Part two man raffling who box it out First picture is Tamara second picture is Greg 3rd picture is Wendy
So the man married to Wendy and have him next woman Tamara in Atlanta but also breed Suga


  1. you guys are so in the state of being fascinated by Tamara Goodas. you guys sleep her name, shit her name, cough her name, all when unnuh ah f**k unnuh call har name, unnuh laugh name, unnuh cry har name, unnuh dream har name, but best of all unnuh man call to her name….. why unnuh nuh come offa har name. unnuh ever realize if unnuh stop chat her name then unnuh man wouldn’t want fi know har name and want har.

  2. Some of the women used to run the road hot in their younger days, ok that’s fine, chalk that up to gaining experience. But it don’t look good to be forty six and fifty and still a f*** all about the place. Settle down now, you a big old woman. Dem still a try clean up. Fi dem p**** mussi big nuh man caan stay. And dem seh dem a browning.Suh mi hear.

    1. gal like tamara goodaz have to take what she can get cause she can’t get what she want. she is a nasty piece of dog shit and she love walk and start trouble with people. ugly good for nothing dog shit hood rat monkey face bittch. she glad fi any man own ar up cause no man don’t want own ar up.

  3. Why this post what the problem, do you get a medal for putting up tamara , greg, and wendy , what sense does this make. Come on only Jamaicans tear down each other like this , day in day out tamara , tamara , do she look like she care about you people, the more you tear her down is the more , she surviving , she never do me wrong yet , if she want to have a million man that’s on her, how about you savage haters need to take notes she’s doing better than you haters , it is so sickening that you can hate this girl , and I am sure she don’t do none off you no wrongs, how about you war with you man , leave the girl , let she live , you throw up her again on pink wall for what , every time you throw up TAMARA is the same old stories , she f**k , she f**k , old and stale news . Go get a life , stop worrying about the wrong thing , and go get a man to f**k you . Crazy low class people have nothing to do. Every one as there judgements.

    1. tamara walk and trouble who she don’t like or she jealous of. nuff people hate that bitcch because of that.

  4. You a go dead, tamara a mad you , keep on writing , up , your life is miserable, man done a you, that’s y u worry about tamara, pussy, jealous what tamara jealous off you for , tell me . She nah walk and beg at least she a f**k and a collect

  5. the same old same , taking cocky. In your mouth a common thing , bitch go get a life , dutty nasty scammer, gal weh you baby father no want you leave tamara alone, all u a talk and a tarnish the gal name , a you jealous , big old bull frog, ugly gal, tamara a go give all a you head ace . Thank you to make tamara more famous again and again .sorry ass females that man done on , man no dun on tamara , so she nah stop f**k , she a go f**k you baby father next , ugly looking monster slappy, body gal, go look you age pickney nah hold man again, tamara pussy good, that’s y man want to f**k her, het mouth clean, smell good so she supposed to suck cocky.

  6. How the f**k tamara walk and trouble people , you Atlanta , idiot gal , love chat , dutty gal, jealous lol, which gal certainly not you big old gal, gorrila, looking, gal, the time you a come on pink wall a write up bout tamara , go clean you dutty house, go wash you dutty sheets, , tamara will always mad you Atlanta idiot gal . A wonder what will be the topic tomorrow on tamara fools , fools , fools,

    1. ask anybody in atlanta about tamara and they will tell u that she is a piece of scum shit and she is fake as fuq. she can’t keep no friends cause all she do is chat shit bout them and use people and when them find her out she get mad and try start war with them. she did that soooo many times to her own friends. tamara is no hot gal cause hot gal don’t abandon them kids. people a talk how she wutliss for that. she is irrelevant to me cause she and i aren’t friends and will never be friends cause she is not my type a people. don’t get mad at me cause i didn’t send this in to met lol. someone else did who know tamara long dutty file. good women like me don’t friend little irresponsible girls like tamara cause she’s not on my level lol.

  7. Hood rat , ugly , a wonder a which tamara , you got it twisted , sorry gorrilla, not the tamara I know . Go drop a sleep and don’t wake up over tamara , you sound jealous , you sound troublesome, you sound like tamara a mad you

    1. stop trying to speak jamaican cause u sound mad stupid lol. tamara is a walking abortion clinic. all she do is fuqq breed and dash wey belly. she admitted it already when she and dainty simone fell out and said yea so what if she dash wey belly. u dancehall biitches are such a disgrace. girl bye cause tamara is a loser and so are u. worst mother in the world too. abandon her son in jamaica while she in atlanta partying and fuqqing down the place. that is low down and dirty of her to turn her back on her son. talk about that! DWMFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! BYE BIITCH BYE BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY HA HA DWL!!!!!

  8. Tamara f**k at least she nO f**k her friend , man or party fren man like how big mouth donna Lee f**k tanya Instylè baby father and her friend know bout it, leave the gal alone get the f**k out her . Dovey weh walk and f**k and sell pussy and suck every cocky me don’t see you dutty jealous bad mine dance hall scene people do her so, but every thing tamara do you see , watch , chat, tamara .

  9. Dutty gal how she abandon her pickney what about your own dutyy gal weh you leave a country Tamara pickney well taken care off dutty gal go look for your baby father that no stop walk and class you

  10. Dovey chat di whole a dem an den run in pon dem status a gwan like she a dem fren all Tamara toya she can chat dem mi fraid a dem

  11. Pot a cuss kettle , dutty gorrilla looking gal, weh no stop stalk tamara, abondon, her child, you sound stupid, you sound so jealouse , at least she a mind him honest, she nah walk and beg, she nah walk and scam, people out a them money to mind him, dutty gal you and you nasty fren them come on here and a hate on the gal and a tarnish the gal name for what, so what if she f**k, suck, kill belly, that’s all, dutty gal go look who u baby father a f**k, cause him did a look tamara, and she a go take him, and a hope u can defend it. Scammer ugly , gal you a go mad, true you ugly , big, and tall and tamara, look good, she no giant, stinking gal go get a life, hear this rewind and come again , go read born in you mother pussy ole again, bitch you don’t see how u curse, every time tamara , step out she shine , tamara is your problem and other bitches, problem in atlanta, why you don’t ask tamara why she is so bless, dutty badmine, gorrila, looking animal, Scammer, gal u curse, is only time. You a under cover f**kis, at least you a watch and a count tamara f**k, so obviously, her man them no have a problem, man f**k you and no request you back, the only man weh, u take set on is the 21 year old, whey you no stop mined, you have 5 pickney with 5 different baby father , a wonder if you know a who breed u, don’t forget to, say you did nam, one before u carry this one to, you carry it and think it was going to hold the young boy it nah hold him , you and your dutty fren them, can always come one and talk bout tamara it nah , break her , it’s sad how you and you dutty , look bad fren them can live in tamara shawdow. Tamara keep kill them, one thing me know no gal nah give tamara no stress , dutty scammer, gal u a go drop a sleep, over tamara, pussy, clothes , ugly Ness, fren , ways .

    1. tamara is a nasty reject loser. she is disgusting and worthless. end of story. at least every other girl can kiss them kids goodnite and hug them. she can’t because she close to turn her back on her son. and for that she is the laughing stock of atlanta dancehall. worthless bitch bout she a goodaz. good mothers don’t abandon their child! period end of story.

  12. how me and my kids get inna this story smfh i dont care if my baby fada want me i want him nuh care how much ah unuh suck him cocky him always come back unuh talking about me ah mine him mi nuh mine man that nigga always have his money u bitch need to go take ah aids test di last man yuh f**k him name call pon aids,i dont even memba tamara unuh come ah call mi f**king name wid this gyal,ah money mi pree,yes mi ah scammer y the f**k unuh madd mi nuh hide when mi ah talk mi write mi name bitch yuh need fi come face mi

  13. u hoe stupid bout mine man di 21 yrs old bwoy always have him money unuh ah worry bout di rong things yes mi have ah son in jamaica and trust nd belive summer nah come nd him is not here in america,all unuh du unuh step to mi face and stop talk backa ppl

  14. Yes stinking gal me know a ucome on here and a chat the gal, dutty gal kemeisha, low the gal alone, she don’t even member you, you soon get what u looking far, stinking gal, which man , call name , pollution pussy gal, tamara will for ever give you head ace, it sad how every day you on tamara name , you and stinking worthless winny, the time you a worry bout tamara , worry bout the scamming and tiefing, what u doing , cvs, tired a you , bitch, all the Pharmacy them , you picture up for fraud, bitch wait , just watch and see, you and nasty felony wiiny, when run weh , left case, dutty neisha I soon send in your mug shot from ny, nasty bitch you a worry bout tamara , she clean as as whistle, her pussy a mad you , me never know see you want to f**k her, and as for you Cele lite dutty winy, a time u stop tief, and sell pussy, you a big women you f**k out your youth days so leave tamara meck, she f**k, and as for you kemeisha, you baby father class you up no blood cloth , ant man me fren , f**k every want her up, dutty scammer, gal kemeisha, you soon have what’s coming to you, you is a blood cloth trouble maker, gorilla looking, giant , stay bad gal, the multicolor house wey, the people them money weh u scam, and buy, you will blood cloth know , you hear that bitch , make any blood cloth thing happen to me blood cloth fren , tamara and u see, bitch me have you blood cloth address member that, you scammer, tiefing rass you, eye water on you member you have blood cloth kids, member that stinking hole kemeisha, unconfortablr hole kemeisha, you dat a come , pussy ole crosis, dutty gal, you blood cloth you, . Bitch I soon catch up with u , dead hole, underprivileged, dog shit kemeisha, stinking winny, a over time u a do, informer winy, you a 60 nuff, nuff, go get a life and stop watch tamara, member you have a daughter weh you a pimp out bitch.

    1. u fuqqing moron kemeisha did not send in this and is not only kemeisha alone commenting. me know kemeisha people dem and mek mi mek you know this. i swear on a stack of bibles you no want no problems from kemeisha people dem. memba mi tell u.

  15. Yes him have him money weh the ole a you a scam, the blood cloth heat Is on you think a tamara this, bitch me tired a you bitch no stop take set on the gal, you and you baby father a scammer, wait yard and abroad.

  16. Stay behind di fence gyal u cant face mi ..write u name bitch y u ah hide sence u badd bitch ill tear your f**king face off..di time u ah talk u send in di mugshot stupid hoe..I dont care who my baby fada ah f**k mek him f**k him me u fren cant get ah dolla from him and me ah get it him mine mi daughter …tamara ah f**k wendy man and unuh come ah tek me on mi nuh name wendy loose bitch u and nasty tamara ..di whole ah unuh walk and f**k like dog sitting here lmao mi well comfortable…mi baby fada nuh wah nun ah unuh is him cocky him ah look fi suck di hole unuh come chaw mi

  17. I go fix that f**king bitch watch and see is me unuh ave strength fa go tek ah aids test nasty hoe ur pussy ah rotten out go to grady nd ask for kemisha grant let them give u my file mi pussy well clean no aids nuh inna mi pussy

  18. Gyal ah tell gyal them pussy stink bitch u must be sucking my pussy to know it stink lmao stop suck out mi hole tek yuh mouth from under mi nasty gyal tamara mi know is u ah write up mi name but dont forget something coming at ur nasty bloodclat..f**k chuck tamara leave mi baby fada name outa yuh nasty mouth ole cocky tegereg ole cocky termite ole germs carryer tamara leave mi name alone watch and see wah ago appen…u and your fren them is ah trouble maker but watch nd see what gonna appen

  19. Tamara robinson stop it bcuz itz not funny leave my baby fada name outa yuh mouth ..mi baby fada sey him nuh wah u fren him buy r ah drink nd f**k r

    1. lmao @Kemeisha di beating weh yuh get from tamara and har friendz dem nu satisfy yuh. yuh soon get another one. and as far as yuh baby father him easy fi get money from mi get that many times.

  20. dutty pussy gal a Tamara you have strength for you could a talk blue you could. Talk red bitch let any thing happen to her stinking pussy gal you and your fren them nasty gal she no have no aids you get it twisted and me a go tell you again you and ole winny if u ever hurt a strawn a hair in Tamara head bitch you will see and member her record clean dutty bitch scama bitch none a my friend want you ugly looking baby father bitch me done talk let she get hurt stinking bitch me have you file money scama bitch that’s all you can talk bout Tamara f**k f**k f**k she nah hide so you coming on here bout Tamara Robinson fool you might just doing her a nice favor bitch this bigger than Tamara stinking gal let her head hurt her dutty gal scama bitch stop scam stop scam bitch the heat is on on you and you ugly looking baby father

    1. trust and believe this is not kemeisha responding. but i am very low key but i know nuff nuff people and who a who in a real life. do not fuqq with kemeisha cause this girl can make 1 phone call and it’s a wrap. i don’t know her personally but my folks dem know her very well and they all parlay together. don’t trouble trouble unless you want trouble and u don’t want to trouble these people. trust and believe every word i say. this is not a threat this is a promise. very dangerous people dem. no disrespect to you kemeisha. just speaking about your connections not u. tamara u are a trouble maker. i don’t know why you are that way but u fe stop walk and trouble people. i know this for a fact because u have tried me several times but mi no ready fe you yet. next time u see mi and trouble mi u not gonna prepare fe the hot tump wey mi ago give u cross u jaw corner. i despise u because u fuqq with people just because u feel haunted or u just don’t like that person or u jealous for whatever reason. u are a real loser. sad thing is u already know this.

  21. Bitch you have it wrong sell pussy mind man you so sad scammer scammer scammer all the things them u a put in you brother name and mums name trust it already know the bmw and benz weh scammer money buy just watch and see stinking gal if Tamara head hurt her just watch scammer kemeisha pick the beam out a your eyes before you pick it out a Tamara . Tamara nah worry bout you she nah worry bout you dutty baby father stinking gal no life gal

  22. What file u ave fi me bitch sey mi ah scamma u have prove to that nasty gyal just watch wah ago gwaan tamara ah tek wendy man how mi come inna it that me wah know u and tamara ah tek di same cock suh try nuh badda wid me unuh chat 2 much come to mi face mi baby fada bmw ago madd yuh not to mention di benz ah baaaayyyyy y u madd

  23. Kemisha sweet heart! I know you would never come write anything on here, but look who you are arguing with apple cakes. TAMARA! REALLY!!!??? no comment- If you have 5 kids r how ever much yu still good up good up material becah yuh name never call up pan nuh loose cocky dashnz. Mek DEM MOVE DEM CLAAT!

    1. a that me a try sey. i went to redan high school with kemeisha so mi know har movements from way back then over 20 plus years now. this girl did barely speak to people in high school and never trouble nobody and a same so she move now. tamara is a nobody hype loud mouth jealous worthless crawny bitcch. at least kemeisha a mind har 5 kids and live with them and see them every day. tamara turn har back on her one son and left him in jamaica so she can live hype party life. tamara abortion countless other babies so tamara a germs waste gal. tamara unhappy and miserable. that alone tamara jealous over other people happiness. any woman wey have them kids and can hug and kiss them kids every day and every nite she jealous over that lol. tamara u argument stale out my girl so go hole a closet and go hide in a it. kemeisha no sey one more word. u good mumma. trust!!

  24. To stfu, you need to shut up , call tamara all the Type , off names , if her name want to call on any amount a cocky so what , yuh fren hide a f**k gary, bling, sponge, and if u want we to continue I can , leave the gal alone, what she ever do unuh, so badmine. Is a so real

  25. @stfu ..I swear I never come on here and put nobady pic up here bcuz I aint have no time fa that tamara is taking this wendy girl man I dont know di girl or di man suh idk y tamara nd r fren them ah put me inna it fa all them can sey mi scam and mi baby fada dont want me..them lucky them ah waste matter mi glad me neva f**k nun ah them man bcuz tamara nd r fren need to go tek ah aids test she nd r fren f**king di same man

  26. Hahaha mi nuh hide my f**k go for them mek them come in front mi face and tell me sey them f**k me..bitch u need to talk bout di man wah u pussy send ah prison bout gary and sponge bob bitch plz mi nuh tek regular man suh come again

  27. Y u dont come to mi face celulite leg gyal ole bitch talk bout di man wah u pussy send ah prison bout gary like really bout spounge like realy no bitch go fi them mek them tell u infront mi face I ave no need fi walk and f**k I got it well make mi daughter fada mek mi comfatable yaad nd abroad unuh go gary fi f**k mi wen mi ave ah 21 yrs ole ah tun mi lef right nd center nd mi money nuff ah me sey bank it ah yaad ah me sey asset ah me sey real estate over car title although I have it both ways y unuh maddd

  28. Lol, Wendy is only Greg side piece of ass, he lives with his baby mother kerryann. They move to ATL from NY together, because he walk and f*ck all the woman them a (Bronx)NY, and she couldn’t take it anymore. He said Wendy is too old and boring for him.

  29. Big woman turn “side piece” Mi hear seh she seh, “dem can gwaan chat her, she a go beat dem bad” Mi waan know wid wah, you beat out, suh di man dem ah sey! When unnu f*** di man dem, you think it quiet, dem all talk to each other. 7 eleven always open lol

  30. all mi caa say his tamars and dovey sick stomach as women dem no respect dem self man run tru dem like fuq and none a di man dem no own dem well atleast dovey sekkle down but for o long

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