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Ppl who are sick n tired of me n my post u can either delete me or get the f**k off my page. As far as my husband Valentines gift I bought it at Boca Mall in Nordstrom some where I’m very frequent. My husband n I are into fashion he love very nice things that we both can afford. However whatever I choose to give him should not be a problem to anyone. Whether it’s Gucci From the 90s or Louis Vuitton from the 80s all u need to know is that I make use off every hour in each day. Unlike u that sit and watch what I post. Money is not and will never be an issue for me nor whom ever I am with so plz leave us alone and let us be. I care zero about how u make or spend your money so y worry about us. As far as wedding bells u all missed it. I’m official his wife already n I am very proud of that. So eat shit n die.

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Heaven Send Tell them again leave people biz alone

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Shay-Shay Campbell Sum ppl just tooo rasss faussss…..

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  1. Har face favor her batty very ugly looking… :ngakak :ngakak. But look how keisha rude? Look how u fi married and no put up no pics or send no pic on the pink wall of the fashion loving couples so we can dun u piggy look ass with u looking ass nigga husband. Damn bright. Look like ooun have memory lost is pink wall make ooun famous so who the hell these looking ass couple marrried and hold on to the pic. These looking. Ass couple wanna be kim Kardashian and kenya looking ass couples. Lolololol

  2. But hold on ✋✋ what’s the problem with her buying her husband something in the first place. What was the issue in the first post?? Girl don’t let these ppl on these blogs take u to a point to where u have to explain y or how u buy Ur man things. Idk who’s more sad; her for explaining or d bloggers

    1. Y u Neva go read di fuss post??? Nobody had any problem with the bell pepper family buying shit so tell me how u reach pon dis post all a give har advise n u no whey di fuss post was about kmft GO READ DI RASS FUSS POST N CTFU MAINNNNNNNE

      1. Y u so madd. Sound like u very upset. I did read the first. And mi nuh tek back Weh mi seh. Anytime somebody not on the same page as uno, uno get upset. U sound sooooo mad young lady

        1. Y would I be mad?? Ano my money buy the boot give the walk bite n suck man noooo so y mi fi mad? U hear da new slang deh n waaaa try it out Oh – K anyway reading is fundamental u hear n if u caaa read n understand that mean u cannot read ok bye man kmt

  3. mi a beg unno please to not have any kids, cuz dat kid will be teased like a hugh quiff fo the nose you two both shall pass down like an unwanted heirloom to him/her.

    :kimpoi congrats on the nuptials, pls don’t get broke keisha, cuz like a prostitute, grammy will be gone. :ngacir:

  4. Ackee nose Keisha (mi teck dat back cause mi luv ackee dearly) Keisha whey u nose have chee compartment u n the bredda whey fi him nose hab five compartment r really soul mates cause wateva pad fi him belly a it pad ur batty n I’m guessing it’s SHIT, pink wall beat unnu go n beat unnu come unnu hitch ova ya like nobodies business kmft

          1. chuet wicked ooo :nerd u know mi haffi circle back go tek in di nose dem agen..what a crisis :ngakak

  5. A cuz d ppl dem say a burlington or century 21 lmfaoooo but really doe
    she really posted the receipt like a tacky as bitch???? “where im very regular” if i laugh i deaddddddddddddddd anybody can be a regular shopper at any mall or any nordstrom frighten friday

      1. dwl no met di way she say it its like you have to be a member to shop there lmfaoooooo mi really just read it over and a dead wid laugh…

        no man met is her husban gucci shoes someone said burlington cuz gucci is are sell dere and it look like it get keisha PINKKKKKKK :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        1. She f**king fool eee after nothing no wrong with Burlington lmao looking ass couple gwaan like them rich even rich people go casco! Lol me say them people here no easy at all

    1. @ Wicked but mi see her bell pepper nose man inna Century over Jersey shopping. Suh mi nuh know a whey shi a try prove. Nordstrom is for everyone. Yuh ever guh inna Brass Plum and see how dem tings affordable? Whether it be clothes, shoes and accessory. Again big nose Keisha save some a di money fi duh yuh big nose and in the mean time tek 10 seats roun dey soooooo>>>>>>

    2. Me regularly shop inna Walmart Target Ross Dollar Tree Dollar General. Me a star up inna dem place deh so what his er point? :cool

  6. but ku pon kermit wife, bout she very regular (oliver voice) at nordstrom an mi neva si har inna nuttin weh luk expensive or weh luk of quality yet!!!

    aliexpress wearing looking ass niggress,
    frontin social media millionairess looking ass niggress
    always wearing cheap spandex looking ass niggress
    u need a spanx for ur nose looking ass niggress

    niggress, niggress, niggress

    1. That receipt dont prove where she buy the shoes thats a return item receipt. She need to post the real receipt a 6 six hundred and add dollar return item that.. so weh the next receipt to prove u did not buy it a Burlington? Me believe a Burlington She buy it fi ttrue omg a dis she really a get worked up over? One time it did not matter where a person bought their shoes as long as them have shoes on their feet..

    2. She fava wa black version ov ms.piggy Kermit’s wife oink oink :babi: :babi: :babi: :babi: :babi:

  7. But luk pan big nose Keisha and Bell Pepper nose Grammy tuh. Keish put some of the money towards you big nose mums. Yuh sey people fi guh eat shit and die, den how Grammynuh dead yet causen sey mi certain a nuff a your shit him nyam. Bitch tek ten seets roun a back and GTFOH, yuh nuh frighten nuh body except yuh bell pepper nose man.

  8. Never say Never Keisha your in for a rude awakening soon and very soon and JMG will be here to get the last laugh :thumbup

    1. Yuh know mi gwine dig up the picture that is on one a dem dancehall website dere where Mr Bell Pepper nose Grammy hitch up inna a corner wid a gal. Mek I guh search later. Him love likes, look whey him duh to Foxy

  9. Nordstrom a Boca a lock down, everyting deh pon clearance in deh…was there Valentines Day, suh gweh gyal, mi a cheap gyal and mi can shop…suh stop gwane like u expensive than mi

  10. She return last season wedges n since she naa get a refund, she mek it up on buy d man shoes on sale. Look good di receipt says Sale Items Men Design Double G…. $590 + Tax

    Ms Platinum if u neva waan ppl dun u u shouldn’t post di receipt. Congrats pon u secret nuptials. Grammy sey until money done do we part, u not working again n i’m sure dont have an unlimited source of income

      1. Yes is ur fault Metty. U bruck me out proppa. When mi memba mi password mi log in proppa. U nuh see how much mi hitch up ova ya

          1. Naah go no whe mi luv it to much. Mi learn so much bout dem people here, some mi know n some mi dont

    1. And poor nordstrom with their very relaxed return policy, all when the something wear out dem will tek it back so dats y she go there bet she don’t try that shit with saks or bloomingdales.

  11. Sum gyal just lonely and don’t have anything better to do then study ppls Instagram page! Why don’t ya guh f**k dawg or try find a man cuz I can clearly see dat ur pum pum has a huge vacant sign pon it! Guh find a man to occupy yuh hole and stop worrying about Keisha’s life!

  12. A wonda if Grammy kid know how much milage dey pan Keisha? ???? Is a whole heep a man funk it!! Cause she nuh care! Keisha all duck ooman, but some man will know naff man funk a gal and still want er, but mi couldn’t deet!! Keisha funk so much but gray kidd f**k to but lard it look bad pan Di ooman, mi cyan wait Fi dem kick off and thanks to Keisha a she first ago me mi know cause as she and him have any tin a strong ft and it shipped put it pan and deal wide him like a boy do him up bad, Keisha u a gran like u a good good lady and u always a put up business pan internet, real big ooman nuh do den tins deh, and mi nuh tank demand married a chat si a chat

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