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  1. Lol..bad bull inna pen uno no want come buck Portia. She shoulda just finish it off with an angel Sting move and kin out the battyhole gi the man.

      1. Morning Miss.Met hope you have a blessed day. Mi glad fi see you a bus the pay by play coverage of the Kartel case. Can’t wait fi done the people them prestigious wuk fi come come really see weh a gwaan.

        What she do was not a disgrace a Jamaica that name a so we handle things. A just the statement behind it. Weh the woman a mek the man know seh who you have a problem step to me. I don’t think it have anything fi do with her as a leader, or as a person.

        1. Mi huh believe so. Yuh cyan wine up u baddie every whey…yuh have different places fi do dat..She cannot act like that in what is supposed to be a civl environment. Portia a do parliament fi years she is no new fowl to that roof so it speaks about her as a person, that she cannot control herself….Not a good leadership quality.

    1. DWRCL!!!!!!! No disrespect, no bias, no denigrating women in general, but Jah know star…Portia unfit fi lead! Again, no disrespect, but she have the attitude of a market woman! How shi gyalish suh?
      Real Talk 😡

  2. Yes!!!!! YESSSSS!!! Dwpcl yesss YESSSS
    Den hear d ppl dem behind a back ar nuhm
    Lmfaooo beyyyyy badnisss backahDAT crying!

  3. I don’t understand what she did that was deemed a disgrace, her reaction was warranted. Leff di ooman mek she travel that’s her job she doing it.

  4. Lawd jesus, mi affi laugh. It come en like seh Portia did waan jump pan parliment desk top an drop har draws an tell Andrew fi come kiss out har wara wara,lol. She defensive bout har traveling sah! No Sah fi wi Prime Minister a di best, she a real classic, dah woman deh really need fi do some anger management class eh nuh.

  5. @anonymous what do you mean leave her alone to travel,that’s her job.Her job is to lead the country she wasn’t elected so she could see the world on tax payers money. She needs to travel yes because jamaica does not exist in insolation but everyone would simply like to know what is the purpose of all the travelling and to show if the potential benefits of these trips are greater than the current expense to the country. All she has to do it give us the facts,but no all now ntn.Her behavior for a leader is sad and I just cannot take her seriously.

  6. Di ooman tan up wid steam a cum outta har nose, ah huff ana puff like Mass John bullcow…. and har supporters nuh si nothin wrang wid dat??? Di sketel behavior nuh necessary…but when yuh nuh knoe betta it sad….:nohope

  7. If she did did dung pon has ass them would find complain just the same. If it was a man no 1 would say its a disgrace.
    We are our own enemies.

  8. With a society like Jamaica u can’t sit and act the fool in parliament, u have to get up n talk and express yuself as it is…… I think these views are a bit sexist cause if it was man no one would see it as disgrace.

    1. Shi fi talk up wid supporting evidence as tuh di necessity of di extensive world tour an how it ah profit wi a yaard…nuh wid dem deh rum bar behaviour deh!! Any man weh tan up inna Parliament wid dem deh behaviour deh ago get chat bout too.

  9. The hypocrisy of it all is what bothers me. When Bruce did a travel media Neva cover it so. The public didn’t know at all. But when she travelling they’ve made a mockery of it all. It is part of their job, they’ve all done it…but now that every trip she makes comes in the observer m gleaner it’s seems as if it is for personal gain on the country’s purse, when they all know it is not. Dem damn 2 faced and dutty Andrew whe cudn run the country for a year does not know. She may not be the brightest bulb at all…but there is a constant thread of disrespect towards her that the other PMs never get, and mi don’t appreciate. Reporter go open in her face in ways mi Neva see dem do to Bruce, dem lucky….vote her out if unoo nuh like her, but the disrespect is not justified

    1. Exactly the disrespect is evident yes, when bruce ah a travel nobody nuh say a word all of a sudden it’s a problem when the lady a do har job.

  10. Portia is one big dutty gal, she fi go sell a market, she have no respect for herself n the ppl of Jamaica

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