What you think of these two bad gal one on the left is sleeping with the DJ of this event they bin to is another story the great too a top belly pain baby mum we miss her out in the last story we anyways see a walk her daughter to school with a hair look as if brush can’t go through her hair but likkle_miss_dainty as her instagram name hair dress and shoesalways on fleek every weekend a bashment rave


4 thoughts on “BELLY PAIN STILL????????

  1. That’s why some of you never learnt to read and write and string a sentence together. Your too much in people’s f**g KMRCT business. Writer question for you. Have you got an occupation or a job. Obviously not. Belly pain and the crew dem must be really giving you some serious migraine and sleepless nights. You have to report some needless passa passa that don’t even make any sense. Free advice for you. Take it from me. Get a f**g life.

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