1. Jesus have mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why dis Belleview patient disfigure herself suh and think it look good? Met, when did it all go wrong, that people are intentionally creating body deformities under the delusion of appeal?
        It don’t look good Kerry. Yuh look handicap. The lady in the video as vulgar as she is look way better cos she look normal.

  1. but everybody know that kerry is a freak wi nuh surprise sey she f**k gal nasty kerry a long time she a f**k gal…the gal nuh have nothing bout har the gal tek the mike a shabba boat ride and say a she inspire gal fi suck hood dwrllllll somebody can inspire ppl for doing dat kmft n bout evey gal a suck hood nasty kerry talk fi self and yuh nasty freaky fren dem oonuh nasty and duty n sick stomach nuh bloodclaatttt dun har puss dun yuh batty hole a drain dwayne f**k it out n leave it a leak a nuh lie puss any man f**k gal inna batty a batty man dat bloodclaat str888 keery a gwaan bout shape like it real yuh batty fake and stay bad u luk like u walk pon yuh hand dem ur shape dnt look good u spoil n waan dash weyyyy u shape b4 neva bad but now ,yuh knw to kerry goodway suckway f**kway badway dunway sey u spoilllll u jus a give d public impression like yuh proud a yuh shape cas u knw yu truly stay bad bad puss yuh right r batty luk like soak pamperssss woiiiii puss at least ur shape natural u nuh buy nuh waste shape kerry fi go hide r nasty self a bare sperm dung inna r throat n r batty holeeeee freaky galll kerry ur nobodyyyy anybody deh round u freaky jus like you ders nothing leff fi describe u whore slut sadamite all pussy yuh suck u nuh leff nothing omg

  2. Dear God, what are these women doing to dem self? Now this look good? The other day Me see MISS WHITE LADY TANEISHA IMAGE and me almost drop dung, the Girl do up har body and it donntttt look good. SMH. I hope some a unuh no start drop dung dead from this.

  3. just by the dress alone, mi know seh di bottom buy too big and the leg dem small. har leg dem mussi favor blow pop to rass

  4. but kerry nuh luk good a colour kerry hv ova puss oonuh luk good pon puss she better looking dan kerry a tru kerry brown a dat save she mek r ugliness nuh show up cas kerry face big n puss face straight puss is a nice black woman kerry fi sidung wid r balloon self the whole a kerry swell up a swell kerry swell d batty weh she du swell r up n f**k r up me say mi luk pon d gal n say she stay bad eeh man she gwaan bout dwayne cas a da batty man deh alone want har cas him a freak n she a freak perfect couple all 3 some kerry and him du oonuh too freaky man puss big up yuh self cas yu nuh freakkkk, imagine kerry every man yuh tek yuh suck dem cocky no man every man yuh deh wid yuh suck dem cocky n a only dwayne u end up wid su weh u a suck cocky fa n it nah hold dem n yuh only hv dwayne nw cas him can f**k u inna yuh batty oonuh nasty germs oonuh all u cudnt tlk inna my face yuh madddd and all the batty f**k weh yuh tek n suck dwayne cocky it still nah hold him bitch

  5. The lady from Flavor Flav’s Love……whatever her name is Delicious, I saw a walk away video of her and it is awful, to eXtreme. It’s ok to enhance but this big hell’a booty’s are way to much!

  6. Oh Dear..dis look look like she just grab roun 20 crocus bags and push up under har dress. Chile mi couldah did help u out u know and guh c how much money u pay fi dah wata mix wid air inah balloon look. She standing and she look like wen u siddung pan high chair and cross u legs..she nuh fraid she topple ova wen she walk? chile u body outah sync, unbalane bad…unu wicked to unu self een?

      1. Suh Met a really stan up she standing up innah dah pic up top or maybe she lean back and cross her legs? Caz di way up disyah figure mix up mi just can’t tell..u fi si mi a lean mi head from side to side and tun mi computah upside dung fi get a grasp a wah mi a see.

        1. Well it look like di poor ting wanted so badly to get away from har troubles and family, she wanted to fly away and literally tun harself innah hot air balloon as dem seh…A guess wi must bi happy she nevah choose a sumn likah hummer or so. U si wah happn wen some peole nuh pay attention innah school,een?

  7. Kerryway mash like crackers nuh matta wah shi duh shi cann luk gud again shi spoil up har self nuting wasn’t wrong with her before di botch surgery now shi luk like ah big turn off shi jus luk nasty looking like wen man si har dem woulda jus kick har up if shi come beside dem!

  8. Uno know say uno lie Puss a tell, Kerry bad way, fava a birthday balloon fi true woooooiiiiii, them claim seh them a fix up them self, and end up fig up them selves, dam mommy show them. :bola :bola :bola :bola :bola :bola a nuff a diss tha batty deh fi get

  9. Boy puss really doing her blood sister bad and which other dutty sisters puss talkong about? Remember you are one of them..this give new meaning to sibling rivalry.
    Kerry why you disfigure yourself…I really use to like this bitch style before Kerry did look good before she went to this extreme bitches don’t know when enough is enough! Look at Shana Luxury,Amex Shawna,Taniesha imake,Kerry,Michelle yankee getting there. Plastic surgery can be an addiction it’s just really sad to see Kerry look like this now.

    1. Met need to do a spread on the page with all these people BEFORE and AFTER pictures.
      Met come eeeeh here, all these people that are honorable mention with the BOTCH surgery can you run a thing with dem? LOL. No man, this is getting from bad to worst, is who telling these ladys that this really look good? Me boddieeee.

  10. Kerry guh back guh luk pan yuh old videos wen yuh di name KerryGWay dem time dey nuh gal cann chat to yuh, now all yuh pussy stink why yuh feel sey you was going to luk betta dan how god mek yuh wen yuh run duh di surgery, ah who tell yuh fi duh yuh self suh? di bes advice mi can give yuh is yuh need to guh mas some where wid yuh yuk bady causz it dont look good!!!!

  11. is who dem ppl yah n sumbody coulda really request this from a doctor a look like a malpractice lawsuit or dem head sic no good fi guh fukup demself suh

  12. And there was nothing wrong aid how she looked before, likkle and dainty…look pan ar now, shaped exactly like a birthday balloon fe true :hoax2

  13. My Gaawd, look like when u pad up mule a country and tie on di hamper basket dem pon
    dem 2 side, why dis girl d harself sooo???. New name fi har Two hampers n a mule.
    Puss, u can sidung pon har back n ride di mule/donkey, di inflated hips wide enuf fi hold u, me and Metty.
    Hi Met

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