1. That’s so nice of Kizzy tuh take her kids tuh Florida on vacay…take note hood rats; when unu get unu tax refund money back, spend some ah di money pan unu kids dem…

  2. Good for her if she move to Florida. Bronx people to bad mind and love to stay in one another business. Florida is a good look Kizzy big up yuhself.

  3. Yes Kizzy a now john john ago bun you with some man you hole ago shit up worst now because Florida full a battyman and when miss him man a New York him flight come up

  4. Kizzy you shoulda leave jj alone a New York because jj have you as one big fool fool old woman,Kizzy a you make your big daughter hate man and a f**k woman now it so sad just the way she see what you go through with batty man jj

  5. The daughter seem like she not gay no more she love har step daddy and everybody know dat. Kizzy is a nice person low har mon, u can’t control who u love ah suh it guh

  6. I thought next month was school break time, di schools must be setting their own off time now. Good for her and the family. To leave the blistering cold for the heat is wonderful.#mijealous

  7. Her daughter is still gay and has a girlfriend plus she didn’t move to Florida with them because she and her mom can’t get along . Rod ischia act too grown so she tell Kizzy she not going with them to leave her alone .

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