Message to the hairdresser who a breed.

Dave clans a nuh nobady fi you a brag bout the baby mother a Tampa know all a weh him a do and him chat all a unuh wid her.

The baby mother a Tampa smart a she have all him assets a fi har name them in so when him get drag off she ok. She nah worry bout you.
Right now him a f**k a 23 year old pickney name chin. Bleach out Full aTatoo Andrea from Spanish Town weh get deport from America daughter. The same Lille gal weh foota Hype and everybody f**k. Him nuh cum off a the little gal phone and she nuh ramp fi show people the message them him send har. All picha a him Lickle buddy. Him suck p**sy too much duo the gal say him not even say mek him f**k har a few times before him suck out har pu**y him just dive in with him tongue.

A weh day him in a dance with a new gal look like she from out a town, she mussi nuh know him history because she look proud a stan up beside him. She never look like smaddy a breed so whoeva a breed a idiot.

A bout 1 dozen pickney the man have so what if you a breed?


  1. Dave clan buddy small. Him only bad pan him mouth and toung cause when him suck mi pussy mi stay sucknfi 1 week stra8888 + him $$$$ strong. A di only reason why mi run mi pussy pan him.

  2. Dwrlll Dave so me u did a try fool bout U Dnt suck pussyu woulda be a fool to think I believed you. Anyway me want to know if a you pay for Chin breast, Sharon a idiot Caz Dave Naah leff the baby mada a Tampa for real, she a gwaan like a the first baby she ago have and like a Dave first breed her, Dave love buy gal ticket to come link him, me glad me just laugh after him everytime him call and text.

  3. Sharon a breed ??? No skinny Sharon no man and she know how she bad lucky with man and pregnancy toya me a go call you cause me one hear the full tea

  4. A true sender a talk. Mi see him with a nice girl other day fi true at toasted a Miami but she don’t look like she come from bout ya. She will get the message anyway

  5. Chin sell pussy so she will f**k Dave because Dave buy pussy. As somebody did say all him do a buy gal and pay fi kill people. A that fi him money spen pan. If him really nyan chin pussy him Lu because dem gal feh f**ky f**ky. You cyan a nyan everybody so. But is not the fuss him name a call pan eating pussy so me believe. Him a go nyan the wrong Pusey soon. Him must have all aids to raas

  6. sender trying to sound unconcerned but failed big time. it sound like yuh well worried ova dis baby even though yuh seh a nuh the first one fi either hmm. before yuh worry ova the man tongue yuh go learn fi spell the word properly, hate see gal a war over man and caa raas spell simple words, unnu fi go fight a dictionary and a book.


  8. You know say some an unih really licky licky. Dave big and fat and ugly nuh raas and unu a cuss ova him. I wouldn’t like fi see Dave naked at all because all the name brand clothes him buy him still nuh look good in a dem. that deh man couldn’t even suck fi mi pussy if him a pay me. Unih sick jancrow tomach.

  9. The sender nah tell no lie him send Chin pictures of him buddy because mi see it, she show me. Him den pan hear what’s app from morning till night. I don’t know where that man find so much time fi den pan phone when him suppose to have woman a breed. Him send Chin videos of how him want to eat out har pussy too. Mi see dem with mi own eye because Chin have them a boast wid it. The gall we ha breed and a say him move you and your shop close to him why him never move you in a him house? Think about that you dam idiot. He would move you in because a deh so a him f**k shop.

  10. Dave try f**k me already and me turn him down because a pure fine bump deh round him cocky head him cyan tell me him nun have some disease.

  11. ISpy Andrea used to live here in America but she get deport she full a tattoo and bleach out man, she from Spanish town.
    The hairdresser go send in story and now she get what she a look fa. You did think a you alone Dave a f**k without condom. Now you know all him tongue a run the road you suppose to a dead.

  12. Sharon mi and you know Dave don’t want you so don’t let mi have to bust it pan you on the wall ok. Keep in your lane. Chin don’t keep secret so a Dave wrong fi go put him mouth under har. She fi show evrybody him dirty deeds good fi him. Love walk and f**k too much. The babymother a Tampa and Dave stop f**k long time

  13. You know mi nah laugh bout these tingsssss :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Anon 7:18pm seh is pure fine bump round him cocky head…no sah ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  14. He is the one going around claiming he doesn’t suck pussy. The point is him such Chin pussy and she a tell people about it and a show people him what’s app pictures and videos. Him get busted him secret out

  15. Dave just another f**g man who WILL dead if he ever return back to jamaica price tag pon his head memba he pay big money for tesha miller to come florida and rat him out to US boarder patrol like he did his other do boy’s aint nothing good bout dave but his money and who gives a f**k about his babymama in tampa who have all dave belonging’s in her name best believe the Fed’s watching on the low

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