Tou are an informer, a rat. You have the nerve to send multiple detectives to my home telling them that I threatened you hoping that they would of locked me up. You are the one that placed yourself in my business telling Natalie to deliver message like she is a messenger. You was too busy in my relationship with the man I was f**g, it’s my p***y he was f****g and sucking.and you took it up on your head to discuss it in the shop. It’s my house Ian stayed not in your boot camp that was too full.
When you and Jue was arguing on the boat ride and you told everyone how you were the one that f**d him with dildo and took batty man off him name I did not get involve. When Jue said your p**y stink and he hates you and you said all Jue did was suck you because he can’t f**k, I didn’t say anything. Even though you announced it publicly on the pier, I never made it my business. You choose to make my life your business, talking about I f**k gal and man but did you forget that your entire crew from A-Z including you does the same, suck p**y, hide and f**k, and f**k for free. The entire so call God bless crew that sit and chat each other.
You better make sure sure you have pampers for Jue when he comes out because I know he getting f*** in the a*s. You called the entire 47th to my home yesterday trying to lock me up. Ms. BIG BAD BULLY, cop caller Kerryann, I took my detaining make sure you can take yours. You wanna call law enforcement on people ok lets see who knows more about the law. Kerryann you serve no purpose in America, all your good for is to start trouble with everyone, petty stealing at Walgreen’s and CVS and you call yourself RICH. I paid my lawyer to represent me this morning make sure you have your money to pay for immigration lawyer and all the other lawyers you will need.

Kerryann I know all the gov’t agencies and they are going to be interested in you and your lifestyle. All the boxes of drugs that you collect at your home and Boston with your children and other people children there. Remember I can name a few addresses you sent them to. Anytime Jue comes out and he gets deported make sure he does not reenter America cause I will make sure he goes back home. Since you try to make my life miserable, I’m going to make yours miserable.
Kerryann make sure you have your own license and give your sister that’s in the army back her ID cause anytime I see you driving I’m going to have the police pull you. All the L.A trips you make transporting excess money and pushing Coke in your p**y from L.A to NY I reported to the Federal Gov’t, I’m making sure at the airport your name has a note beside it. You sent cops to my door banging, I will teach you to not interfere with people who did not bother you and you have more problems than anyone you talk about and trouble. Instead of buying bag, shoes, and clothes go and buy ambition cause that can’t be returned.
I work and pay my taxes in this country and my taxes is used to pay your rent. Sadly my taxes couldn’t pay your cable bill that is why it was cut off. I am in my own little lane, I have my papers, my degrees and I have my good career sadly you have none that you can return or exchange. you are STUPID, I think I have to buy you the most important thing in your life and that is a DICTIONARY. Since you wanna call the law allow me to show you how it is done, I’m going to do it the right way. You can’t buy out this one like how you buy out all your other arrest the other day. I’m going to send and send and send until you go back to Jamaica. I’m going to work on you meeting Jue at Norman Manley Airport. I reported your plate and Ian Plate, Ian stop playing with fire remember your situation and I’m grouping ya’ll up.


  1. Yes give it to that dumb bitch Kerryann aka Georgia.informer act like you bad and then run gone a station.wack bitch. Send her ass back to jamaica. Nasty Kerryann I hope u have some money in Jamaica because the buy and bring back nah guh work in Jamaica and the scamming under fire in Jamaica so uno cannot buy people credit information from the site uno a buy it from now and a use it purchase stuff. The feds going to deal with uno set of importers. Wannabes. p…y nuh have nuh price down there. U love to mess with people too much dog face dunce bumb, gal. You are a disgrace Kerryann. U really have no ambition because you and your worthless krew ,claims to be rich, but yet still you all on welfare don’t own uno own house , credit vehicle, don’t have a job and uno cannot read. Bitch please.

  2. That was well put together I think u need go do as u say…I told my friend this morning pple without paper’s make d most problem discipline r bloodclaat

  3. Suh, suh, suh…cho raas….KERRYANN!!!, yu strap on yu dildo and gi Jue a bakkaz?!!!!… Yu get him ready for his vagaytion with the Feds.

    1. Willy I thought it was bobbette who did the strap ons to diddle daffette? if wonder if she spank his asss an tell har call him, “daddy. “

  4. Now really this trifling ass people need to find something better to do am sure your life is no better we all do what we haffi do to survive!!! The shire people do it and they not bashing each other’s !! Do the maths do you realize a only uno nasty Jamaican jealous ass birches do shut like this!! The white help each other that’s why uno life caah better

    1. Oh please, give me a break. Shut up, unless you white and is helped by other whites don’t talk.
      Stop labeling. Every nationality has it’s issues among each other.

    2. Help eachother commit crimes? That’s what you want us to do?

      Get the fvck outta here … eachother do progressive things not steal boot & clothes…not transport drugs….gtfoh ….let me guess…jealous of what?…..yuh nuh read seh Kerry send police ah di ooman yard? So what would propose she do Angel….let her rock? Your name must be Kerry lmao….hope you have a good lawyer.

      So you help your fellow Jamaicans commit crimes & you see the improvement in your life? Lmao… More shoes, more bag, more clothes, more food stamp, more welfare? Hmmmm tell us

  5. I can’t manigg inna di mawning howas yah at all bwoy. How you fi tek battyman off a somebody name goodie?

  6. Kerryann learn to pick and choose yuh bakkles cause dah on yah sticky pon yuh. Dem sey when yuh live a glass house, yuh mustn’t throw stone. You messed with the wrong one!

  7. Yessiree..imma sit this one out becuz cuz…sighhh.Hope and pray dem nuh mix up the Princess Inna dem effrey!

  8. Mi lun it, wat a dunning! Kerry f**k step pon the wrong toe. Lol at the poop emojis in that pic.

  9. Careless folk at it again. What’s new with the duty bungle crew. Kerry Ann war every month Bronx trouble makers well I don’t sorry for them cause a crosses them

  10. Sender sounds very serious. You can get anyone arrested, but you must be able to prove your case going forward and this sender looks like she’s willing to go the extra mile to send Kerryann back home. Kerryann tried me back in 1998/1999 when she first landed in the States, we were at a party in Brooklyn on Rogers Ave. She demon possessed.

  11. A ova yah suh nice dis morning smaddy seh mixup everyday these females let mi learn that only myself is my fren only mi self mi trust these females don’t know the word LOYALTY :nerd

  12. Girl I don’t blame u one bit. Go n when u start sweep make sure to leave no corner unswept n no countertop undone. I hate des kinda people always want to come trouble n f**k around because they see u quite minding ur own busniess. Go my dear gwan will be here front row n center for the play by play. Time dem get cut down. P.s let this be a lesson to everybody else who’s file is not clean STOP RAMP WID PEOPLE keep ur ass quite n sit in a corner.

  13. Dah one yah name Hot grabba Hot grabba Hotgrabba, Now this is how you read someone :thumbup :pertamax :rate

  14. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    When you’re heading through the door and a little mix-up voice seh,” read the wall then cut.”

    Chileeeeeee,I am here charging all portable devices,getting chargers plus extras in place cause I can feel the beautiful shell dung that’s gonna take place today,in life they always say when you’re digging hole dig two. If you stay messing with ppl eventually you’re gonna mess with the wrong and right one.

    I could never understand how most of these ppl have the government assisting them in the back of their hands,from rent,to food,clothing etc….whether one shot deals other out reach program for whatever yet the money they hustling they not sending themselves back to school or even look to get their stay here in which ever money paying way if so be it.

    I could never understand how dirty their hands are yet they never have just in case money put down for lawyers,life insurance,a notarize letter stating where they would like there kids to be, a mean them just out here phuck’n around and being a straight up menace to society.

  15. I would have said no need for this because of her kids and any mother is better than no mother because how you treat your kids a next man may not 9/10, but the shoes this sender is wearing is clearly not on my feet and for someone to go out their way to send police to your house then an arrest took place,spending legal fees etc etc…one can only sit here and simply say,Kerry-Ann you went and troubled ants nest so prepare for the bites that are coming.

  16. Hmmm not a thing coming outa dis kmt… and its so easy to write the word “Degree” kmt tired to read seh unu have degrees, yet u are friends with these people kmt spare meee! I cant stop u from being relentless but…well hope u get justified

    1. Shut up, the word is justice. Also, because the woman have degrees she mustn’t have dancehall friends? KMT, I have a masters and looking to enter PHd program come fall, and most of my friends never finished high school, I don’t judge. KMT.

  17. The sender is very serious and the way she’s talking I think she is going to make this woman Kerry Ann a living hell… Sometimes you think your the baddest b*tch and feel seh you can mess with anyone, but this is a wake up call for you Miss… You should never play with someone’s livelihood not at all, your going to send police make sure you sending them for something you know about, not for spike… Kerry Ann I don’t know you but you deserve whatever you get from this lady, you shouldn’t of never called the law on her, she could of lost her job, cause trouble in the woman’s life… Kerry Ann you must really don’t have anything constructive to do… I hope you have money put up if this lady manage to send you back home, I hope you have a place to lay your head when you reach back home, I guess the Rich mentality won’t be the same while your suffering in JA… Don’t you have a child, why make trouble for yourself and you have a life to take care of and the dumbest thing you have no papers… Do you know what Donald Trump wants to do to undocumented immigrants and you over here putting attention on yourself, you are truly not too bright eh… I’m telling woman let’s get it together instead of trying to do evil to other people why not uplift one another… Karma is a b*itch believe that sh*t… Wow I wouldn’t want to be in the way of this lady fire girlfriend, as everyone said you messed with the wrong one… And they say you will meet your match one day!!!! SMFH
    I thought Cali females were bad but damn NYC females are worse… I don’t blame the girl do whatever you must to ensure that this woman will never dear to cross you again, or even open her mouth to talk sh*t and or every feel she can call the cops on you again… There’s some people that have to feel better than you can tell them… Simple…

  18. Its so sad how jamaican/ black people turn on each other no wonder we cah reach nuh weh inna life all this is unnessesary think about unu pikney them some ppl mek use of the oppourtunity to fly leave JA n then some mek a fool outa dem self all this police business they already dont like black people you think they guna praise you for bringing down one of your own? Its so disgusting to see i believe in life you do whats needed to survive. Its 4 us to decide what path we a tek if a scamming, work 9-5, sell pussy, drugs what ever it is survival is key Jamaica nuh easy so unu gwarn tek this thing fi joke.

  19. Sender is not serious, she just wanna let Kerry know that she knows her business
    If she was. Why would she send in a story telling us her plans. Which in return is giving Kerry a heads up.
    Keep your mouth shut and execute the bitch

  20. Kerryann Kerryann all the man dem whey she tek

    Kunta( her baby dad)
    Dwayne (l.a.b crew)
    Dibble (from crest on)
    Shawn sharp (whey put u out on the high way
    Payte from John shop
    Kurt shushanna baby dad
    Nick (from Cali)
    Curtis ( Steph niece baby dad)
    And the list goes on

  21. The bitch who wrote this is Rochelle charm… Some Dutty annoying bitch from in the Bronx… Bitch u don’t have no papers either. Ur ugly and ur oussy stinks. U always a f**k ppl man lol. Nuff gyal wan beat u. If someone rats on u n u rat back u just as bad… U been a cop caller from long time. Dutty gyal go wash u hotel pussy! How much man guh in deh from mawnin till night. Ur poor daughter weh u neglect, n beat n miss treat. Nasty bitch u who love f**k on her period go wash u hole. You’s a snitch too u fi know street code pussy hole. Nasty like

    1. Wah u mean if somebody call police and u call them back them just as bad. Get the fuxx out of her. If somebody call police pon me when me done, me a call ICE, DEA, FBI, ATF, FDA, DHS, USSS, OIG, US MARSHALL, SWAT,WELFARE FRAID, ANIMAL CONTROL. someone of those agency must work in getting her off the road

  22. Sender I hope u are serious Kerry Ann and her friends … Are trouble makers and they need to learn a very serious lesson no to f**k with people wutlessss old f**er them

  23. As weh anon 9:48 seh! This bih not serious shi just a reel out Kerry files kmt seriousness requires silence!

  24. @real bitch
    U n kerryann is a ghetto bicycle, me f..k u f..k ur mother f..k kerryann f..k all of us a f**t. Obviously I don’t hide n f..k like u n kerryann. I’m not bad so I can call police but kerryann n her stay bad dunce crew they say their bad bi.ches so why call the police on someone who never did u anything. I have my papers don’t worry about who have from who don’t have. Careless is u n ur friend kerryann who abuse her children. Let’s do a background check n see who is a unfit mother cause kerryann records have child neglect n child abuse charges on her that is why immigration denied her papers. @real bitch ur man f..k n suck me n u on our period that’s why u know what I do. U n kerryann is a lame ass dirty U shouldn’t fu.k with ppl who don’t trouble u. Anytime anyone wants to beat me just ask kerryann for my address the same place she sent the detectives. I’m a whore with credentials y’all r lame hoes to sit n use up ppl taxes to support lifestyle. I don’t knock anyone’s hustle we all do to provide for our family n some do just to be worthless.

      1. Yu tan de…me love it! This is raw!

        Rochelle to the core you fi tek it to dem. Remember dem play dirty at all times.

  25. People fail to realize that this is serious, you just can’t mess with people freedom just because you don’t like them… Kerry Ann if she is the baddest b*tch she should of dealt with the woman a different way no police involved, that causes serious problems when the police is involved and they start digging into things they have no business getting into… Yes people have their form of making a living for their family being illegal or legal if that is the case there’s certain things you don’t do to put unnecessary attention to yourself that can get you into deep situations… This entire situation is just wrong and right now it is tit for tat… What do we expect the lady fi do about what Kerry Ann did just leave it alone and mek Kerry-Ann think that it’s OK to go around calling the cops on people, if you have a lot to loose she shouldn’t have done it… Now if this lady is truly upset and serious on what she said she’s going to do, there’s nothing no one can say to change her man… You do not mess with someone that knows a great deal about you… That’s why it’s crazy to have friends and they know a lot about you and then you guys break off and once something transpire with each other, then all hell break loose… I guess we have to wait to see what happens from here, I’m sure we are all going to hear about it… Maybe Kerry-Ann going back home and is going to meet her man Jue back home or she might get lucky but we all know luck does run out…

  26. Sender I’m sorry to say it’s your fault. Lay with dogs you catch fleas. Once you started working on your “degrees” and obtained your “good” job, you should have cut off the dad weights and made new friends. Friends who would be on the same level or higher.
    Black people once they see you progressing and achieving they get jealous and try to tear you don’t.

    1. Yesssss… Ur right. Rochelle go on rd n steal with these girls everyday. N I know u abuse ur daughter because ur FREN tell me lol. U just never got charged…

  27. @ANONYMOUS 11:01 A.M. I like what you had to say, funny but real talk…
    Once someone crosses that line, then all beats is off… Simple

  28. U guys r all right I AM NOT SERIOUS I’m just venting. Next story of the hour Met. Have a good day everyone.

  29. I saw someone comment about why ppl love to talk about their degrees n credentials. Why isn’t it OK to speak about it. When ppl glorify the amount of shoes, bags, clothes n etc they obtained there’s surly nothing wrong with it. So what if someone fu.. down the place n party till dawn at least I was strong enough to enroll in college n received my degree n is currently working on the next. U rather bash ppl that’s trying to better oneself because u don’t like her r she’s that girl bye. As I said nothing is wrong with what u do to survive my issue is don’t act like the victim n ur the aggressor. There is enough freedom money potential n etc to go around make use of it n stop starting f.. kery. Some ppl have a issue with what I do oh well live with it cause it seems as if it’s bothering u more than me………

  30. @kissing my dam teeth Kerryann and Rochelle were never friends. Rochelle man Ian which is jue icon best friend is friends with Kerryann that’s why Rochelle knows information on Kerryann plus Kerryann business is all over bronx because her friends them chat each other and always competition against each other.kerryann is a real, ass because Rochelle don’t never bothered her.kerryann thinks she is bronx queen and Rochelle is below her so she feels like she can talk shit about Rochelle and do has she please with Rochelle. But Kerryann you when below the belt to make a false statement against Rochelle and let multiple detective come beat down her door. You are a witch kerryann and you evil. Rochelle must deal with you to the fullest of the law . disgusting bitch. And Rochelle do have her degrees she graduated from Monroe college and she does have a job and her daughter is well taken care of.

    1. Is Kerry-Ann sleeping with Ian cause Rochelle said she reported or going to report Ian license plate as well…is Ian why this all tek place or what cause he is the common factor it seems

  31. @Simplicity Rochelle is death serious u soon hear the weeping and mourning from Kerryann ,ugly sally, scammer apple, f..k box shamara, homeless sleep pon ground mis, Lou and the entire Sadamamite, wannabe devil bless crew. Kerryann Rochelle ago bury yuh 8 feet under. You deserve it u too vindictive. How could you be so mean , lie and wicked. Kerryann you never hear and eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth .do on to others has you would have loved them done on to you. You ever hear what goes around comes right back around. You pay day coming Kerryann. You are an informer a papers yuh a look from Rochelle. U should know better Kerryann. I want yuh get deportee Kerryann your life is sad. You are careless and worthless.

    1. Never said she wasn’t,I am just here for the comments and add a few..starting with how much time did Jue really get or not yet?

      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  32. Unno need to stop wish bad for people ok Kerry is my Fren ok leave her alone why uno bad mind har fi shoes an bag get unno rass life together she nuh trouble unno dutty pussy tarick you don’t have no paper either so Wat the f**k you saying you can go back home too all you do is walk an f**k the young boy dem with yuh bad luck pussy unno nuh inna Kerry Ann league no day…….. Jamaican people unno badmind like come suck Kerry unno dutty f**a none a uno caah send Kerry home go fixed unno life an leave people business alone dutty waste ppl from Bronx an queen why y’all mad thou seriously unno need a rass life dutty big foot tarick me see you with the rass gun so stop lie you remember went you use to stalk vato and a badder Sadie you memba the day round a 224 him f**k you an duck you bitch vato never did want you bitch you old an f**k out like all you do is stalk who vato was f**g bitch get a like all the little boy you a f**k from Clarendon you is a dirty Bitch you life sad bad ……. Bitch put some respect on KERRY ANN name fool

    1. Shut up you illiterate animal. Friend or not….leave her alone why? If she call police on the woman for no reason why should she be left alone. People with sense, morals, values, and education don’t grudge dancehall buttu who only own boot& bag in America….does she have legal residency here, a home, a bank account, a car in her name, a highschool diploma, a respectable job or career? No? Remind me of a LOGICAL reason why we would grudge her ….yuh retarded like….

  33. Mi notice wen sum ppl mek de wall nd others a cum defend them these three words always in place 110% of the time ..badmind,bags and shoes :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  34. Rochelle went you a report Kerry go report tarick cuz she an African man weh a do credit scams a dat unno fi worry bout dutty gazmite ole bitch you walk an traffic drugs in America dat unno fi worry bout batty mouth bitch

  35. Rochelle you is a f**g drag queen dutty man stalker that’s why you mash up the man car you upset cuz you caah sleep wid Kerry Ann you mad are nahhh you cry eye water fi suck Shamar pussy you little gazmite…….. Bitch stop do illegal shit in America go worry bout your life an stop worry bout Kerry you just mad you couldn’t suck Kerry bitch face

  36. Suck pussy Rochelle down to the African man f**k you an nuh want you iIan tek back him tv not even a tv you ole nuh value it’s a shame bitch you a walk a try hold the man an him nuh want you evil bitch……. Bitch you still pending AIDS pussy Rochelle go tell the cops you have AIDS you need to go to the doctor an check out your hold self who you nuh f**k nuh born yet nasty gal a f**k your own daughter

  37. @talk to me nice
    Why my sexual preference bother u n why should I be mad at kerryann. Let’s get this straight ur “friend”thought I posted her the first time. After kerryann n I spoke about it face to face without none of y’all raggedy bitches around we squashed it cause Kerry knew that if I had something to say I can either call r text her. Now detectives came to my home so yes I’m pissed as hell cause she was trying to fu.k me since Jue isn’t here to get fu.k with the dildo. I can careless if u want to say I walk n suck pu..y cocky r anything it seems as if u is the one that’s mad n couldn’t get me to sit on ur face. Y’all all hiding behind fake names n phone n laptop screen so please little birdie fly fly away. If u had a issue with someone’s window being broken out u should of paid to get it fix. Bit.. Move on. Anyone else care to comment for stinking dirty pu..y kerryann cause the way I love to fu.. I can’t afford for my pu..y to stink. As the same Man U defending Ian he never once had a complain over here, unlike some. Girl bye u burning go sip some ice tea n turn on ur ac in this hot weather.

  38. Saranwrap shut the f**k up you fool weh college degree do fi Rochelle suck pussy like dog an Mashall put lock pon har door she’s a disgrace mind you business you dumb f**k

    1. Who said college degree idiot…..mi seh highschool diploma….learn fi read you animal. I don’t have to mind my business….it’s everybody business because it’s on pinkwall you illiterate dog

  39. Did someone sayyyy. “HOTEL PU$$Y”? DWRCLLL Neva in mi life hear dat one. Only at Pink Wall University yu learn deez tings…DWRCLLLLLLLLL

  40. Can someone send in Rochelle and Ian’s pic? I dont know any of these people but this mix up is taking me through my boring work day!!!

    1. Rochelle is ugly and she stammer she cannot even articulate a sentence in real life lol. Trust me… The typing looks good yes, but ask her to say everything she wrote, we would be here for a while. LOL yess Her pussy does stink.

  41. Put what respect on which kerryann name fi wah???? Fi a teifing… scamming… low life… welfare recipient… no have no ambition… f**box gal like she what respect….Unuh move Unuh ole nastiness self from yah so an gweh.


    1. I always say don’t bring yuhself tuh where I make my money at you will see a different side of me,can jus imagine the feelings that ran through yuh body thinking yuh lose weh yuh work suh hard for 30 years nuh come by easily at de same job

    2. If you did infact sleep with her husband does he also work at the company? BC how HR so damn bright? They took action based off of a story that could be false?? Thats why me love a union although sometimes them useless…Final warning???? So you were warned before? Sorry you experienced that though. Not a nice thing at all.

  43. Rochelle everybody a Bronx f**k u agirl bye! A really u kerryann a war with?no sah Kerry Ann Rochelle have greencard for real but no degree nothing bitch stop lie over here stinking pussy gal that baby daddy u have is a bum ass nigga and u bleach till u ugly no rass bring back the man money that u tek weh and bye old car dutty gal Rochelle u thief long bag walking gal when people see u them haffi check them pocket u is a walking dead and waste to society dutty gal bout degree bitch where!!!!!!!!!!!! U went to college and got Preggo and drop the f**k out Bronx hoe…… As much as I don’t like Kerry Ann life style Kerry don’t argue with this waste gal just see her and give her one good rass lick out rass good to.

  44. Rochelle and ugly wolf dog looking tarrick did a big friend. Mawga man tired a tarrick yes tarrick come cuss me over here Mek I get fi done u cause I will tell what u need to know nastiness tarrick yuh big and feva truck. Look at u bout u have gun look at u man royal looking Rochelle someone please find Rochelle pic send in with a 3 body looking skin bleach out gal.

  45. @simplicity not to my knowledge Kerryann is f..king ian. Ian was the man that kotch, a Rochelle house eat her food, sleep out her bed since he reentered America after been deported for Grand larceny and drugs possion. Ian is Rochelle xman
    Ian is jue icon one of Kerryann multiple baby daddy best friend. Ian and Rochelle had a fight and Rochelle said she was going to lock him up for hitting her really bad .Kerryann took it up on her head to start bashing Rochelle and sending messages to her how she a whore ,stalker and she must leave the boy alone because him nuh want her. Kerryann fail to understand that she had no business into man and woman relationship. After all wat Kerryann did she still had the nerves to go and made a false police report on Rochelle and had Rochelle detained for hours yesterday that’s why Rochelle retaliate today and make everybody know wat big bad Kerryann did to her.kerryann always start trouble then bawl like the rat she is. But @simplicity Kerryann a teck up for ian because a Ian the one selling the drugs for her and a ian a one of the sources that give Kerryann the link to get to the people them that sell people credit card information along with people address so that they can purchase alot of those name brand stuff they be parading in to act like they have it so Kerryann feels the need to defend ian because a him help meck food guh pon her table sometimes. Kerryann you know you the one that start all this so why you here playing victim you and your dirty whoring friends. Everybody knows Rochelle is bi-sexual. But you Kerryann, sally, apple and shamara, f..k gal and s..k p…y also .uno freaky tuh. Kerryann you don’t have a job and never had one and the entire america knows sey you ,sell drugs, do credit card fraud, scammer and you are a thief.kerryann you have no good friends all a uno is a big bundle of garbage and waste of time in america live here for 18yrs or more and have nothing of value to show. And all you do Kerryann is dip into everybody business and make trouble then run guh Meck false report.informer Kerryann. I taught a apple alone uno sey was a rat.bumb ass bitch.

    1. me too


      this is too much

      i keep refreshing the page

      but if Ian a help kerry ann do the tings and Ian live with Rochelle , wont bringing down kerryann bring down Ian and since ya’ll live together, wont that make you an accomplice Rochelle ?

      i hope you have your shit in order and cut all ties


  47. Harambe looking Rochelle yuh feva the monkey them kill ova Cincinnati Rochelle u don’t own shit in America either y’all in the same sailing boat u a thief and Kerry a thief to but Rochelle a petty thief facts.. With your 2 color looking hand typing on the people them good up wall bye Felicia.

  48. If Rochelle have degree me have ged, high school diploma, cxc, gsat, continued education, still in school student, bachelors, Ph.D. Foh bitch send it in Mek we see like u think we a fool or u see we over here wearing a red nose or we frighten fi yuh degree weh u nuh have all wash up hoe. You’re a mother now put down certain life style

  49. Shamar you wanted to f..k Rochelle also so why u talking like u was not interested. A because underneath yuh smell bad that’s why Rochelle never bothered wanted to f..k you .shamara u don’t say no to cocky anyway ghetto bicycle. Shamar if a me like you I come out of Kerryann argument because everytime you butt in you get either a stab from somebody and Kerryann them never even try to retaliate when felesha beat you up and cut u into your face .they all stand their scared to go to jail. Then the one drop Yankee girl them with 2pac wey burst up yuh head last year and it was Kerryann you defending and yuh get yuh ass whip and Kerryann nuh retaliate. Kerryann you a coward. If it was Kerryann got her big head bust she would have wanted all her friends to help her .so idiot shamara, go sit your ass down and stop getting involved in Kerryann mix up and stop call up Rochelle name because a yuh lame friend Kerryann first mess with Rochelle so she must get wat she is looking for. All a uno so f..king shallow minded and dunce the entire so Cal God bless crew . Uno need to buy each other a dictionary, and a first aid in English book for Christmas. Wack sad stupid bitches.

  50. So all a dem suck pussy. Get dem pussy suck by dem one another then when dem fall out. Fling rock stone? Real dunce bats…..

  51. Wtf Kerry Ann life style ???? :ngakak :malu :ngakak where ???? Bad mind ???? Where Rochelle I do hope u teach miss big bad and brave Kerry Ann a lesson

  52. In my A’mari voice “Yeah Yeah” Caller you live “Yeah Yeah” Big up, Big up. So let me see if I can get this right, So you know you are in illegal activities but then you call police on someone? AND to ALL YOU ILLITERATE fellow Jamaicans who a come comment bout WE Jamaicans should stick together, BUT CUH PON UNUH TO! STICK to who? The scammers, drug dealers and the welfare fraud? It seems like some a you no really understand that some of us love our 9-5 and love our freedom. UNUH FI GWEY.

  53. Met come here why this always happen at the end of the month when all the reports due? A 3pm and me struggle because a this hot tea. Lol lol

  54. lawkkkssss , I ran out of Bacardi Gold and popcorn!! Please, don’t start back up yet. Let me run to store and come right back, lol.

    **grabs keys**

  55. As a degree holder, i will not be apart of this obscene post :nerd :travel on to the next post with my degrees.

    1. Listen, me and the B.A in Social Work and the 15 credits short for the M.A in Public Relations will be sitting right here soaking in the ignorance. This is better than cable TV. No wonder Kerry allegedly won’t pay the bill, A YAH SO NICE.

      Lol @ G

  56. Somebody please send in Rochelle, Ian, shamar and Kerry pic so the metters can see how all of the thief them look.

  57. Mi nah lieeeeee! A one a Di sweetest mix up dis mi Eva read pon pink wall… Bloodclaat in yah nuh good afain! Kerry ann unu lifestyle moucky doh mumma smh

  58. The fact that one calls the police on you and even mention immigration or notify immigration about illegal activities is not enough to get someone sent home. New York is akin to a sanctuary city and entry into a city jail for certain criminal activities without a specific federal warrant will not suffice to trigger an immigration hold. If you notice many illegals keep going in and out of jail in New York and will get a bond even when the record shows they are EWI- Entry Without Inspection or Overstays or the simply fact that their citizenship is not USA. The NYPD cannot work with immigration or hold anyone for immigration authorities in NYC and many other liberal cities in the USA. So even if Kerryann gets locked up she will be released on bond, particularly with this low level he-she said shit. If it is a serious crime, especially one that is possibly a FEDERAL CRIME and the FEDS get involved then that often will trigger immigration consequences. However, knowing information about people doing illegal activities and using someone DL or other “run of the mill” criminal activity will not result in a quick plane ride to Jamaica, especially in this NYC jurisdiction. I hate when people say they “will send home people”. Baby you cannot send home anyone.You don’t have the power or authority to send home anyone. Ony certain criminal convictions will get a person deported. As stated prior, it all comes down to jurisdiction and whether the local police has an agreement with DHS/ICE to effect HOLDS on anyone arrested without status or who overstay. If we are talking about Maricopa County in Arizona or maybe certain towns in North Carolina or GEorgia then all these people would have been long gone. Once you enter the system and you are not a citizen they automatically put a HOLD, so you will get a bond for the criminal case, but find out you have an ICE hold. As for Rochelle, you have a GREEN CARD, one of the easiest thing to loose under Immigration Law. So you should pay very clear attention to what you are convicted of, even if you get probation. A green Card can be a curse for those who get caught up in the system for even little crimes that are construed under INA Act as Crimes of Moral Turpitude. So having papers doesnot make you immune from deportation. When you become a Citizen then you can pop off since you cannot be removed unless your Green Card was obtained by fraud or you are involved in terrorism. Now with that said, you have the right to pursue “your pound of flesh”. However simply having info on what people do illegally doesnot result in them”getting sent home”. Likewise it is obvious you were friends and even dated IAN and was intricately involved in these activities directly or indirectly, this is called CONSPIRACY. Another dangerous charge. It is better to get caught with 100 kilos of cocaine, than to get charged with CONSPIRACY to possess 100 kilos. Just an example. Be careful what you say in your attempt to get revenge. Oh!What a tangled web we weave. I think it is better to just knock out Kerryann NEW teeeethhs.

    1. Beg to differ. Ask apple bout her sister chaka who go caught stealing shoes. Immigration usually go the the jails a few times a week. If u are not processed and out before they come you will be going with them. Chaka was in jamaica in no times.

  59. @6:38 didn’t you read the senders essay. Some of the things she wrote about is federal crime. Isn’t transporting money illegally is a federal crime, collecting coke, and traveling with coke across state line and withing state line is a federal crime. So don’t come with your bullshit; the lady said she have proof. You assholes always like to back nonsense

  60. Ppl get deported in NY city for shoplifting so sender go and hve several seats wid u long essay

  61. [email protected] are reading and not grasping what was said. Never in the so called essay did anyone state that shoplifting cannot trigger deportation. Yes, but only if it meets the requirement of being deemed a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude or as it is known a CIMT. If you follow immigration law and USCIS policies you would understand that the Obama administration has prioritize certain crimes that requires removal. Also if you don’t know,Immigration is a FEDERAL civil offense and a State has no obligation to hold anyone for ICE/DHS if they choose not to do so. So once again certain cities have agreements with ICE and certain cities dont. Like New York City under Mayor Deblasio will not HOLD anyone for ICE/DHS unless ICE gets a Federal warrant.It is the cities discretion since Immigration is a FEDERAL issue and not a State issue. Not every shoplifting offense can trigger removal or inadmissibility. It depends on the amount and the applicable State Law. So yes shoplifting can lead to deportation, but it all depends on how the Statute is worded in each State and the time the person received, even probation.Someone can be charged with Theft Offense in Florida and under Florida Statute the person is not affected and someone charged with the same offense in California may be affected. It all depends on the wording of EACH State Law. You have many shoplifters here with Green Cards that cannot travel because their shoplifting charges may not cause them deportation or removal but it makes them inadmissible.If they visit Jamaica and coming back they get detained because they are inadmissible but other than that they are not deportable.I work in Immigration Law for the last 14 years.There is a difference between a deportable offense and an inadmissible offense. For your information never compare cases or stories. Immigration Law and removability is directly linked to the State conviction and how that State statue is interpreted by the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Federal Circuit Courts.

  62. I agree with you because her in California the jail will hold you for ICE and if you happen to be released on a mistake, then ICE will come looking for you… My friend was released did his time and everything to be picked right back up and deported… California is one state you do not want to ramp with…

  63. Let me read and sip :my Lipton tea : :buldog: :table: cause a inna met yard noice so till :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  64. @senior circuit judge sitting by designation.shut up.Rochelle can send Kerryann home and is going to send her home. Kerryann is violating major laws. Plus kerryann, have a ban from immigration, where as she cannot get any us legal documents because of a child abuse case she plead guilty to. Incase u are blind or not reading the post.let me enlightened you. Kerryann and her entire crew is a big time scammer, and they have lots of grand larceny charges .Kerryann and her friends them buy hard working people credit card information and make the card and make id’s for the card with their pictures on it then go to purchase expensive, bags ,clothes and shoes. Price ranging from min $ Kerryann traveling with people I’d from state to state , using people I’d to drive with.Kerryann pays no taxes into this country never work from she here 20yrs , collect welfare and drives Benz, and wear nothing but highend, designer wear. Kerryann Cross state line bringing excessive cash from new York to la. Transporting drugs from la, to new York to boston. Kerryann baby father behind bars for trafficking cocaine. Kerryann is more than into a bad spot so you better close your mouth. All federal agents are interested in Kerryann and her crew. So if is me like you I tell Kerryann to go and opologise to Rochelle for making false police report and ask for her forgiveness and try to squash the beef and after all Kerryann is the one that mess with Rochelle then she had the nerves to send multiple detective,to Rochelle home and had her detained for hours. Kerryann went over board this time. So u can preach all you want Kerryann is in a very bad spot and it’s all because of her mouth and not knowing went to stay into her place

  65. Rochelle has no damn power to send home anyone. All talk and no action. Until you have concrete proof of a conviction that may trigger removability or inadmissibility then mere allegations about illegal activities on scamming and drug dealing cannot result in anyone being sent home. America has due process, because you call and say a million things about someone being illegal and involved in illegsl activities does not result in ICE putting them on a plane. You stated she cannot get her papers because of Child Abuse,so why did they not deport her then. Why? I do not know all the facts of her case, but if they deny her a Green Card and she is still here then explain your reasoning. Remember, I will say a Green Card is the easiest thing to loose, if you knew about Immigration Law you would understand it is complex and has many gray areas. Until Kerry starts racking up convictions for all your alleged criminal schemes then simply calling ICE and telling them about it means zero. If that was the case anyone could call and say anything and the planes would be full going to Jamaica. It is called due process. All aliens in the United States irrespective of status is entitled to due process under the law. An allegation is NOT a conviction. Talking people business is NOT a conviction. Again, Rochelle has zero power over whether anyone gets deported, the Office of the Chief Counsel issues Notice to Appear with convictions attached and the section of the INA Act that is violated. That is a fact. Calling and running your mouth without CONVICTION to substantiate your allegations is utterly without merit.The Federal Agents will be interested and will investigate, when they arrest and CONVICT her then you can come back and argue the law with me. I understand your loyalty to Rochelle,but she needs to be careful since she was all hooked up with these people and may end up getting a conspiracy charge.

    1. Stfu! Go wiki how to stfu.

      Rights of state limited, so NYS over looking criminal activities won’t deter federal agencies from taking up the slack. Rochelle don’t let no body distract you from getting your pound of flesh.

  66. on welfare, section -8,and driving a Mercedes benz truck is a federal crime. that is called fraud. that is government money.
    she can be deported.

  67. By now you might have heard that FLIPPA MAFIA was sentenced to 25 years in a STATE PRISON for according to prosecutors, LEADING AN INTERNATIONAL DRUG RING. What does this mean?
    Well, Flippa will be eligible for parole, but he has to complete a mandatory 12 years in A STATE PRISON before he is considered ELIGIBLE to apply for one.. No guarantees for parole either. Serving time in a STATE prison is much harder than FEDERAL TIME! More restrictions.. Less “freedom” …Smaller confines.. Less inmate “luxury”.. OVERALL HARD TIME !! The law varies from state to state , but usually when a person is sentenced to state prison for a crime, they will receive one day credit for every one day served. In other words a person who is sentenced to state prison will do 50% of their sentence when you subtract credit for good behavior and work.
    The fallen entertainer still has one charge pending.. He’s facing a life sentence if found guilty on the pending charge. DAMN‼️‼️‼️
    His significant other was sentenced to 21 years back in February.

  68. Calling will open the fed eyes to start doing their homework they don’t take call lightly anymore you will be on the radar n now until they investigate and find out she is scamming welfare and carrying drugs. The lock up fights then the captain and deputy decide should they go get her or not

  69. So who think the ice Feds won’t interested in kerryann and her circles ikon and fruit unu don’t realize what tips are for they welcome all information and then they judge hello it’s 2016 I am sure the F e D would love to hear about jue and jay was working show pictures and the crews kerryann them swear people’ a fool I know they would be interested to watch some of those video and esp hear about the drug traffic and connection to jue

  70. WELL here it is people
    should this girl start this process, and an investigation begin
    jue bear will surely inherit more charges, thanks to his careless baby mother.
    kerryann will never learn.
    when any crime has to do with money in an illegal form.
    the feds have all rights to investigate
    kerryann acts like she is above the law.

  71. Good morning… Afternoon… And evening Met. It’s only on ur site I can find “the law” you have immigration officers… Police officers…. Federal agents… And all judge, lol… Rochelle talk is cheap.. If yuh gonna tek it to baby monkey looking KerryAnn then I suggest you do less talking and more actions! Shit up hole KerryAnn yuh meet yuh match b*tch! It’s a damn shame yuh baby fadda gawn a jail and yuh still a run dung the hype yuh about fi get a mini vacation weh well ova due, fi a young gal yuh dark like midnight. Unnuh tek pride in vanity and popularity instead of education and yuh future(ur kids). How do you expect your children to turn out after the behavior you display around them? Is long time yuh wah cool man, mi glad dem find a extinguisher fi out yuh fire cuz yuh did a gwaan to bad man! Met yuh nuh tired a dah gal yah?? Kmt, she mek Jamaican women look a way! Gaza mumma KerryAnn how yuh bad suh and send police go a the people dem yaad?? Snitch b*tch!
    What is a body that have on expensive garments without a mind without knowledge?? Mi granny always say that is empty barrel mek the most noise and you KerryAnn prove that it’s true. I wish I was a fly on yuh wall right now because mi know seh yuh must sorry yuh dip yuh mouth Inna man and woman business. I hope you was putting down for rainy days cuz some ppl fight physically while others fight mentally and right ya now it look like deh girl yah have unnuh head away!!!

  72. There is nothing that uncle cannot do to send home non progressive elements back where they cometh from.Judge up top you should know own that.They have loop holes to accomplish by any means necessary.
    There is plenty of people that get sent home that shouldn’t have.So you talking nonsense.what you must know you seem not to be aware.
    In nyc an arresting officer can notify immigration/ice thereby preventing bail.Ice just will wait until time is served then they pick you and you are now in immigration custody and then must make your case to immigration why you must not be sent back home.That is a fact.
    There are rallys all over nyc about immigration randomly going to people house who committed misdemeanors donkey years back and sending them back home.
    The amount of things these so call celebrities do that is out in the universe,scamming,fraud,welfare fraud is enough probable cause for investigation.
    If you live Inna uncles sam glass house and you know you not winter white perfect,don’t throw stone.

  73. Uncle Sam have ways to justify all the means.So judge up top I am sure you know there are many loop holes in the law.I am.sure you know many people have already been deported for lesser offenses than the ones alleged here.I am sure you know of the rallys oll over nyc where ice is going around and picking up people in the hours out them house for sometimes misdemeanors they did donkey years ago .When you living in uncle Sam glass house where he feeds and houses you and you know you not winter white clean you need to keep you ass quiet and don’t trouble people business.

  74. @real bitch @pretty bunny Bella @gweh
    It seems like y’all fu.k boxes have a issue with me. My daughter is well taken care of any gov’t agency can question her without me having concerns. Learn the definition of abuse n neglect y’all low life scums. No bloodcla… Man never ever seh my pussy stink yet cause dem love suck it. It seems like y’all man love sucking this pus.y that’s why I’m hurting up y’all head. Pending AIDS where u silly hoes this have good health coverage I love my doctor office n they love me. I carry GREAT hygiene that’s why y’all mad. Ian r no other man had a issue with my so why do y’all. I see the hate is real cause I’m far from ugly n y’all making it a big issue. I know I have 2 degrees n working on my 3rd n y’all making it a issue. I know I’ve never been evicted or Marshall put lock on my door n y’all making it a issue, so how can I help y’all. Go n suck yuh mother father sister brother uncle Auntie n cousin matter of fact y’all pop a lot of shit so back it up. I’m just regular n in my own lane but it seems like y’all have a issue with it. N yes my old truck is 6 yrs old n I own it so what no bank is looking for me for payments so don’t worry about it concern about the MTA n loans y’all paying. Half y’all talking a lot of shit n can’t even post a credit score so kick rocks. Yes I articulate very well n so what if I stutter this bit.h received high grades in school so it’s suppose to show. Funny thing is I’m just typing with my 2 color toned self without correcting anything. Please move on n stop trying to find faults cause I proudly accept my faults flaw progress n all. Silly hoes tricks r for kids n I’m done tricking on y’all waste of space.

  75. Any big Bitc. That’s defending nasty germs kerryann need to stop cause she’s not going to back none of y’all bit.. She’s a punk n a low life. She had to wait until a man picked her up from floor to place her in a bed. U should be ashame to say that. I see u don’t have any ambition n u talking about ppl grudge u child please go worry about ur step father f**k n breed u off. ACS should be called on ur mother instead of u. Oh how is that going girl u think it’s done ur going to pray that u never sent detectives my way. I don’t care if any gov’t agency don’t take ur ass u will NEVER have a peaceful day r night n if I can’t catch u I must catch ur so call friends. Unlike u n ur friends I love my friends. We might not be together all the time but our friendship is there so don’t worry about MY friends be concern about the shelter ur running n ur friend enemies bringing ur business on road. Any double face bit.h I cut off that’s now talking shi. Was never a friend of mines that’s why they r drinking a lot of bleach n it’s not settling well with their stomach.

  76. My friend did time and when he was release ICE was not there to pick him up, not sure if he had a hold or not because he was released well he had no where to go once he was released and since were weren’t talking anymore and he says he tried to contact me to pick him up he decided to go to the only house he knew how to reach to and it was the girl that found out about and his baby mother, why he went to her house I’m not sure and to make it worse she had all his clothes, the so call room mate gave them to her… Well three days after he was out of jail the immigration come to her house and she let them in, I told him that, that girl called them and must of said all kind of stories to come get you, some stuff that put them at attention…. I said there’s no way they went looking for you, I told him that I visited you and they didn’t come look for you at my yard, so she called them pon him that’s a women scorn… He get out and to go back into detention… She got the wrong lawyer for him to begin with and he never went to jail always help a job and it was his first crime but he had no luck what so ever now his back at home… I told him that my mom called immigration on some Mexicans living next door to her and ICE never came to see what she was talking about so it depends on what you say to them for them to come out….

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