A wha dat kitty inna???it doan look good.u shoulda watch how yanique flop har last nite pon Magnum gings n Queens. Some yutes a do di new dance breadfruit n kitty run go pon di stage n a carry on uninvited. When dem lef di stage a yanique come out instead of introducing the final act to perform, yanique tell di selector fi drop bk di breadfuit song n then di yute dem run on bk pon stage n yanique mash it up n di crowd went wild!!!A rivalry ya nah stop anytime soon.


  1. Guess the sender really hate kitty , why you wicked suh yanique wasn’t even moving because she never want her breadfruit them drop out “comes from the horses mouth”

  2. Kitty grab a chair an si dung. Yuh tyme up yah now. Yuh luk like (Yanike) stylist di faggot weh name Keshon. Di 2 a unuh luk like a fat rubba dolly

  3. unnuh never hear wah Yanique say after she dance the “breadfruit” ???? she say ” Unnuh come off a me stage man!!!” She said it to the yute dem, but me sure say a nuh dem she did a tawk…DWRCL

  4. Kitty leave short clothes alone because u cannot wear dem without stocking u skin no tan good look how u a dress just fine hype it not look good !

  5. I never see something a hate suh if yuh skin not tanned then don’t wear stuff weh mek it be a vocal point,i hate seeing female in shorts with skin like stockings….only thing i don’t like is her shoes

  6. Sum a unnu fi gweh bcuz Nttn nuh wrong wid kitty clothes. Sum a unnu nah no style n mi tyaad a unnu n unnu China madeInstagram uniform dem.

  7. Always thought her body look better then her face even when she was biger never thought she was cute

  8. This looks tacky and cheap like one of those chinese duster frock. If she did a try give it a playful look wid dem colours then some high heel sandals wudda look better than those shoes. The shoes are nice but not for that dress. Stocking nuh fit in non-tall, whole outfit waah revamp Kitty this nuh make it

  9. I am not a miss Kitty fan but the woman look good and her vies was nice on Magnum..
    Y’all too negative

  10. Mi naw wear dat…. money naw get spend pan dat… it’s a ugly piece of material that I think might look ok on di window

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