Me nah lie teneisha images bleaching sell off still me nah hate me now this black gal from Jamaica when she did black like tar baby and bruck and hungry . She bleach did blackness off of her white like chalk but live inna
Makeup she walk and tell the whole Bronx how she rich and she ah the prettiest gal inna Bronx and how every man want harr good body this gal file long till it can’t long nuh more she use to deh wid this big drugs man me nuh me memba him name and gal pu**y salt man inna debt cause she theif 30 grand from him secret stash den man come fi kill him and him rob somebody and dah a jail me nuh know weh the baby father deh but me hear say him deh a jail , she do har batty and breast and swear the shape Tun up no baby just the face you look like one stuff cow you claim you a hairdresser and you hair Neva tan good . She (Edited) to one white man from jersey and is you so called fren them Lavern wid har tuff miserable face chat it inna har shop when twinny and fatty guh deh go buy hair haha watch you friends gal and apple nuh stop chat you how have fake Tom ford boot and Celine bag bout yuh a try now like her smh all a unno fake and crawny and theif bad bleach out and look scary wid out makeup and member me know seh you f**k dutty lava under quiet eww anybody inna dem right mind can f**k lava . Now you have fake page pon Instagram wid a man page bout a yuh new man whatever b**h you hole condemn like hell everything bout yuh fake your hair, skin complexion ,body , nails , and you cheap White House decorations inna yuh house a tell lie seh a Italian curtain and carpet lie apple seh a Macy’s yuh get them bout it ship from Italy your no rich gal stop live pon the (Edited) money it soon done

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong……Is this not the Sister of Nakia who he went to jail for defending her robbery?
    Teneisha you went a little to heavy on the lower end Mama and yes Apple I agree, many has copied your style, however I believe some of it you Swagger Jacked from Twinny.

    Buenos Dias a todos.

  2. Yes it’s her same one firstly for a girl that claim she only desire the finer things in life what about school?….cause your grammar is very bad I guess that’s what you mean when you claim to be a”Bad Bitch”.Her baby daddy is Rohan Tina jet set brother and he is not in jail.All yuh see Teneisha a gwan Mark the barber that left har last yr mash up har head so that guy on insta is just for attention away from the fact.She also need a stylist all these surgeries and you still lack sex appeal.har belly do about three times and you always have on belts.She always look like is her mate them dress har put costumes.

    1. Mark the Barber file need to touch JMG to, She did think him did go stay wid har but dude use har and leff har and have baby on the way. All a dem in a the bronx mix up and F-off each other.

  3. LOL, Teneisha file longer than the river nile. She was with this Barber in the bronx MARK AKA CHUN CHUN This dude File need to reach JMG to! causen say Both Him and Teneisha use to Rob People things. Chun Chun on His 5th Baby madda and not taking care of His 5 kids. Teneisha you undaneath rotten and done that’s why no man not staying with you and whoever tell you the bleaching look good and you pretty them wrong, you bottom soon pop dung and you need to stop go in a the people dem store go thief. set a OLD ZAR.

        1. I am no OB/GYN so I do not know how unda no gal stay. You said unda har rotton. I guess your head did unda har at some point.

          1. not going to give you the attention you looking for teneisha friend, Kick Rocks, unda har rotten ABAAAAYYYYYY

        2. I do not know the girl, I just don’t like to here women talk about unda other women. I’m assuming that you are a woman.

    1. I have my degree as proof of my education. Man or woman, only if you have been under the woman you can know that it’s rotton.

    2. An him a drive dem big expensive truck up an down, an deh a party every night and nah mine him kids, a wutliss bwoy.

      1. Yardie, Him WUKLESS The Man a drive expensive truck and NOT giving HIS KIDS shit, Him soon reach jail. wear the most name brand and dress up in a dance. WUKLESS MARK from JUNGLE. Teneisha know say this man neva want har cause him NYAM DUNG The whole a bronx skettel dem pon white plains road. I go sen eeen him file fi Met run it. The truck is Him green card wife dead leff it and give Him, Nadine did have cancer she use to RUN the entire bronx with drugs and is that give mark the truck. Him love hype and dont have a piss pot fi piss in a. 5kids with 5 different woman and one pregnant now……….The woman dem wukless to fi know say him not taking care of his kids and a breed up, typical dancehall rae rae man use Range Rover and ketch the nastyness dem including Teneisha.

  4. I think she ODDEEEE with the surgery… It just look out of place and so fake. I believe there is a inner hatred in our black women and they are setting a dangerous trend among the black community but what the hell would I know??? On the real issue at hand…

    The sender is not telling any lies… Taniesha dem DEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPP inna obeah.. she and har madda… Mi hear seh she believe inna obeah man like how ppl believe inna God! Real talk…. As the blogger stated, Mark the barber MAAAAASSSHHH up har head bad!! She did in love with him bad bad bad and him just drop har so boof! Mi hear seh him complain seh har hole stay baaaaaaaaad and she too superficial.


    1. You on point BBC! and in reference to Our black community and the example that these women are setting for Our younger generation IT NUH LOOK GOOD. smh.

      She need to move on now, Mark done move on lonnnggg time with Him woman and the Baby.

    2. Ms image come from James mountain by image is original dark skin from long time har man dem always thief for her even when she was going to mt Moreland school in JA me never see a gal can f$ck so every man she sleep with end up in prison or dead. She even sleep with Angela jet set son Shabba that pass away the gal salt. Ms image u have no money and please stop decorate your face like that u remind me of Natalie 106 looking like a dam clown. I saw u @jue dance looking a hot miss with stay bad Lavern making a bunch on noise your days are over you and tuff mello

  5. Teneisha is a wicked gal weh go pon robbery sprees that’s why Nakia deh a jail because a she . Too superficial and gwann like she a the hottest thing . Teneisha son marquise is not Rohan child she too lie a one duty brownish tyre youth from 219 . Them gal yah wicked and lie bad and will sell them soul fi material things sad

        1. EYE LID in the words of KPW…. Mi wah fight yuh and win!!!!! deadings!!!!!! Yes him have har skin tone yes!!!!

          That go fi prove seh If ah did Rohan pickney him would be black cause the two of him parents dem booooorn black!!!!

          1. BBC I have no clue who this lovely Born (fi) Browning is or nakia dwl…..
            I’m just making problems. Probly the gene of the child mutated, nature saw she change her color and change the child color to…

            is the child a ‘albino’ by any chance? (trying to figure out how two dark skin person bring a light child.

    1. Di son have both perents complection u nuh si how Rohan brown brown now. Teneisha a work pan him or a Keisha Browning?

  6. Never judge a book by its cover cause when u see people an then hype you don’t no the real deal to me all of them look alike from apple ,twinny,taneshe all went to the same plastic surgeon ,batty injection,and bleaching cream one question how them really get so light what the hell are they using

    1. I would love to know as well because I’ve been rubbing fair&white on a few spots that I have and all now di spot dem not even budge, so mi need fi know.

  7. Gm. all di bleach dem ah bleach all now nobady nuh put up nuting wey the bleaching duh fi dem all ah dem ah real cocky coola,

  8. Morning Met and Metters….

    “BLACK LIKE TAR BABY.” So that’s how black people see their black skin???

    Self hate is getting even reala.
    Black women want to be brown
    Puerto rican women want to be white
    White women want to be dark

    btw her body looks weird, she looked better dark, I know damn well this bitch gotta wear makeup 365 days of the year because she look like boil chicken….. And I know of no decent, self respecting man in the BRONX, or where ever of that matter who gives a shit about FAKE COMPLEXION, FAKE ASS, FAKE HIPS, FAKE, BREAST, FAKE SELF ESTEEM…. that’s why Hollywood lives are so unhappy and filled with drugs and suicide…. FAKE HAPPINESS.

      1. @Puertoriquena
        yes you guys do as well, the same damn bleaching cream sell in the black neighborhood is the same in the Hispanic community… so don’t go there..

        Not to mention constant denying of unuh race and claiming you guys are ‘white’ as if a spain unuh come from, and even acting as if unuh some how better that black chics… and the bleaching of hair….
        so nuh bother with ‘at least we don’t bleach’ nonsense! :thumbup

        1. My apologies……however I am yet to see bleaching creams in our neighborhoods that WE use. I grew up in the BX and a few years back the African Store on White Plains road has beeen selling bleaching creams……not frequented by us tho. But no argument here I am just saying tanning is primarily our thing.

          1. Espawara won momenta deh :ngakak

            Please direct me to the nearest tanning booth in the Hispanic community…..
            so what your telling me is that you guys (Hispanics) are so pale till unuh have to tan??
            WOW! someone need to inform all those white people tanning because obviously something wrong with dem, maybe they are not as ‘white’ as they thought they are? hmm

          2. Quena, Eyelid got you there….Spanish women bleach and products ARE advertised on univision. Fi onu product market as blemish creams and fade creams. Next time i’m in a high Spanish/hispanic/latin demographics area I’ll take note of the product and let yu know….all better yet I’ll get the name from the display case at me hairdressers….Dominicans love that “fade” sh!t.

        2. She might have a point cauzen say dem only beach out dem battyhole. it tek so much ramming it start change color pon dem so dem bleach it out fi match dem skin. either way they are still a bunch of bleaching azzholes.

          1. Hahaaaaaaaaaaa unnu bad eno man mi Neva know batty ole can bleach grungggggggggggggg levelllllllllllllll

    1. Taneisha is one of the biggest punk a walk street. Is Nakia shi use to use to hype pan people. Please mi nah :alay

    1. Yes the same belt whey di man dem piss pan while shi have it on. Nuh body nah badmind that ole robber fake body sodamite. Tell her fi mek man stop piss and shit pan her fi few dollaz. Mek mi ask yuh dis, dat fake body and bleach out skin gal stop set up man fi get rob? And is she still going on robbery sprees?

    2. Oh yeah…. the LEADER belt coming… ppl run run run….

      Yuh see who come fi defend har??? Har friends with them LEADER belt!!!!!

      Bow your heads and pray metters…. Humanity is sad!!

  9. Met dem too badd I watch that little girl grow up into a intelligent young lady always hold her own and stand firm in life a bad mind them bad mind she look come on now.

    1. When unnu friend them wrong and strong.. ah ppl badmind… Well since giving an opinion to you all is bad mind then we are all haters!!! Jamaican ppl can be so illiterate at times… An opinion cannot be taken as just that.. we haffi bad mind??

      Again…. Let us bow our heads and pray metters cause we too bad mind!

      1. :ngakak

        Jamaicans use the word ‘badmind’ fi everything.

        e.g. “Johnny stop what you doing before you end up in jail”
        Johnny reply: “why everybody a watch me? dem too badminded man.” lol

  10. King whatever he is a man in prison tanisha love obey fi true but it nah work cause her brother lose trial and she can’t hold a man Lavern is no better either she need fi look some where fi live and stop Kotch wid her sister Bennie cause she could not pay the 1800 rent a mount Vernon her face full a pot hole

  11. Good Morning Ms Met and the good good up Metterzz :supermaho
    I remember when this chick shape like box and that time she had a very low self esteem. When she use to party before the surgery shi use to itch up by the sound box and mi sey from she spend the $10K (at that time) afta shi ROB di people dem yes ROB and duh the body and start tek the bleaching pill and use the cream>>>>>>>>nuh body nuh hype and show off like she. Dat gal know how to ROB and sey up man. Taneisha you body fake my girl and so are you. Rohan need fi duh a DNA. All the bloggers up top right about you. Everyone is on point. Shi use to guh on robbery spree wid her brother Nakia (sorry Lady Rose) and rob people. Mi remember when Nakia get ketch the last time, Taneisha and her mother guh obeah man/woman fi him nuh duh serious time, causen dem know that case was gwine send him whey fi a long time. Dem spend up nuff money and use oil a dis and dat, dem all guh court house guh sprinkle all kinda tings outside and Nakia still get 25 years. Yes Taneisha and her mother believe inna obeah. A guess the obeah cudden hold the barber causen him mad her bad when him lef her. Fi months shi guh crazy. Her heart is not clean none a tall. And please and thanks to not include good good good up Gwenny good good worker Tameka inna yuh IG nastiness. Shi nuh stay nothing like unuh ole prostitute.

    1. Buy it when you work for it not when yuh ROB people for it. Unuh love chat about badmind eeehh? Suh when Taneisha set up man fi get ROB of dem tings, anuh badmind shi badmind??? When shi guh pan har robbing spree and rob people anuh badmind shi badmind???? GTFOH. And yuh know sey mi neva was gwine sey dis, but since unuh a runeennnnn bout badmind, read this > >>>>>>KERRYANN, PAGING KERRYANN, LULABELL (sp) DAUGHTER, TANEISHA IS F*CKING YUH MAN/BABYDADDY/HUSBAND JUE ICON #facts. I REPEAT TANEISHA IS F*CKING JUE ICON ON THE REGULAR @ KERRYANN AND FASHION POLICE #FACTS. CASE CLOSED :repost:

  12. nooo sah omg and i always thought she was a nice big woman..di things im hearing about her nuh normal at allllllllllllll. den di time she ah spend money pon har body why she nuh spend pon di pussy to its apart of di body..go tight it up my girlll..dame she have a bad girl lava..REALLYYYYY.. ah she go turn pony hype ah battymon lmao

    1. @badgal… Taneisha a ole f**kist from forever and shi not that old either. Dem gal deh puxxy deeper than abyss. Nothing can tighten that up. Shi a tek nuff man from shi shape like box and afta shi carve out the box, she start tek double from downtown to parade. Is nuff people and her friend dem man dem shi hide and phuck. Ole harlot, tramp, jilt, prostitute and the list goes on. That’s why the Barber dump her.

      1. Met OOOOO, Please to run the barber file! Put up him pichha mek we see who did a Mad Teniesha mek the metters laugh. LOL

  13. @Quena

    This is all in good fun because WE ARE ALL THE SAME RACE HERE. The Black Race and Human Race.
    but stick a pin…. how come you’re not on perezhilton site amongst your own kind (White racists)? Because you’ve been quietly dissing us (farting quietly as if it don’t smell) and then take offense to every little thing as if we bow in your presents because “you look white.”
    What’s the deal chica?

    1. Are you a part of Perezhilton site……perhaps I am but you miss me, my name there may be different don’t you think so :cystg
      And yes we can agree, I am here for the fun :selamat

      1. no sah, mi nuh “white” like unuh misses…… So, where is Spain are you from? if you don’t mind me asking? :malu

  14. @MET
    fi all the years ive ben deh yah (been here) I haven’t said this before but Your Sit Rocks! all when mi a bawl mi come pon here and laugh bawl lol….. THE BEST…. :recsel

  15. Lmaoo Quena dem seh him apple Jadion and kerry a phuck and fashion police and now dis teneisha girl but she and Kerry is fren! Only Bubblelikesoup have di file.

  16. Shabaka Angela son died,Curtis fr 14 and Estrado fr John shop is few who guh there and end up a jail….She salt? Or a coincidence.

  17. but somebody please give me the bleaching remedy me have a dark spot inna me face and who is this mysterious barber boy she a mad ova somebody please send in him pic and file mek me see if me know him no sah this post bad tan tan you too bad

      1. So what u saying Ophelia is carmiea dwlll.. ophelia run apple fi true she leff har pon har face. She tiad a apple antics and mixup n how apple chat harThat would probably clear up y carmeia/ ophie ignarant fi har

  18. Kerry Apple ms image they all f**king the same man and don’t forget jue is f$cking jay icon that’s all Kerry have a hold over jue head why him afraid a big mouth Kerry. Kerry a @everbless_sade you need to watch out for her cause she a pree jue icon away bout she want tomford and all these thing SADE whole condem all she do a tek care a man old foot gal

  19. Mi say whomever sen in dis post yah lick di nail pon di head wid di obeah ting… Mi say nakia did believe when mi say believe di man believe and say him nawh tek no plea bargain him a go trial cuz him obeah man trang… But God stronger cuz him whap him up wid 25 under him prison baddy clawt. Taniesha where do I begin? She never keep a man yettttttttt and f**k nufffff man under di quiet and over di quiet. Mi nawh lie mi hear di argument bout jue but chue sometime me luuu mi just cannot believe dat part cuz is not everything ppl talk true but mi sure hear it. A dwoah know why dem don’t leave Kerry Ann a di only man whey ever own har alone, that girl will never leave that man alone even if him find a nice decent gal fi match him Kerry will not go out without a fight so just Lowe di gal wid di man whey fraid a har. Now to the comment somebody Mek say Kerry hold dis batty man thing over him head it’s not true so tap spread rumor… It has to do with going green. “Wink”. Taniesha back to you, di baddi dwoah look good, yuh make up look frightening and yuh voice sass crise man start practice fi shut yuh mouth and figer cuz it sound same way…#ANNOYING!
    Long time mi Nuh sign een… Hi hello mettttyy :kiss


    1. @Bubble a long time mi dey yah waiting patiently fi yuh come confirm up di tings dem. But yes ma’am shi dash out the abyss hole pan JUE ICON widout warning to KerryAnn. Di way how Jue fraid a KerryAnn mi surprise him outta road a phuck, cause is she call ALL the shots in dat relationship. KerryAnn please watch the video of yuh man party whey day and phree the body language between Jue and Taniesha>>>>>it OBVIOUS>>>>>and the way how shi was carrying on like is fi har man dance. Heyheyyy (inna mi Ms Met) voice.

  20. i dont get dis part bout how she salt and her hole condemn cause man whe she f**k eider dead or deh a jail………………….so by all assumptions she was probably f***king her bredda to since him deh a jail???………or maybe this makes more sense…..she is a criminal and di man dem whe she a f**k wid and associate a criminal and dem get ketch……

  21. If shi wah rob man an get money ah unuh ah guh duh di time!? unuh not about that life su why unuh hurt if shi black and get wite let di lady be it is real hard to live round Jamaican ppl but true mi ah Jamaican mi fraid cauz our family crazy but its all gud don’t care if I get curse out dat doe affects me!!!

  22. Image fava a day ghost she love people business and fi are own a spoil a can’t stand di Condem pussy gal

  23. Yes sah a true true sum thing bout the obeah man she lovesss obeah badddd she did go wuk obeah fi nakia n him getup d time unda him rasss.. all theses hoe sare the same thats y dem is frens. And har owna fren apple talk it say har baddi nasty and sloppy n she cant tunn on light f**k man amd how man madd har watch u fren weh u keep

  24. Mi say whomever sen in dis post yah lick di nail pon di head KERRYANN JUE TELL YUH MAN MI FEEL A U SEND IT IN KERRY ANN KNOW IT STRAT FROM THE 3SOME yup she a f**k jue icon lol woooooooooooooie it out a cant take it BUT KERRYANN NEVER KNOW BOUT IT BEHIND HER BACK 3SOME NO GOOD ……………Taneisha a ole f**kist from long time ………….. name a few …Rohan….. lava….. jue …….red bwoy 219…. cat….. barber…..rico…..daffy black………mappie…………………….. :kiss :toast :cool

  25. Taneisha and jue ah f**k?? *confuse face* REALLYYYY? I kinda knew cause she forever ah comment pon kerryanne pik of Jue bout oh is (OUR) man or (OUR) man looking so sexy and ah put up kissy face and hearts LMAO…..I’m deadingggg

  26. Yo bloodclatt mon how Jamaican ppl love bring ppl down suh mon my God only God can judge mon unno fi stop it mon everyday di same ting yo if we all come together as one we much better off

  27. Yes they are f**kin u can tell she’s so obvious and if u watch the video from his party she’s all over him like it’s her man ah keep the party

  28. All I want to know is who is this kingdavid on IG that teneisha is so in love with? How can you be in love with some one and can’t even put up a pic with you guys 2gether. Come on ah f**kery that.

  29. unuh too wicked and bad she is a nice person leave the girl alone dutty ppl subrina classic mi know a u send in the girl u nuh much better every day u sit and talk bout apple kerryann tenisha because u drop out a the race u use to f***k the gal brother then f**k paul that was one of tenisha man dutty wicked gal wey u nuh stop lick out gal pussy


  31. Wtf.A dem tings deh she involve inna.although most of the mountain gal dem man a do bay wrongs & dem just a whore out and sell dem soul fi money.

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