Dear Met
Announce this out loud to she! B*tch Kita_upsetta; You nah upset no one. You ah style yourself. Why you ah take people man? You friend up di woman dem and low key f**ing there man. Wah? Yuh p**y don’t have a stop light ? Bumb***th! Issa WH*RE. You have 4 kids Already with 3 dead beat baby father you don’t need another one. Ernie aka One Don we all know Nikita breed for you so stop ah hide yuh yute especially from your wife.


  1. She still a sell har pussy. She nah get a bag a money fi di pussy just chump change . Smh that’s why mi nah see har inna parties no more .Bitch probably f**ked every guy inna di partie. She posted up di Indian Bwoy recently weh ah f**k every gal him see too . She and the Bwoy look like a type wey don’t use condoms .

  2. I personally don’t know her but I hear she give multiple men 3sum and walk around with a group of girls as if she a pimp and selling her pussy and letting her friends in on it. These men talk about the girl and how they done get head from she just so she can use there car. She looks young like 24 yrs old and it’s sad you have 4 kids already.

  3. The person up top look like a man turning I into a woman. . She/him look like when we a Pinckney and make woman and man using clay (mud) and the woman spoil and look like man.

  4. Miss wife, yuh husband breed har… It sticky pan yuh… stay deh nuh go get a hood tuh luddy! A dem breed a folly deh yuh a uphold wid…. Anyways good news, mi just buy more banana chips tuday. An she nuh look like she can dress suh yuh might win desso.

  5. She F**king nasty suck pussy One don ..she always in a different man car for true ..she is a big time scammer also

  6. She gave Sean weh keep the back yard party every summer a 3 sum and once suck him cocky fi him car , di gyal yah ah big time scammer for bob ravers and also was f**king him and she was friending ravers wife also I could of sworn one of my friend had show me a video of her touching herself and send to him

  7. Kita a hot independent gal uno stfu wah uno kno Ernie love har like wow wah if she have four kids har kids dem ever clean girl have nice kids and her kids them father ever there wah uno kno lol gal pretty uno move uno pussyclot uno mad a uno upset kita nah worry bout uno … uno nuh see me gal you Famous uno gwey

  8. Why bitches sound so hurt.. unnuh know bout ar pussy fi deh talk bout it. A muss unnuh wah f**k ar and she nah give unnuh none.. why unnuh don’t come off ar name. Unnuh clearly nuh have nun betta fi do dan a chat di gyal.. tell me how much money unnuh mek today from doing all this and calling har name.. I’ll waitt….

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