Kerry stop carry feelings, young gyal like yu nah love yur self ah yu mek problems n ah gwann like yah ah good somebody. Yu want play good wit yah baby fadda Roman n yah in laws n no u ah f**k ppl mon. Yu choose fi hine n f**k married mon who nah give u nutting not even chips n bag juice. Stop mek dah big mon use u. Wen he n him wife n kids touch dah road yu run go lock up inna house wit shame cause yu teff dah mon wife cloths n ah wear dah ooman boop inna tings. Dutty @KerryHarrison leave dah ppl dem relationship alone stop mek dah mon f**k u out like dog den dash yu weh. Dwl give back dah ooman tings nah. Yu even mek yur family ah talk bout it till yur fadda Chi Chi qwann bad pon yu in front ah wi. Big mon all ah keep birth night party fi him wife n nah even look pon yu. Ah wah do yu idiot gyal ah sah yu wan live? No sah,,,,,



  1. Sender u badmind from u momma born till now shi a get use … den u start get use from u a teck man soh lowe her meck shi teck who shi wah an get use shi need fi get d experience just like u an u dutty low life momma soh lowe er please meck shi get her use

    1. Your previous comments were deleted because u went too low. One thing we all are certain of n that is death. It is not partial n it is not a punishment

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