Police Harassment Costs Tommy Lee $20m, Says Manager – Lawyer Threatens To Sue State For

Tommy Lee Sparta, the popular but controversial dancehall artiste, has lost more than $20 million in earnings over the last three years because police investigators have been forcing promoters in western Jamaica to remove him from their events, the entertainer’s attorney and management team have charged.

Ernest Smith, the long-time attorney for Tommy Lee Sparta, whose real name is Leroy Russell, revealed yesterday that he,along with the entertainer’s management team, was now compiling evidence and is planning to file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the State.

Smith charged that police investigators had been telling party promoters that they would not be issued a permit or would have it cancelled if Tommy Lee Sparta was listed among the performers. “They are told you either scratch him off your show or you get your permit cancelled. As his manager tells me, they have had to refund deposits on several occasions,” Smith said.

“It is a total and complete case of abuse of power. It is the type of abuse that is actionable in a civil court for substantial damages. The man has been prevented from working,” the attorney lamented.

Several attempts to get a comment from the Police High Command yesterday were unsuccessful. Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell confirmed that the entertainer had been transferred to Montego Bay, St James, where he is being held under the state of public emergency, and indicated that he was not aware of Smith’s allegations.

But according to Tanya Thelwell, Tommy Lee’s manager, the harassment by the police dated back three years. With a price tag of between $500,000 and $1.5 million per event, Thelwell said that her client has “easily” lost more than $20 million in the last 36 months.

“I think that there is somebody within the force who has power and is abusing it,” she charged.

Thelwell said that the police, in order to justify their actions, have told promoters that they have intelligence that Tommy Lee’s presence at their events would attract rival gangsters and could trigger a feud. “The third [reason for the police’s action], which is my favourite, is that they have intelligence that if Tommy Lee comes to the area, he is going to get gun salute from the crowd,” she said.

“I don’t know how the police have so much intelligence on a lot of things and still have not done anything,” Thelwell added.

Tommy Lee has been in police custody since Sunday, when he was arrested in Manor Park, St Andrew, after he performed at the televised talent show, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.

13 thoughts on “TOMMYLEE GUH SIDUNG

  1. Can the Jamaican government keep this Criminal in Jail and dash way the keys?? This Man was behind a lot of killings in Montego Bay. Old Jancrow.

  2. Why Anon 5:13? because the police said so? Or do you have information that you can share with the police? Since you know so much, I’m just asking

    1. exactly dm have no proof. Mi neva see these ppl a call fi lock up the politicians dem. always poor ppl. Politicians destroy the country and responsible for the most deaths whether directly or indirectly.

      1. And if a did some unknown dem lock up fi multiple killings, scammings and gang activities you would be talking all kind a shit about them.

        Directly or indirectly politicians a kill people? 😀 and tommylee dem a angels….okay

        Unu is a danger ro society.

    2. 5:13 talk it and no bow wid it.

      7:09, You “people” complain about Jamaica police and government being “worthless”daily and when they arrest you family, friends are entertainers you run out to defend them and call down judgement on the country.

      Prove tommylee wealth/good life outside of music to be legal? And farrrrrrrrr remove from the crimes of St. James and the surrounding parishes :travel

  3. i am all for the fair justice system but mi nuh srry fi him. Met mi have a friend wa use to deh wid him and him same one talk how if a neva music a wudda scamming n i neva believe untill dem lock up him and destiny sparta fi scamming. when ppl did a talk to him bout the whole demon image him neva listen untill it strt haunt him now. tommy lee cme frm flanker and right now him cant walk some part a flanker because a gang violence.

  4. Him mek Javin kill Corey Merital pussy fi dead longtime he is a friend killer the police know what they are talking except for the gun salute more than half of Mobay don’t even play his music freaky tommy Lee boy move to town and ah live comfortably and ah kill people in Mobay

  5. We know police corrupt and will plant evidence and use their power wrongly but Tommy Lee not innocent. You know what hurts when these artiste get a chance to leave the ghettos through music instead of mentoring another from their community or sponsor even one child to ensure he/she makes it out too dem rather buy guns and finance badness

  6. Tommy Lee just should never choose dat demonic route period.. character or not you eventually live your character.

  7. for real Facts @ May 24 11:06? hurry up and tell the police what you have. If you know these things and not sharing with the folks who need to know this information, then you are a part of the problem. If you are just talking to talk, that’s is not right

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