Residents from March Pen Road in St Catherine have said that this morning’s murder/arson, is a result of infighting between members of the Klansman Gang aligned to Tesha Miller and those aligned to Andrew Bryan, otherwise called Blackman, who is reportedly seeking to dethrone Miller.

However, the police have said that they were yet to determine motive for the incident. Meanwhile, the Major Investigation Task Force is now appealing to anyone who has information to come forward.

Five people were killed after a group of heavily-armed men, including some dressed as police officers, went to a yard in the community which housed two separates homes, and shot the occupants before setting fire to the houses.

A male and female were also injured in the attack and area currently undergoing treatment at the Spanish Town Hospital.

According to reports from the police, about 1:47 am gunmen went to a section of the community named Africa Settlement, kicked in the doors of two houses and opened fire, hitting seven occupants and then set the buildings ablaze.

Members of the Klansman Gang, based in St Catherine, are affiliated to the People’s National Party.


  1. Eradication squad and hanging should come back. When these demons can a kill innocent babes then dem fi dead without mercy.

    Unnu can pray all unnu want, but God never mek mankind void of evil or the will to take vengeance. Me say it already…any a dem tek one a my family member life me a answer them in kind and wickidda too. Dem get whey cause victim family allow that shit.

  2. I see Bishop Edwards on the news fake bawling (yea I said it) about the deaths & asking for them to stop, but why doesn’t he just ask his friend Tesha to stop it. Afterall, he was the one who haughtily announced their friendship on Ian Boyne’s Religious Hardtalk. As for the MP, no matter which side killing, Klansman or One Order she just quiet suh. Disgusting set of shits all of them.

  3. This is from somebody who live in Spanish tiwn…all this is between blacks and tesha (both are very much involved).

    It sounds hard, but don’t feel sorry for nuff a dem over here, because they know who doing these things and refusing to talk.

    From last year summer things started to kick off over here and ppl dropping like flies all bout (up to bout back in may/june they was a big shoot out over here inna di evening/night hours and over again dozen ppl were injured; notice that never mek news).

    The burning of the places is because the man dem a put out ppl and dem nah leave…hence them burn dem out an kill them if dem bored, this has also been going on from end of last year in most of the ghetto areas in Spanish Town.

    The ones who u hear of doing these things is some little boys, who when dem get lock up the whole community deh a station a bawl fi dem and dem mother a carry sunday dinner fi dem a lock up after she guh church go pray fi him.

    Many come with the crap that they won’t talk because the police corrupted, they are many who are corrupted. But the police force is not the only ones they can call on; when these things happen they don’t remember indecom, government, them mp councillor, pastor, jdf, etc until camera crews turn up and them start sing.

    Yet even when police hold guys; which they do on a regular (mi haffi pass station everyday), no one is willing to even anonymously talk and say yes that is who doing things.

    People talk about they fraid to dead, but these boys are killing them regardless. If they don’t stand up for themselves, why anybody else most push dem neck out for dem!? And even if u do, no one is willing to stand with u and say yes; but will sit on a corner and talk out, who, what, when and where at the top of their voices like nothing.

    Oh and tho it may seem anti-religious, anytime they hav any big church ntn over here, ppl dead by the dozen. Saturday gone they had service and now this…the same week they had 10,000 man March over 2 dozen ppl dead a Spain! Either who dem a get fi preach a crosses or what them a preach a wake up duppy.

    So gwaan look and see, but take them yah ppl reaction and talk with a grain a salt!

    1. Spoon mi wish mi could a like yuh post a million times! Pure f** gwan a Spanish town and a the young boy dem get send out fi dweet that’s why when police a kill dem mi cyah shed nuh tear fi dem, cause dem parents nuh know weh dem deh a road a do

  4. Big up yah self spoon, love reading the real on this site. Too many Jamaicans are intrigued with corruptions and violence and only view it as a problem when it effects them directly. Informing helps the economy, because with informing, the crime rate will decrease and that will welcome more investment into the island. Stop protecting these criminals!!!!! The don worshipping in Jamaica has to stop!!!

  5. Thank you Spoon we all need to hear that… This business about area Dons and people getting burned out to get them out of the area, why would you burn and kill people for their homes, it makes no sense… This area Don thing needs to come to an end, why should one plague a community trying to force authority of people… Then they use these young boys to do the killing, and then when the boys catch a shot then family and people bawling but everyone know he wasn’t walking in faith, he did pure evil because someone else older than him told him to do it… Parents get a hold of your children and try and be more involved in their life do not let these evil men get a hold of them and put them to a life of crime and murders… Police do your job and get rid of them all… Stop the corruption that fuels these area Dons to function.

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