (if a so she name)you might still stand a chance in the rat race.

    I would have more respect for you, because he didn’t publicly humiliate you. He always kept you out the media and gave you respect. I am almost certain that he trust you like no other. I am almost certain that he knows your love is genuine and your intentions are good. I will also respect you because while he plays around and make a mock of himself and these other women, you were sensible enough to focus on yourself.

  20. @Relevant I agree with your statement about “as long as she’s jamaican” cus if Usain was dating a non jamaican woman and he did this to her, di same gal who a cheer on Kasi would be saying the non jamaican girl too fool fool and she deserve it. A bare hypocrite gassing this girl up.

  21. Well well yes kasi and bolt on their way to the Maldives. Yes yes me don’t wrong u kasi, enjoy yourself!!! Look at her snap kasi still a win.

  22. She is so predictable ! All me now, if me know me nah lef di man me a mek we rship discreet going fwd.. Nah lie DA gal yah a steel pan.. Either that or as me say weh day “they made an agreement that he would wild out after the Olympics” but yes KASI we know u tryna prove a point that’s why u decide fi post the snap.. You’re like “y’all eat your hearts out now” huh… Awrite mum at the end of the day ya yo own big Oman ya darling dare, u do as u please an a fi u punny, u dash eh gi brothers as u plz… Have fun yaa, 1 life to live

  23. This gyal is a damn good that disrespect to another level she no have no level headed family that could have sat her down and talk to her.

  24. This sound like advice my grandma and mom gave me. Lawddddddd! My grandparents has been married for 67 years next month, and my parents 30 plus years. When my husband cheated the first time, they told me to stay because he isn’t perfect, and if they had just left they wouldn’t have so many years together. All that forgive bullshit! So like a dummy I stayed…………the second time he cheated, I was like ohhhhhhh f**k no! The same advice was given! I told there asses if it was a generational thing to be a doormat for a man, it ends with me. Noooooo amount of money, should ever let you tolerate f**y! None! Publicly humiliated one week and going on vacation the other! What are his consequences?! None! Well, guess what he’s gonna do it again, because he can get away with it. These kids have no idea, what it is to be love, cherish, and to be held to the highest regards in someone’s life.

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