This is a boy name Bull from Birmingham weh guh pan social media a luk gal and nuh know who di gal behind the page is and a tell her him wah f**k and a promise oral s*x without not knowing who he’s talking tuh
The pics of the girl a *ornstar model who I got off google and also the last pic of the girl that he asked for a pic to see who he’s talking tuh
Suh him get catfished cause he’s too thirsty dem yaaad man yah fi get expose worse dem a walk in a Dancehall and a try fool up people gal pickney
Further more him is 41 not 37 and him willing fi guh f**k 22 year old

9 thoughts on “BULL YUH GET CATFISH

  1. Is it your man or baby father, why u putting your time and energy into catfishing him?? I can understand if is your man and you want catch him in the act or something, otherwise this is senseless and u might just be bitter for whatever reason.

  2. lame ass lil bitch to post this,everyy nigga nyam pussy if no yours maybe a better bitchas a female i think this was so childish but if u felt like u got some points or what ever congrats to u…

  3. Why is this mans actions on social media and inna dancehall YOUR issue??
    your a f**king sad bitter bitch and your probably fat and ugly and di man nah look pon you. So you created a fake person just so he will look pon u and pay u some mind. Desperate measures my girl, go see a therapist ASAP cau you soon have a nervous breakdown over a man dat no want YOU!!! #GetYaLife

  4. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a can’t badda a wah dat him have on… Mi hudda wurk fi see dat deh so called big hood wey naaaaaa go fit a swear.

  5. This yah man yah too f**king thirsty why dah f**k yuh a offer suck and f**k tuh gyal weh yuh not even can see is that what men use social media for these days

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