An 18-year-old man who attempted to commit suicide in Clarendon this morning has been removed from the May Pen bridge and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The man climbed approximately 15 metres to the top of the metal structure threatening to jump.

The May Pen police say they were alerted by motorists sometime after 10 a.m.

According to an investigator, it took over an hour to persuade the man not to jump.

The police say the young man claims he has family issues and feels neglected so he was going to take his life.

Personnel from the May Pen Health Department assisted by the police took him to the hospital where he has begun receiving counselling and will be given medical treatment if necessary.


  1. Sigh, I hope they follow through and keep an eye on the young man. The recent rash of teenage suicides (i’ve only began to notice in the news) should be a red flag that our youth are in desperate need of love, help and attention.

  2. I watched it on tvj news, he said no one loves him and there isn’t any food at home.PPl might feel those are inadequate reasons to check out early but he who feels it knows it.

    These are fixable stuff though so we pray he gets the help.

  3. I’m glad that the cops were able to get this young man down… I hope him and his family receives the help they need… Sometimes what is going on in your life is so stressful that you can’t handle it anymore and the easy way out for some people is to end their life… I hope they start a outreach program for young adults and give some form of help to them if they are on their lowest point… Since my friend has been back in JA he has said it has been roughed and everyday he doesn’t know if his going to have propane to cook, or even food to cook, or able to pay his rent, he has been in JA for over 20 years and now he finds it difficult as an adult to get by, imagine a young adult… I hope he receives the adequate help that he needs, maybe someone can give him a job.. We need to come together as a nation, it takes a village to raise a child and this young adults needs all the help he can get from this point on… I wish him the best and may God help him with his struggles..

  4. A lot of Jamaicans seem to lose their humanity. People telling him to jump so that they can share it on social media. Quarreling because the police shut down the bridge so that they and the other agencies could try to save his life. Heartless.

    Like the mad/homeless man who climbed onto KPH roof & they were chanting jump. The man jump & they say he survived but would most likely be crippled. The behaviour of the crowd haunt me for months

  5. My God, it dread dung deh, I swear me neva know it dread suh…. An ME TINK ME HAVE PROBLEMS…God please forgive me for complaining @times…

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