1. Met Kerry a f**k lucky under the quiet him all have a video wid har a suck him hood and she an fly batty rannae him talk it say give him threesome that’s why him an batty face charlette did left wah day and she bawl and beg him fih take har back nuh other man nah look pan har gal a 36 and not even one baby she caah have chlamydia cause it and lucky have video wid charlette a lick out him batty him show a couple a people it but she desparate cause gal old now and she a sell har pussy hard.

    1. sass……..wat a piecea terribleness but kerry bottom almost touch har knee back my word dem wicked tuh dem self yuh tink she nuh knw it doah luk gud nd shame all yuh c har a try play it awf,sickening
      wan ting mi ge de british dem a wen dem guh out fi party dem party anuh like yah dem just stand up a watch ppl

  2. The chicken fat, hog grease and industrial silicone a hol dung di batty. She cyaan even shake it. The left side look like it have some lumping.

  3. Everybody know say lucky dun out a England and nuh body nuh want him and so is charlette wid all the puxxy she selling she can go fix that big duty gap between har front teeth everbody know say this gal a sell puxxy long time fih mine man because all yuh see she a gwan lucky not giving her a penny a all a her other client them money yuh see she spend suh whonuh stay deh same way she sell her puxxy hard fih mind long head and give him money fih floss a dance a same thing she a do wid lucky that’s why he’s still a fux it and yuh know him a nuh idiot if a gal a give him money fih floss plus batty wash and videoing ofcourse him ago stay lucky isn’t giving charlette shit facts and him love when yuh suck him hood and him suck out tongue straight after a duty man.

  4. mi glad say mi slimthick lolol no sah she cyaa manage di batti at all. ladies(what a stretch) stop rub up unu pum pum inna club and then come touch people otay.

  5. Home girl a struggle fi move her batty ! Ladies when unnu do the batty practice fi use it from the yard if unnu can’t use it from the house don’t go dance go look like a fool! All fi her batty suppose to hate her after that long struggle

  6. Batty stiffer dan a board to bloodclaat. And u can tell that she never make it heal properly because when she bend ova u see the scar/indentations. How come all a di people dem weh do surgery on this site always wear spandex/tights? Isn’t the purpose of the surgery to be able to show off di new body?

  7. The one in the green n black drop pon har face to rass… big old careless old gyal them… lol… can’t even manage the damn chair… wukless..

  8. No sah not attractive at all look at weh di ass mt di leg it’s not moving plus di cement is Harding going dwn di side of her left leg
    she f**k if it bust out wen she bend like di girl in di mall bend ova an her ass bust an start running out

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