Two killers sent to prison
THE two men convicted last month for the murder of a couple whose baby was also shot and injured during the incident, were on Friday sentenced to life imprisonment.
Rohan ‘Stone’ Reid and Damion ‘Bruno’ Walker were slapped with the sentence by Justice Bertram Morrison in the Home Circuit Court.
Walker is to serve 35 years of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole while Reid was ordered to be paroled after serving 30 years.
The men, who are of Kingston addresses, were convicted by a panel of 12 jurors for the home invasion murder of Clive Baker and his common-law wife Camille Daley on the morning of July 11, 2011.
The couple was home at 4 Park Lane, off Red Hills Road, with their seven-month-old baby when the men invaded the premises. Baker ran but was chased and shot.
Daley was shot several times under her bed with the baby where she attempted to escape the killers. The baby was shot in the hand.

0 thoughts on “KILLERS GIVEN 35 YEARS

  1. With the high crime rate that Jamaica has, this style of sentencing (35 years) is necessary for it. Certain things must stop, and if the garbage ‘crime’ is stinking up the place, then this is one way of putting it out. Thanks Judge Morrison.

  2. Justice has been served. These two will have a lot of time to ponder on their wicked actions that have cost their victims and themselves so dearly.

  3. Stone do a whole heap a murder suh nothin nuh wrong with what him get him deserve man and all kind of murder.thank god justice serve .The ppl dem from McDonald lane glad.left all the way from McDonald lane gone kill ppl a park Ibrahim couldn’t get u off..

  4. It’s sad to know that your not safe in your home no more… And now two are dead and the little baby shot as well, who would shoot a mother with her baby in her arms, those are people who hates themselves and life and they just looking for money any way possible… Does Jamaica have the death penality, because this case warrant them to be put to death, if they were here in the states they would be put to death…

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