Yes JMG! Kizzy seh she ready fi tek on her mate dem wid di new flat bellyyyyyyy. She gone a BRT wid John John fi show off di new body dwl gwan cho Kizzy. Is it me are she still look di same ????



  1. Gd. Kizzy should be glad the mental slavery is over, instead shia tear up har self fi wukless man wa nuh want har plus she’s not really appealing shi always luk like shi wa shit wit ah sour face!

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Kizzy you look nice the weight is definitely shedding stick to whatever diet and it will be even flatter( even with a tummy tuck you have to watch your intake),at least she didn’t do the ass thing weh de whole a dem duh and look very much the same,bleach out,crawny,false and all

  3. The mouth! Unno ever wonder why she never smiles? damn! must be a sad life not being able to smile and bust a big dutty laugh.

    That mouth needs a Go Fund account. Thousands of dollars worth of work needed immediately.

  4. Kizzy if u suck out di back u shape would show up more! Ur stomach flat fi true. Ur back fat just needs to go, dieting can help to nuh badda rush fi wear nakedness yet tone up 1st u do look nice still
    U couldn’t wait fi show it off lol

  5. She need to fix her nasty teeth Dem she cah smile…but she a fix body fi run down young man weh nuh want her…di belly look nice she did have some tires round her waist before

  6. Sender it is “ARE” u! She use to have a bulge in her clothes plus she’s not healed fully so it will eventually look flatter as time goes by.. She does look nice but I agree BRUSHFLOWER she ALWAYS have a sad look and untop of it she can’t smile with that mouth, she really need work where that is concerned. Idk why but her mouth look stink to me, even when she slightly open it is like it carry a scent so she close it back quickly

  7. Go Kizzy!! Gain your confirm back. Only thing I agree with is she needs to get her teeth done for real. Other than that u look nice.

  8. Kizzy you still want fix,zulika body ah mad you lool :hammer

    On serious note,how you Mek the surgeon trick you and tek your partner money when you Mother desperate need of help in Jamaica?

    Up up met and metters

  9. She looks nice, I saw her in person. She had surgery about a month ago, so the swelling hasn’t gone down as yet and she’s getting her massages. This is her round 1 and from where she was, this is a good look. She didn’t do the surgery for JohnJohn, she said she was very embarrassed of the weight in her stomach, and was always afraid to do surgery. So she finally decided to treat herself for her bday.

  10. If she didn’t mention she did her stomach I wouldn’t notice it because she looks the same had a feeling she did something because she was missing on IG for bout a 3 weeks after her bday

  11. Y’all are so f**g disgusting…. like forreal. Leave this woman alone. Why does she bother y’all so much. If she ain’t do her stomach y’all would chat her and say she stay bad… she did it n it’s not good enough. Damnnnn like can she live. None of us not perfect. Why y’all don’t post y’all pics. N I don’t know this lady… I just know we have mutual friends. But y’all really some haters.

  12. Big up miself wid 2 young kids n belly flat titi firm and no surgery at 31…

    Wa day mi c a video n she a talk, mi say ooooooh a dats y she ever look serious n no talk!!
    If i were in her position i wouldn’t worry about z body i would fix my mouth bc a dat first ppl a look pon. Yakkkkk hot gyal n teeth look like fi crocodile.wonder if she n di man french kiss???

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