Mrs NoJaguar
Can you please tell this long time Big woman seh fi stop flood wi inbox wid har upcoming babyShower . DI baby shower is 2 weeks away and for the last 3 months I get a reminder in my inbox to come. Is it a dance or a baby shower Mam? So what if Tracey Champion ago be hosting it am I suppose to be Starstruck, Actual rich ppl do not do these things you know. Times is hard, don’t you think it would have been wiser to keep something more personal for your family as we know you do not have a lot of close friends. Please blast the invitation on ur Fb because it is not a private event as I am not the only one complaining. We all know you want us to come and see how much grand you spend so we can come and talk about you. It will only be talkd about for 2 days the most, then we go back to reality. I think it would have been wiser to save it for the baby private schooling as this is not your first child. Dancehall celebrities are so played out. Please try to live a normal life ,it is much easier than all the acting you have been doing.

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  1. Sender call the person name!! Instead of being a hypocrite and a talk shit bout the lady!! I’m sure if the lady know seh you a two face hypocrite you wouldn’t get a invite fi come a the lady baby shower!! Sender it don’t look good!! Stop being a hypocrite!! And who the f**k is Tracey champion??

  2. Sender, the lady is sending numerous reminders because she wanna make sure seh yuh come wid ah present ca black people love come ah people functions wid dem long gut and empty hand…suh ah remind she ah remind yuh fe walk wid ah likkle present fidi newbie, that’s all..

  3. We’ll nasty no jaguar nobody I meant to say most philly will not attend your event because we love you too much hahaha big dutty laugh…a hope yo ugly friend sanny nogoodaz bring u some thing because she always broke

    1. Sanny is har fren? please yah. Sanny is juss har flunkie when she bored and har fren dem busy. Sanny gwann like she woulda— di way how she eat sleep and drink round this gal life Sanny go get a brain and stop rate ppl who no rate you.You eva go ah you fren yard yet? question answered.dwl fool fool

  4. it says Mrs NoJaguar at the top but how come sneder just doesn’t untagged herself? I don’t understand what so hard about that. I think babyshower club thing is stupid but hey it is not me.,

    1. U nuh hear she say she a sen di reminder straight to di inbox…not tagged in a pic, not tagged in a status…straight to her inbox for the last 3 months

      1. so you dealt with that for 3 months? lol Punk instead of saying thanks but no thanks lol whatever

    1. I sooo agree with you and funny enough, watch di senda still attend the babyshower, pose up fi pics & eat off the people food. SMDH, philly low life’s!

      1. A pure hypocrite deh a philly. all a dem Hate dem oneada dem juss fake it so dem can be popular. look pan when dem ina di dance . Di “hot ga” dem stand up a di front and u better no stand in front a dem fren or not. All dem do is come out and chat dem oneanada and none a dem doh look good. Di baby shower ago crowded yes, nuff ppl no have no Sunday dinner and di food yaso ago tunn up. Foodstamp ago spend. all a di crackhead dem done sell it out fi 1/2 price. mi wah free shrimp and lobster too. This is a once ina a lifetime eating.lmao. When all is said and done she ago spend more money than di gift weh she ago get juss fi say har baby showa cost so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. She might as well had keep a dance, cause a pure dancehall zoots ago deh there.

      2. Ah dat ah the problem; the lady wanna mek sure seh dem come wid summen in exchange fe ah plate ah food :ngakak

  5. It a hurt you because you didnt get a invitation bitch yuh mad cause keisha Invitations went out the end of june so stop tell lies go an look a day job what you mad because you didn’t get a job to decorate the shower bitch go kill yourself you bitches in philly are so bad mind if yuh read the invitation it said friends and family im sure your not a friend our a family number bitch jaguar baby shower sell off it a kill yuh and go do your home work the girl drive a brand new jaguar xf big pussy pal

    1. Sorry to say the Jaguar XF looks like a Ford focus to me. Lmao. all you paying for is the Cat a jump and the Interior that is oh soo tiny. And unu wonder why the white man always stay rich. That car is nothing major. Just keep throwing ur money away. You had to relive ur name and get another Jaguar by any means necessary ha? DWBL. I hope that little girl who is about to enter College has 4 yrs of tuition put down. Jaguar XF dat.

  6. Bitch if you got a invitation you would know that tracey champion isn’t the host bitch go get a life a stop watch mi friend what away keisha a hurt yuh head fi yuh get up this morning an come pon nasty pink wall bitch yuh need a life

  7. No big pussy lauren you a di bitch that got up this morning pon di girl name keisha don’t even know your wast ass yuh need a life do you see how fast you picked up your phone and reply because you have no life and you have no f****** job only a bitch that don’t have a life they on some bullshit like this call in the people’s name every day

  8. you should know that she was one of the first cuz you was right along with her so the end of the day stop talking s*** because if you really knew keisha Keyshia don’t even come on this bullshit bitch go kill your f****** selfyou are a piece of s*** all you b****** do is get up every day and come on this f****** s*** about people half of the time 90 percent of the s*** that you write don’t even be true talk what you know don’t talk what you don’t know and why am i arguing with you always ask cuz you a coward

    1. Then state your name gangsta????? The ish say anonymous………. You looking like a coward right now too

  9. nobody cares who wants to come from Philly if you didn’t get an invitation and you’re not friends and family you’re not invited to a dead end of the day nobody gets to f*** so what you have to say because you come on here putting up stuff about the damn girl nobody gives a f*** about you nobody get that in your big f****** head you know life bitch keisha don’t even remember you or even f****** know you all you b****** do is get up every day on people’s name and just talk s*** I did and did a day like I said you’re not a friend and you’re not a family member so you’re not f****** invited go kill yourself dog s***I have never seen anything like this in my life with people just get up and live to talk things about other people even if you got a inbox message I know it wasn’t 3 months ago nobody send out invitation 3 months ago do you need to get a life and stop making up stuff

  10. Big stinking wata pussy no jaguar bitch I’m a f**king lady fi u… I work five days a week unlike u weh walk n suck n f***k down di place for a living

  11. Lauren a you an me a walk an a f**k an suck cause yuh nuh stop suck fi aluvibg bitch you should know computer bad gal yuh funny your one big waste bitch delete yuh self from the the girl facebook an a bad mind yuh bad mind cause yuh can’t have any kids bitch cause yuh pussy dont good bitch your going to keep getting it until the baby shower big stinking pussy bitch abayyyyyyy

  12. Lol what an idiot because a person can’t get any kids that means there pussy is not good!! I suggest you go and read lots of book!!. You sound dunce as f**k!! I wonder if these dancehall celebrities can read and write!!

  13. Keisha I don’t know you but hold your head up girl anything thing going on for u people going to hate you I hope you have a blessed delivery despite who you were to who you are now I see change in you I see maturity we spoke a couple times on the phone and on Facebook you seems like a really good person and don’t let these people stress you out at the time where you need to be celebrating to hell with them

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