12 thoughts on “KILLA -_-

  1. Bounty a mawma man. Big mix up! Look how kartel deal with him. And I don’t think kartel into him as much as he is into kartel.

  2. This is why us embassy will ban him , bounty has no damm class n love tell people about them mother. Member I tell u these nasty mouth artist look how plenty gonna get their visa taken or will not be renewed. Dem too butu and low life. Big ole stinking fool like bounty whey suppose to respect women look how him acting. Real low life

  3. You know the vegan diet really flush out u system. No need fi washout unless you have parasites, just go vegan and you get a good ass washout

  4. talk up dutty killa,,,,yuh luv call ppl battyman ,,,yuh fi talk seh dudus fuck yuh out like a bitch an ah it mek yuh smoke coke suh…everybody dung yah know seh splicer,Johnny Morgan,Harry James aka Harry dawg ,hochoy etc…and many more get dem initiation ceremony by getting dem dignity cramped (ass fucked) ppl know but scared fi talk and then there’s another set of ppl that lives in a illusion ( no ah lie dudus ah don an killa ah badman dj nutten nuh guh suh. bounty stop call ppl battyman wen yuh know yuh battyhole full ah stretch Mark ,,,memba seh yuh use tuh guh up stairs (roun ah Java) wid dudus happy an wen yuh cum back dung yuh countenance change an yuh ah sweat…dats why baby cham did sing seh #### yuh siddung dung ah town mon hug wid ah brownman uunu cuden bring cham in ah di shit fucking dats why yuh did hate cham an Tony Matahorn Suh.. Bounty Killa mi know yuh glad seh Dudus deh ah prison becawz yuh battyhole wud ah full ah stretch mawk!!! Buddy mouth Rodney Pryce

  5. Java resident: u no come from java, and watt part u play to know so much? U di bed or the pillow?? U sound bitta like u wantet to be fucked 2…u can’t live a java cause java people no support ur kind(jealous over man cocky and batty)…fucking donkey

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