KITTHello Met, Metters, after Kitt Yungkingz revealed that he and his babymother is expecting a next child, people the 2 known women took it to the gram. Kels I hope you really listen to your friend. Now Edel, you should not throw shade at no one. You are laughing at his babymother for staying with him but he not even want to be seen with you and him disown you and you still there. You are weak too. You don’t see you are in no better position. Girl chill you see how this week you and girl a war over him. Wait I hear the conversations that you had in your phone with Kit circulating. I hear you are the one that always a beg him. I know they will reach Met soon. Leave the man babymother alone. She done pregnant so don’t stress her out in that state. I know people going say she fool etc but only she know. Shev honestly you need to wake up, is not me and I shame. What you going do if one day he takes home a disease you have a daughter and a next child to live for. Wise up.

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