1. Ok.. I hate math. Always have and always will but imma attempt a little sums here. She used to date rapper Gucci Mane. Rumour has it Gucci has the moster… You know what let me stop. As my say when it come to maths mi is a dunce bat:-)

  2. Mawning mawning Metsy metters
    Funny thing is this chick was always a fat girl how she lose so much weight??? U liked her look when she was a little heavier but to each his own

      1. Metsy u see how the collarbone dem tan up like dem a set fi ketch wata is not a good look at all

          1. I’m praying it’s not wat the rumor that’s going around about dude she was with now that would b very very sad smh

  3. If she got something from gucci mane why is he gettin fatter and fatter. Come on now people she clearly looks like she is starving herself and yes she got her ass and stomach done and lord knows what else she looks very unhealthy now

    1. Cause that’s how the medication that ppl wit HIV sometimes works don’t get me wrong now I’m not saying he has it BUT don’t let the weight gain trick u

    2. Cause that’s how the medication that ppl wit HIV sometimes works don’t get me wrong now I’m not saying he has it BUT don’t let the weight gain trick u

    3. magic Johnson fat as fuk… Not everyone’s body respond he same… So. I am not wishing this on anyone.

  4. All cuz she licky licky n luv likes make she go deh wid Gucci har name woulden call up n Igthink las yr Nicki minaj shut him down wen she expose him HIV status wen he went on his twitter rant

  5. Ok let’s just stop it with the virus rumor’s. Because the girl doesn’t have it. She been working out a lot. Plus she put on a lot of muscle. Muscle burn’s more fat than cardio explicitly if you lower your calorie in take.

    1. How u know har status? She’s a known video vixen. The way dem sleep around, it’s not unlikely they’ve exposed to it when the HIV rate in black communities are so high.

      1. I will not even dignifie that piece of ignorant comment with a response. I only hope your not black.

  6. When I saw the pictures I was wonder if it’s only me think she looks unhealthy even in her face that use to look glowing & radiant looks a bit wither with this dramatic weight loss

  7. @Chuetty, cova u mout gal!!!! If dem only know, i hope me internal speculations and thoughts are wrong..However as to miss Keisha and di weight-loss, she need bak 10 of those pounds..Everything on her body is more pronounced now, plus she appears older in the face. Drastic weight loss will age you immensely..She need back 10pounds asap…

  8. Afternoon Met & Metters
    No she don’t look good. If you want to eventually lose weight getting fake parts isn’t a wise move. All that will remain is the implants. Now if she had a fat transfer it would go up & down as fat normally does when you gain & lose weight. She doesn’t look all “there.” But the definition in her arms & legs shows muscle gain. I don’t know, but she looked better the way she USED to look.

  9. All because she want to be the new in thing #SLIMTHICK

    SMH. that’s gonna be the new thing this summer bitches gonna take out their ribs now.

  10. Starting a rumor on someone’s status tho..that ain’t cool until she publicly says it I don’t think people should say she has it

  11. hey met, she don’t have no sickness she just changed her diet that’s all yes a lot of u are going to say that you don’t like the look I agree, but when you work out 2or 3 times a day and ur lifting weights and doing cardio this is the results u get if shes happy ppl don’t make it bother you cause its not you. ps shes rich your not! big up keshai she came a long way

    1. What’s your point ‘she’s rich’ is she? And so what? Some of you people worship money too much and fool fool with it.
      What has her being rich got to do with, if she looks sick or not – how does rich dertimine if she’s unhappy or not – are we supposed to excuse people and pretend we agree with what they do because they are rich ‘in the eyes of some?… What about mentioning ambition or talent that an individual may possess and not the money they have through doing certain things.
      It’s not hard to become rich through selling yourself, but it’s not something many strong proud women aspire to.

      I couldn’t careless about this woman, so had no intention of commenting, but had to in response to such an ignorant comment glorifying money even if it means selling yourself.

    1. Yuh still lurking? How you one so shameless? Yuh log on to a place whey u nuh like and log on everyday ..Were you abused all your life?

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