1. I respect her honesty though but she ain’t neva lied about them big d%cked men…sometimes yuh really haffe know weh ya duh or if yuh tek ah man dat size, summen bound fe get tear up inside ah yuh ( i.e. bleeding, torn tissue, all fracture yuh pelvic bone )…I commend those women who are in committed relationships/marriages ) with men of that size cause dat is ah serious ting fe gaffe ride dem deh bull every day, but jus fe get up ah f**k ah man dat big…yuh betta know weh ya duh and what you’re in for :hoax2

      1. Mi use tuh mess wid ah guy like dat…GI-NORMOUS buddy!!!!!!!!!!…me and him kept it cool fe 2 years before we decided to sleep together; whenever we talked about sex n’ size, he kept saying that he was a lil bigger than average size, so I thought ok, he’s manageable…yuh si when wi reach ah di hotel, *afta wi drunk and feel nice and ready fe fuhck* when the man draw dung him brief, mi yeye dem nayly drop roll ah grung :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo !!!…the man did suh big and hung I was speechless..him ah tell mi nuffe fraid *by den mi sober up and well fraid*…yuh si when di man push up eena mi, mi couldn’t breathe; di man ah jook it and nuh sound ah come outta mi mout tuh how di man suh big….im jook it couple more times til im cum and I was so relieved he came…..mek mi tell unu dis..##FACTS!!…yuh si fidi next couple days, ah tek time mi haffe tek time ah walk ana grab up mi belly from pain…all mi ass did ah hurt tuh…couldnt walk properly; mi did haffe hold on tuh anything just fe walk….dem deh kinda fuhck yuh haffe think seriously and know weh ya duh before yuh bring on dem deh kinda challenges pan yuhself….love me ah meaty man, but….. :hoax2

        1. The kinda behavior weh you lack. I dwl so till. Den big buddy deh u haffi watch an time before you jump een like a double dutch you a play.

          1. Mi seh mi frighten suh til all frog eena mi throat due tuh di nervousness; mi sober up velly quickly…big buddy man dem is ah dangerous set ah man dem yuh dealing wid..dem wi really murda yuh pussey and mi nuh ready fe mines dead ah bury yet :hoax2

          2. One hand deh ah front fidi belly and di next hand deh ah back fidi sore ass/back pain..if yuh did simi yuh woulda een tink i was suffering from severe constipation…and the pain lasted for about ah week…

  1. Metty, man wid dem deh size penis yuh haffe very careful wid cause it can really damage up yuh insides, serious serious ting yo..

  2. that’s why no man don’t want her, she chat too much, like seriously honey you are in the spot light and you out describing your sex life like that. getto af….
    a lie, she gi ocho some, she couldn’t probably handle it and what if a dude was to go out there and talk bout her pum pum … it probably nuh good. she chat too much man

  3. Goes to show how tretchhhhh out Evelyn pusc was. She marry it, then go breed fi di poor young bwoy whe nuh use to good pusc n think Evelyn done out one have value when dat dey nuh have no walls or glue lef affa Ocho Cinco….85+ inches

  4. The best thing that I like about this video are those chairs! Wonder where they got then from. That chick seems to have low esteem for herself. I am not regular viewer of the show nor a fan, but I watched it recently, and she was more surgery, lipo. Said she wants to be perfect”, well that will never happen hunty, no matter how much plastic surgery you get. That doctor told her right, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and I don’t think she’s all that even after surgery.

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