“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened” [Matthew 7:7]

Do you feel backed into a corner, hemmed in by a seemingly insurmountable problem? Perhaps it hasn’t been very long. Some people have spent years trying to work a way out of financial binds only to end up more bound by debt than ever. Others work fanatically on marriages that, despite their best efforts, deteriorate from year to year. Still others fight battles against fear or depression, drug addiction or disease. Deep within our hearts, each of us knows there must be an answer to the problem we face. But often it seems to be out of reach, hidden behind a door that seems locked tightly against us.
What I want you to know today, however, is this: we can open that door! Jesus Himself has given us the keys. Right now you may be facing a situation that looks utterly hopeless, but God has a key ring full of keys that will unlock any situation. He has the keys that open the doors for you spiritually and physically, financially and emotionally. No matter how hard the devil tries to trap you, if you’ll get hold of the right key, you can find your way out.
The revelation of the word of God is like a key that opens a door that no man can shut you out. Matthew 16:17-19 God’s word is full of keys of kingdom principles—keys to bind the devil’s operations and keys to lose yourself from his snares. God has a key that will unravel any knot that the devil can tie. He also has a key that will lock up the devil’s operation so tightly that he won’t be able to move. There’s no situation so dark and so cleverly designed by the forces of darkness that there is not a kingdom key that will unlock it with kingdom power.
There is an answer to your situation. But you need to dig until you find the revelation that unlocks your door, keep digging for it. If you’ve been digging in the Word of God in one spot and haven’t found your answer, then look at another chapter, a different verse. Keep digging until you find the key.
1 Every evil tag on my head, tag of poverty, tag of shame, tag of sickness, tag of barrenness by the consequences of the sins of my fathers, let it be blotted out, let it be uprooted by fire in Jesus name.
2 I manifest in the spirit of my father Dr. Chris Okafor, I appear in my family, my father’s compound, mother’s compound, my in-laws-compound, in our old compound, at T Junction, grave yard, at market square where they place my glory, my destiny, my children, I release my children, my glory, my destiny, I take it back by fire in Jesus name.
3 Every witchcraft network connected to me , from east, west, north and south and they are using it to attack me, let it be disconnected in Jesus name.
Liberation thought: The entrance of God’s word gives light
Further reading: Revelation 3:8


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