Somebody can pls tell Kerri say dat is not escoveitch fish pls. It’s brown stew fish an if she doe want it taste like rubber she fi tek out some a di water cause dat water look like it will tek bout 30 mins fi simma dung to pot gravy. Di rice look nice but if a mi she a offer some food I would tek di rice wid some Achor butta.

0 thoughts on “KERRY DAT IS BROWN STEW!

  1. fish cuda tek just a tat bit a browning(dats jus how mi like mines…yea she get de name wrong but yuh can tell seh she call very much help har self

  2. Steam di vegs not boil dem, fish swim inna oil or butter n could do wid a bit a browning. Rice n peas look shelly doe

  3. Kerry u never hear sey sprats fi fry not stream( wallstreet indian gf spelling)/brown stew…cause a couldn’t snapper so small..unless u ago b like jesus & multiply dem fi go wid ur pot a rice

  4. Look like dem change dem body sumuch dem tink dem can put a spin pan anything and seh it a di same, from me born mi neva si nobody a look bout esco fish and cook it sah.. Kerry is not u body suh please left di fish alone and stop tek libbaty wid di esco fish ma..R&P nuh look bad still. A u seh u nuh frig good wid di seafood ting but u a bitch wid di tings dem wah deh pan dryland? dwl

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