24 thoughts on “KETCH NINJA SON

  1. That man is married of course to one slim brown BOY them have them love page over ig them very proud…a him help keep Rip the runway

  2. I have seen this big man boyfriend making plans to get married it seems like this man have a thing fi young boy….. He’s using his money fi ketch dem….. If yuh eva si the nice young looking guy him is dating in the u.s omg all man like dis need some good rass beating…. Dutty Ole fawt kmt

  3. Oh no lord not this morning I can’t manage this mess right here. Dat big ol dutty man is just too too too too too much for mi this morning.

  4. Dem kill Heramba and left dis big tuff silver back fi roam free with him spratts?..more fire mi sey, the lake a fire cnt miss unno

  5. This man is loving some ninja man son, his hand ova ninja man son’s hands and someone hold on to that purse… It’s just too, too much now… I don’t care what you do with you life, but it’s just sicken to see how they parade themselves around and get outrageous at times… But if this old tuff looking man is preying on young boys by gifts and money etc, his wrong and no good…

  6. Di man feva dem big rough tough old cruff whey like youngins. Smh God must be grieving because all dat now

  7. You look at this unsellable antique bout him a pose wid this lil bwoy …. Dem Fi lock up da man Fi a portray se him have baby mada and him only interested inna baby bwoy

  8. Bom%*@claa%t Jamaica really change, dem mussi a fill up the food and drink with some heavy duty hormone steroids or something like that…which ef up the young boy dem hormones and give them a non or confused identifying gender

  9. coke cum make this thing…….proven that coke eff up ur sperm development ……. a joke dis to rass

  10. The sins of his parent deh pon him. So if u wanna be a woman why dem have beard and mouthstache

  11. He is not married to Ray they are engaged and he put up a video yesterday saying the relationship is over. Not becuz of ninja man son but becuz of another guy he claimed is his son but they are both in bed with feet fling on each other. BTW rumors has it that ninja man son is HIV positive.

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