1. Watch how Treez an him gal pose off. Dwl. Do better Mappie. I know sometimes unu busy an have to just leave right offa the road and go to a party but whatever di case unu must try to look presentable for ppl parties not just your own. I like how the couple in the blue amd and white match down to the hair. Every body else look OK. Dem can gwaan.

    1. Don’t get mi wrong. Nutten no wrong with it per se… but just the fact that when it’s his party him ina 3 piece suit and pointy mout shoes, considering it was a mother’s day dance him coulda fancy up di sneakers likkle man. Gosh.

  2. The lady weh stan up like when donkey foot a hurt him, she has on a nice pair of shoes. Pikchur below blue and white couple have mi looking twice, thrice even.

  3. Mi nuh si nuting wrong with what he wore everbady know sey Mappie clean everyday him wake up an clothes ah nuh him problem when the stars dem wear sneakers guha big red carpet affair everybady sey it luk it gud wat unuh want fram ppl Mappie jus keep doing u bru peace!!

  4. Big gal mappie wey a try kurrupt the dance hall people them . Nasty mappy yuh look like garbage . Mappie wey nuh like support people party . Mapie stop buy the liquor them a the people them party and then hide them under ur clothes and bring them back home and re sell them . Mapie you going to give the people them bad stomach with the hot and cold liquor them. And stop carry feelings fi the people dem wey nuh want to buy liquor fr you . Never si come si mappy . Daffy look better than mapie . Mapie look like the ginger bread man .

    1. Hi obeah worker, how you doing? You nah comment on your man but you hot fi Mappy nuh true.

  5. All this clown mappie does is come to people party to watch who a buy wat to drink . Mama man mappie . Stop try kurrupt the party people them bout you want people to use them money to buy rose Moët dash pon you if they don’t drink it or else people not to buy bottle of rose or Bottles at them party them must just buy a cup a drink. More than half the time you come to people party is a cup of red bull u buy and u buy a henny but u don’t open the henny . Yuh sip on the cup of red bull until party over yuh hide the bottle under yuh clothes and bring it home U pig yuh bad mind boy mappie . Stop bring home the liquor them and resell it hot and cold then hot again not good to drink a that yuh fi know . The people them a watch yuh little girl mappie . Them soon flop yuh show

  6. This ain’t no robbas . What I’m saying about mappy is 100 percent truth. Everybody inna the party dem a find out mappie dirty ways. Sunday night he came to spuddy Mother’s Day party in the Bronx after him leave killa boo party go look at the pictures and see if uno nuh si sey the henny lock and mappie a drink the red bull fr the cup and after the party him hide the liquor under him shirt and leave with it . Thats the most recent time he did it . That’s a fact . And a nuff party him do it . What mappie doing is so wrong. Him ago meck people sick with bad liquor hot and cold and hot again is not good . Nuh tell nuh lie pon robbas cause this ain’t no robbas , robbas wasn’t at spuddy party either. Uno must tell mis mappie to stop it . Him too cheap and disgusting .

  7. I must say these females are not badly put together mappie no bottles..lady in the purple looking nice with a wonderful cup size I can do a lot of things to them ms striker mommy time to stay home now..

  8. Hennessey can’t spoil! In reality though how much liquor can the average person drink in one night! He’s showing support so it doesn’t matter if he wanna drink it throw it away or take it home! Dancehall people are the worst! Seen y’all in the parties but I never see y’all at the bank. Smh

  9. found this hilarious. If you a shit and see dancehall people a come try siddung inna it till dem pass yuh git up go bade.

  10. Mi say mi laff nuff tidday. Mappie is a Hennessey hoarder. Dwl. Kiss mi rawse. Unu don’t see the man have babies to mind. Him cannot shell the bar like one time. Lmaooo

    1. Oh gosh dont say that. The ladies look nice Lol give them little credit, red dress gray dress and black sequin skirt set looks the best

  11. @ stupid ppl mind unno business . Yuh just like mappie hypocrite . Because yuh come pon pink wall to fast into people business and now yuh si yuh girlfriend mappy business yuh a cuss . Him bring how Moët on many occasions . Hot and cold then hot to resell it . A mappie sey if yuh nuh drink it yuh must dash it pon him so why he bringing the liquor home to resell that’s so low . And meck tell u something a nuh that alone mappie be doing yuh nuh know sey him have young baby a Bronx with sherifa upscale Barbie . And a mappie come from Boston with the watching of people and wat they drinking and carry feelings wen yuh nuh teck him bad liquor from him .

    1. You’re here for peoples business, and that makes you a hypocrite, too. You’re just like the rest of us, darling.

  12. Mappieeeeeeeee. Come here Mr Tassle and Feathers…..U have baby a Bronx for true true??? If a so him a gwaan ina party that’s not cool. Ppl can’t come to support your party an u a tell dem what to buy or what to do with them champagne or how to spend dem money. Cause if mi buy a bottle of Moet den dat means mi support the bar. So why does it matter if mi drink it or not. Bout throw it pon him if it nuh drink!!!! Rude. Tru him know him a recycle it….him fraid ppl do di same so him a mek sure all bottles empty before the ppl dem leave. Kmt. But kuh pon Mappie too. Dwlll

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