Those who know JMG from its foundation will remember the days when JMG was all about ”groupies’. This is why some people call this site ”Groupie” or ”Groupiemet”. A Small number of you know that the aim was to expose and dismantle Jamaica’s groupie culture that was slowly eating away at it’s young people. It was right here on JMG where it was exposed that an entertainer who sent a young girl he was with before she turned sixteen a text asking her to take a photo of the pantie she was wearing at school (Excelcior High School). One of his children’s mother at the time was only seventeen.
Shortly after he was exposed, he stopped dating school girls all together.

The aim was always to help these girls by making Jamaican entertainers and athletes aware that it was not only illegal and destructive but also the exposing of Jamaica’s ”accepted pedophilia” was not something the world accepted and because it was not accepted , it would harm their careers. There was a deep and destructive pattern that mentally raped these girls but it scraped their minds and eventually stripped them of their dignity and sanity . These relationships brought lifelong scars that eventually scarred the children that came from these unions. Kiprich’s case is nothing strange but it was common to almost if not all entertainers in Jamaica.
Money in Jamaica not only made dons and gave them power it gave trained perverts purchase power. Sex for sale will always be a temporary quench for Jamaica’s overwhelming poverty.

Girls as well as boys with certain looks are groomed by thirsty men through friends and unbelievably through mentally depressed mothers.
My apologies for sounding a bit harsh on Chin but I feel less empathy for mothers who allow their children to be taken away and not do something to recover them.

Chin’s mother people say, was a woman of the streets who left her children in the care of their father. Before Chin was ordered out of the house, she was raised with two other siblings and her father tried his best as a single father at that time. There is a huge discrepancy with the age that Chin gave and the age in which she became one of Kiprich’s distractions. People who knew both of them, say that Chin started talking about Kiprich at the end of her second year in Johnathan Grant High Shool and that she barely had breasts. Unlike most groupies , Chin was destitute for money why she became involved with Kiprich. She was groomed because she had abandonment issues.

During Chin’s grooming period not only did Kiprich have a baby mother while he was grooming Chin, he had multiple relationships in Jamaica and overseas.Chin fell inlove with Kiprich and spoke about him with her friends constantly. She skipped school many times and was at Kiprich’s house and eventually she was told to leave the house . Im told that her father provided well for his children, Chin was in need of nothing.
Chin was left in Kiprich’s house along with his mother who kept up with his other women while Chin was under her roof. The fact that Kipprich had a baby mother with a young child he left after she gave birth did nothing to the situation , Chin and him were going strong along with two women in the U.S and one in Jamaica.
People close to the situation say that Chin was cursed out every day by Kiprich’s mom who did give her a roof over her head but belittled her in every way. At one point they were both attending a cosmetology school where Chin learned to do nails. Money she was given, was monitored and reported back to Kiprich’s by his mother. At one point one of the women was tricked into buying things for Chin by the mother and that again was another source of discomfort. People encouraged Kiprich’s mother to send Chin home because she was a child.

36 thoughts on “KIPPO AND CHIN PART I

    1. Too damn late for that smh. Most Jamaican mother’s ain’t shit. Most them bitches selling their children when their pussies done. Check out the ones a 90s

      1. ‘MOST JAMAICAN MOM AINT SHIT’ please don’t say ‘most’ because I’m sure u don’t know half the mothers in Jamaica so stfu cuz u talking rubbish.

  1. Sounds about right. Kiprich is very mean and love money. so he would ask his mother to buy ‘stuff’ and give the first babymother (Natoya), he didn’t give her any money in her hand. By all account, Melissa is a decent girl and good mother – humble and quiet, the complete opposite of Chin and he also took Mikayla (his 3rd child) from Melissa.
    If he is such a good father, he should not deprive his daughter of her mother, regardless! He took those kids because he’s in a better position financially. Him need to humble himself and remember that their money really came from drugs, so he should be more humble. Because if a judge really know the root of how they get their money, maybe those 2 kids will be ordered to return to their mothers. His hands are not squeaky clean either. His ‘music’ is his cover for who he really is, a druggist. He will also work for free just give the impression that he is getting shows and money – covering his illicit activities. Him did go STING go perform fi free and kill General B in 2010 or 2011. All now Laing don’t pay him one rass cent.

  2. Met Chin was not put out of the house because the mom hated he, she was put out because she went to the school and spoke disgustingly about kiprich mom to someone who knew the mom, she was also kicked out of the same school because she created some problems between the owner and someone else who attended the school and I know this for a fact. Chin also was not put out of her fathers house, chin left because she felt her step mother was obeahing her and didn’t like her because “she was pretty” because when the father was asked he specifically said, why would I put out the younger daughter and keep the rest of them because I know for a fact the older ones were still living there in Ensom and I am not taking sides with kiprich so don get me wrong because I don’t know him personally but I know Yanique Shim and I know her story and I am not gonna be a hyprocrite because the story is not 100% accurate and this is a lesson to all the young girls who want to live the hype life instead of focusing on school. Also Ms.Met it is important to let u know that Chin was with Chino before she was with kiprich that’s how kiprich got her number like u heard her said he got her number.

    1. I havent even gotten to that part where she was put out of kiprich mother house …her father put her out and of course she a go talk bad bout him mother because she spoke bad about her


  4. So hold on deh…Chin was with Chico and Natoya (Kiprich first babymother) was also with Chico before Kiprich??? Mmmmm it look like Kiprich always seem to want what Chico have.

  5. Mannaz Met and JMG family

    This whole saga is so sad. Chin sounds like she was mentally damaged from the experience and has not had help. Kiprich has all these allegations. And caught in it all the children.

    When girls give birth in a hospital, they dont record their IDs and age? The abusers needed to be stopped.

      1. This whole story is so ugly. Part 2 and 3 will hurt hearts. Kiprich lien many others is sick. And his mother may be the worst of all. He had quite a few daughters so I hope someone will protect them
        From predators like him. The worst part is that he thinks his behavior is normal and punishes these women by taking away the kids/source of income.

    1. From all Ive read here, no surprise she isnt s good mom. She’s damaged psychologically and that shit carries into adulthood. She had no example of good mothering. Put out and passed around as a child often leads to that same kind of instability. So mistakes and whoring of part of that legacy. I feel sorry for her.

  6. She was with Chico not Chino.. Her father tried, at one point when I didn’t see her in Ensom no more I asked for her and her friend told me her dad put her out.Even her brother Craig was living off kippo feat in some of his videos and playing sound at parties in Spanish Town. Natoya seem humble and she got lucky because one of the Morgan heritage brother marry her.

    1. But Natoie (that’s her name). Worked or is working. She never desperate. She was working in corporate America -Chase in the US. So, she hasn’t been destitute. And she left Jamaica donkey years now. Like well over 10 years. And yes she is married.

  7. Met I know we need to pity Yanique at some point but I can tell u beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was with Chico/Chino whatever him want to name and I can tell u and go court on it that Kiprich took care of Yanique entire family, the sister and the brother. He sent the sister to school and at one point the sister was the news carrier not sure if she wanted to be with kiprich also cuz she saw the luxury but I will wait for part 2 because Yanique is not as innocent as we want her to be. Met before u even go to Part 2, reachout to yanique and ask her who is Robert and what was her relationship to him prior to meeting kiprich and Who is Robert to kiprich. Met Yanique is deeep life the water around flat bridge and we want to feel bad for her not being able to mother her child because we all make mistake but at some point Yanique has to accept her f**k ups and sit with the father and a third party if necessary and work something out

    1. I am not empathetic to yanique , she allowed her child to be taken and could have gotten her back so she gave kippo the handle and she now has the blade and looking for pity..I know he took care of her, but it comes with the territory of buying a minor in Jamaica. She was a child in this situation and could have been molded differently. Aint no way Kippo’s mother should have allowed her to live in her house, she was a child. Who she was with before isnt relevant if we are not talking about that situation. We are addressing the thing she said vs what Kippo said..and the fact that this is a mess right round..

  8. kippo not the only entertainer that love sleep with young girls the music industry has a major problem with this
    and the list goes on all go around sleeping with high school kids, you cant really blame them still the mothers are willing to put out there daughters for a couple dollars

    1. Buju Banton did a look me when I was 15 mi tell him say I am the same age as his daughter him say that no matter cause I am not his daughter.

    2. Some of these adults comments sick stomach. She was a child who was lured into an adult relationship with a pedophile. Her mental development is stunted – no matter that he took care of her & her whole community, that does not justify his disgusting actions. And the fact that there were men before him who groomed her into this crap makes the story even sadder. And there were other adults facilitating this? All a dem need fi shot wid shi!

  9. Met Yanique child wasn’t taken, she gave away the child if Yanique did want her daughter she would have her daughter, when Yanique have a man he daughter don’t hear from her, loneliness and selfishness a beat her now make she come on live. I have less that 25% empathy towards Yanique because I have seen a lot of teenagers stepped up and become mothers, Yanique don’t even like work she go her shop in evening when nobody not doing nails. She is just the devil and kiprich a devil too cuz him should not have slept with that child and the mother need a beating fi accommodate that carelessness that was happening in her home, I bet she regret it now though

  10. YES KIPRCH LIKE THEM FROM 11 to 16 year old. ONCE DEM REACH 17 dem too old. Regular thing dat and his mother is the pimp.



  12. So how mi no See Kid Kurupt pon di pervert list? you no see him babymadda Devina look like she did a loose it till she affi run way left him. to how me hear say fi him hood big, him shoulda never a sex lickel girl. but big dead hood is a fault most a di Dj dem have why dem run to lickel girls.

    Rosie and har sista dem must be related to Chin cause di whole a dem look alike a come from the same groupie School.

  13. A wah a gwan inna Pinkwall shop :ngakak Raaaay like an dislike button comes back a peer sumting yah now. :ngakak

  14. ” Im told that her father provided well for his children, Chin was in need of nothing”. Suh if di fada di a provide an she neva want nothing a wah den a di buddy? mi till naaa look, as mi seh ano she alone breed yung. Nuff young pregnant moms are winnings right now. Gal yuh hab nuff sense fi a mek video.. oh please yuh seh yuh have shit together an yuh issa business ooman well yuh can go fight for your child to get her back.

  15. And to think that Kiprich was one of the entertainers that I actually liked back in the days. To now learn that he is a complete dutty low life hurts

    1. mi second you mums…jah knw….i dont hate him doe because at least him a take care a d pickney ….well i hope…..but fi knw seh him even think fi sleep with under age d ratings drop big time…but if we were to punish all a dem entertainer ya 99% a dem wudda deh a jail….including popcaan.. tommy lee… elephant…bounty….KID corrupt….

  16. Chico was the biggest pedophile in dancehall. When I was in high school the number of girls he was with. Sad really.

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