Da gal is a nasty home wrecker. All she a try offa d ooman husband him nuh want har fr yaso to dehso. She’s so foolishly in luv she lef fr all d way a country cum a twn present har self a all a d bwoi match dem, kip party fi him n carry him out fi dinner. Di poor wife liv a farin, him a nuh one angel im ave oda ooman but da gal too nuff. She too brite wid har side chick behavior u coulda suck him like a vacuum him nuh want yu Daneka first lady Harriott leave d ooman husband n guh luk a man a country.


0 thoughts on “WRITING IN FOR DA WIFE

  1. Sendah, is u one of di odah women dem wah nah get look pan since kuntry come to town, to own di man?..is wah, u ah try run a fass one pan di kuntry gurl..”play fool fi ketch wise dem seh” or u ah try use u head pan di kuntry mouse, but it look like she carry har proprah propah country “game”…dwl

  2. tell ur friend fi come get her man!!!!bout u a write in fi wife lol dwl unno too good, these husband and wife fi stop run let them partner, i don’t believe in long distance marriage people have needs and yes sometimes they go to make life better for their family but the long term thing away from ur partner a problem…..

  3. If the wife feel a way the wife needs to get her papers together if their not in order yet and find a way t oget her husband up dea with her and if that’s not what she wants she needs to move on and let the husband live him life…

  4. She was before the wife, it’s so sad that everyone has something to say behind a computer. The “wife was well aware of her and to my knowledge before she decided to married him!! She knew what she was getting herself into but she thought clothes, boot and money would win him over, When that didn’t work she guh breed, hmmmm he is still with her!!! As for the sender since u know so much about the”country mouse” I hope u know she nuh deh wid man if them not giving her anything … “She wasn’t working but she could keep party for him” so did money magically appear in her pocket? He’s paying her way though teachers college now and a that hurting up unuh f**k for box lunch gal head.

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