1. thats the problem.. him need fi fly out and do some shows star Caribbean,europe, too many time on his hands … its sad >>real talk

  2. Di man full ah energy, the voice powerful, and lyrics ah flow proper. Plus him have the talks fi hold the audience. Big up Bounty Killer. Di youth wah ah talk bout too much time on hands, yuh nuh si ah work di man ah work, ah nuh sidewalk di man deh pon ah talk. Yuh hate di dj so much dat yuh talk rubbish. Music mek di man happy and ah dat him ah du. Di only sad one ’round here is people who hate di fact seh him still ah do him ting with such passion.

  3. met we still waiting on the movado follow up, and yes this is the exact reason why bounty career is stagnant the bad a tracing, if need fi buil, everyody a talk bout how mavado stop man from get dem visa, one question how long bounty inna the business before movado? bounty should have set him ting from long time visa wise, but him to short sighted, baby cham leave, kartel leave, y? because when u get bidda dan killa him a try pull u back down, killa good artist but him nuh focus, met a talk bout movada sell out fi get visa, but met u dnt know nuhbody weh married fi visa? the man wan betta him life, u wan d man stay a jamaica an stall, mek the man guh mek sum usa dollar an betta him self

    1. no i have part two in a few dont worry mi velly well writing it now unno know mi nuh normal n mi link dem str888888

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