Kevin Hart posted on his Instagram today of how he surprised his girlfriend Eniko Parrish with 1000 roses lastnight..and fell off the bed lol

0 thoughts on “KEVIN HART GAVE HER 1000 ROSES

  1. Some ooman not even a get one a year time, and dis ooman get 1000 one time..jackass seh di worl nuh level. I am sure she brought out di bedroom acrobatics when dem got home.#luckylady
    Met, Happy Sunday, hope you being spiritually rejuvenated in di new week yah.
    You nuh hear seh two Florida cops hab connections wid di KKK. when Black ppl talk dem seh a lie wi a tell wid di Po-lice inna Murrica..anyways mums, see di link yah:

  2. Chivalry is dead in ah dem ya times..sooooo good to know that Kevin Hart still believes in it….LOVES me a romantic and compassionate man…sometimes its the little things that matter the most :malu :maho

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