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  1. Them find you that’s you on Kerry Ann page??btw go use that corner store to give out information on you

    1. Thats who :ngakak I laugh because Kerry supposed to proud of her EBT card . Where would I know her from I wouldn’t know anyone here if I were to see them in person . How Kerry know is that girl took her pic the girl lost her phone har wha? Cho :travel

  2. A shame she shame everyone know har business show off bring disgrace doh hype but a look hand out come again my girl my tax dollars mine u which ur looking begging ass

  3. Return all the name brands until Jue return in 25yrs..mi nawh laugh. Anyways, I feel it for the kids not you. Return your tired ass..yuh no feel nothing the rent cause section 8 nawh gi weh shit no more..

  4. But how she know is that girl. How she say she don’t know her but know her full name. Did the store owner give her those pics fr the video? Somebody come ansa

  5. I never know I had her on ig, I need to go on ig a lil more. A search me a search her and didn’t have to search far. Gone back gone read her post

  6. So Kerry yuh really deh pon foodstamp an so hype? !! No sah! The gov’t need fi lock unnu up. Jue deh a prison and it look like yuh wah go to to be closer to him. Fi gaw prison lef yuh pickney wi see ur real fren casue Apple nah kip dem, memba mi tell u. Govt wi tek dem so gwaan beat up yuh chess like u a bad gal and u wi go weh bad gal go

  7. this too me is hilarious! How this pathetic bitch found this young lady entire name?? I actually know that girl. And she far from mixip. Intelligent hard working young lady. It bun Kerry bc is the same roly poly tax dollars she spending! Walk good ya young lady. And don’t worry abt mixup people

  8. And den battyman daffy would have to take it up on his head. Daffy need fi memba all when u n applehead tun twin , ur pumpum cud neva bring life yu likkle fish. Jus wait, duppy really know who fi frighten.

  9. Yes dem hype in a dance name brand this and name brand that the girl should a tek a picture in a dance and go up a kerryann food stamp center and give it to r case worker. I work 65 hrs a week and I can not get not even 50 cent in a food stamp I pay a lot of taxes fi dem gal ya a walk and a hype she and r friend dem a live off we tax money me a citizen and dem a immigrant and dem a nuff tings me wan know how dem do it

  10. but what i think is crazy is the fact that all these so call hot girls who wear the biggesr fake brand can depend on my hard earned money to go on welfare and people who really need it cant get it…kmft

  11. @Why nuh worry yuh self u nuh affi a look ova yuh shoulda every second. Student loans a kill mi but my end wont be in a prison cell neither will yours. They do it either by scamming the govt ordinary ppl drugs or by teefing plain and simple. Instead of posting dem teefing goods mi challenge apple kerry robbas and crew fi post up dem account mek wi see. ole poor show great dem

  12. You guys should know by now that they hypest people are the ones with nothing. How they have money and living in run down old buildings? How they hype and still renting? How they hype and cleaning shit out of people ass? How them hype and paying room rent? How them hype and living in people basements? How them hype and make repo take away their cars? How them hype and struggling paying mortgage on a house when income doesn’t match it cause drugs not running hard again?

    How them hype and working in retail stores making 8 hr? How them hype and have bag of children with different men that can’t secure them? How them hype wearing fake LV, Chanel, and Gucci? All what they hype on doesn’t last. Trust me, they the same ones on Flatbush ave, White Plains rd, and Jamaica ave begging for a come up. Of course, we all would hype if we didn’t have much responsibilities . I would hype too if I didn’t have to pay for my food, healthcare, mortgage, heat, light, and etc.

    All of that soon change. There is a food stamp crackdown. Housing programs crackdown. I heard I follow politics that they are lobbying for sending illegal immigrants back home with their anchor children because they are draining the system. All of those spanish beware. They’re going to start going into homes again checking for items. You got expensive items and on welfare they taking you off.

  13. The government already started cracking down on her. Jue is in jail. They are starting from the top and working their way right down to the bottom. I hope she was smart enough to stash away some of her hype money into a college fund account for the kids or for a rainy day. That’s what happen to some them dancehall hype people. Them must a don’t realize sey nothing lost forever but salvation.

  14. @ Politician what do you mean by they are lobbying for sending illegal immigrants back home with their anchor children?

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