Dem seh Angel Doolas whey par wid Bounty Killer married one a him baby mother last week. Dem seh Killa a Doolas pickney dem God father suh how is Killa feeling bout dis yah marriage??

40 thoughts on “KILLA HOW IT A GUH WORK OUT?

  1. Just wake up I was a little slow this morning, just get it now. Knowing bounty feelings a guh carry.

  2. Knowing Bounty him aguh say, “not another word mi nah go nuh further cah one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”….lawd ah mercy..

  3. Carry feeling fi wah…them get married su them plan to spend the rest of their lifes together..if killa bex him would be a jackass..

  4. Apologies to all fans but plz stop being in is a well established fact that killa is a gal clown!look no further than how d”angel dweem.

  5. doolas married long time to one old ooman a england n live wid a next old one a seaview. Him tell di one weh him live wid seh him ago pan tour n a married him go married, when di ooman find out she nearly dead

  6. Yardie…Don’t start the foolishness..killa lef Angel n Beenie marry her now one of him best friend marry him baby mother..Wah dat a tell yu seh..even gyal wah di man lef the man treasure them enough to marry dem..the man is a star like the sun…lol

  7. Hail Max,school children in Somalia know angel lef killa.check out twins of twins stir it up series on features vegas,Lexus n bounty as the three biggest gyal clowns in history.The whole time beenie a produce dangel n she a ride his riddim,killa was given a pill that they were just making beautiful music together! 🙂

  8. No dwag a nu su it gu mi Don…check again angel lef cuz di man have 2much gyal n naaw commit..Ask milk,Beenie know seh a 7 years killa a oil it n him still love it like a cook food..Wen beenie find out seh u have fi bad like killa fi rule dem gyal deh him late..A Tv mi si him pan a bwal seh shi is bad gyal just like killa..

  9. Beenie mouth wata potent nuh r@ss cuz as him get the angel the wing dem clip n belly swell. More than likely Killa nuh bizniz n dem wudda dun link Killa already fi it reach marriage.

  10. Ladies, are yall seeing what these men (Max, Yardie & Heavy) are writing? :ngakak

    Look here sirs, all of us, men & women, have a one man or woman who kick weh wi foot bad, bad, bad that it wasn’t funny. The singer said “everybody plays the fool sometime, no exception to the rule”.

    1) Carlene made Beenie bawl (anybody remember how she used to dress him in long braids & big hoop earrings when they first started lol) – especially when she dash out the ‘p’ on the footballer in spite for his bunnings.

    2) D’Angel (then Angel) made Bouty bawl (like when she was in the store in NYC & speaker phone him begging her to come home). Whole heap of embarrassment she went through under him – talk about him flinging her things out of the Rav 4 he gave all his women at that time in the apartment complex parking lot.

    3) Shelly made Vegas bawl (well, I just saw the video of that a little over a year ago & I almost bawled for Vegas tuh lol).

    But listen to me, don’t feel sorry for these men, is a whole heap of things these women went through with them (even Shelly), but these women, despite their cheating ways, were just the ones who reached their little cheating/beating hearts. Whole heap of cheating these women tolerated, is just that they don’t practice long suffering like many women, they also return the favour.

    Talk truth Max, Yardie & Heavy because unuh must go through little something to.

  11. Naturally, but if the two ppl buck up n waah join up, it shudnt matter say a bounty babymother. Mi naah do like some man weh feel say from u breed the woman the front a fi u forever all when u move on. Bounty must did know dem deh. Can be a case say Bounty use her fi a time she breed n it mash up. Tru Doolas inna the link dem meet n keep in touch til dem click. If a back door thing n killa surprise then a diff story dat.

  12. No Cindy teck Shelly outa dah line up dehhh! she a wan different kinda evil weh wi nuh family wid, wi still a run study jus fi can put a name to fi har sickness loll

  13. Hey Cindy mi get it a mi rass but mi nu bwal mi hold mi owne..she she bwal fi come back but mi tell no lie it hot yu fcuk…woman bun a nu real fire but if u caan tek it,it wi kill yu..Lol

  14. I think Rodney cares absolutely zero,right now him a look what kind of hit song he can write to collaborate on with his son.

  15. Big up Cindy:-)!!all I know beenie n angel song did shot n a true…mouthwata cant breed ooman.angel sing seh she run whey the waste boy n find a real mccoy…unno nah listen chunee oo..max dawg work with angel version of event

  16. Yardie killa a more gyalis than beenie talk truth man…yes di woman dem love beenie,2 years a gu mi gu a beanie man concert n a pure woman mi a talk big woman whine pan 1 n shi by mi liquor all night but beenie soft with them…look at Angel all now she can’t come talk bad bout killa cuz she know betta n she have beenie business all over the place..yes beenie is the baddest thing right now pan di stage no other dj can command people like him but that his job don’t mix up gyal business with stage show….hahahahaha

  17. Max afta Killa shit inna ar bed mi nuh think she wudda even dream fi call him name certain way outta sheer fear of what he might do next.

  18. Heavy mi hear dat to but mi know do a fact seh she seh ather she n killa lef she nu feel exclusive again that y she start dj fi get back da respect that she used to get cuz killa move more militant n beenie nu care su shi start live her life how shi feel n beenie even seh him introduce her to a friend in new York n she start fcuk him n him affi buck har like ram goat 1 a di time n shi police..Wen a did killa shi tek lik a har rass n gu sleep n know badman have more that 1 gyal…

  19. which part?in a who fa bed??but is what u really saying to me thats some heavy shyt..I mean tea u dropped!bounty can’t have more girls than the girls dem sugar no day!is money n fear n hammer him g use to get his stable a girls,yuh ever hear beenie name call fi licking ooman?

  20. Just like selectors go chune fi chune …we can go girl fi girl n easily prove who a the bigger gyalist outta beenie or bounti.look pon how much uwi girls,lawyer,fashion n celebrities chicks beenie palm up?bet u any money that beenie touch up janet Jackson even the mya she!meanwhile who a ur killa selection??frigging Claudia….c’mon dawg!

  21. fool yu self ask any dj selector inna dancehall who got more top a top gyal…A sumfest wah day spice sing seh killa have the most gyal..Mi nu seh beenie nu have gyal honestly him have more gyal but fee fee gyal dem..carleen n angel a him top gyal..all now killa nu stop have top gyal.

    1. Mi gwine write sumting pan killa cause him tek di most gyal ina di business but all a dem look good fi true

      1. Killa have most and best looking females! Plus most women gravitates to Cancer and Gemini men. June-July. Killlaaa!

  22. Thanks miss Met please do…mek sure it’s good n truthful no make up’s just facts so our good friend yardie know y they call him the general…just a quick note yu si since him mek Sharon Burke a handle popcaan business yu si how popcaan tun real dancehall Don..just saying..

  23. @max, please tell dem bout me deejay and him bag a gal dem. Luk good gal too. Charlene turn Bernie in the biggest freak. I know fi a fact, Dullas deh wid one ole uman a new York name Claire. Claire leff har good husband and deh wid Dullas. Leff di job, tek har retirement money and buy big truck give Dullas and it crash. A me fi tell unu. And want di x husband fi pay alimony, Brite. Metty wha gwaan??

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