1. Curiah, quereiah, qurah…lol otherwise know as a Curio cabinet.
    Hi miss lady! yu gwan afi hop off a de country thing cause a nuff a we mek it a university and uptown from de amount a yam basket whey leave from grung pon donkey back and reach a Grass yaad market/KERNATION market go sell…bright!

  2. Take man to court fi 40 dolla? Me would a tell him n dDAjjudge sumthin bout dem madda n go do weh me affi do to take care a me pickney

  3. A wey de bumpy nawt dis a gwaan doe eeh? An older ooman wey a cuss out a nadda ooman on social media is sad on so many different levels. Dem struggle fe outdo dem one anadda wid dem soap opera drama antics is definitely NOT a good look. Women, oonu need fe stop dis back – and – forth tracing inna de public domain like oonu a 2 lowlife market women, and find God while oonu at it !!!

  4. I can’t stand these duty foot town folk who always talk fu*ckry about country people , u can’t leave a sweetie in eye sight because some of them will thief it.

  5. U wrong that tree trunk foot JANET gal is from Spanish town her calf them big like any elephant . JANET fck out FACEBOOK queens & brooklyn yet styleing ppl everyday pon FACEBOOK with her Dettol pussy fishy fishy .

  6. Lady, is not yuh carria she calling what nots..it’s the wholeap ah what nots weh yuh have pack up in deh and di who leap ah stuffed animals pan toppa di carria cabinet she talking about..yuh carria nice doe, but what is the big deal about having one??…I thought everybody had one..maam, it’s called a curio cabinet, pronounced ( cure-ee-oh).

    1. And ma’am, mout cut fe talk so time unu stop di back n’ forth videoing ova foolishness…mek Janet talk bout yuh til she get tired fe talk bout yuh and talk bout smaddy or sitten else…maam, yuh too up inna age fe ah behave dem way deh…guh play wid yuh nice nice grankids dem and lowe di foolishness…fe ah big ooman, you and Janet really love di skylawking, geeeeezus! :cd

    2. 45 yrs old and acting like 21 waring on Facebook . She’s no beta than Janet . Dem video yah a get redundant now, very unnecessary….dem need to grow Fawk up.

  7. Dawn these thing u have u daughter doing is bad you can be reported to child service , next you need to stop trouble people you are a big trouble maker think about it even ray ray say him done with you him get enouht clothes from good god leave the people the alone you are a sick woman .dawn u never win a fight marva beat u Tasha beat u Wayne lots kick u up toya sort out beat you omg dawn stop now man you ago flap u self . Nasty woman crosses woman the devil a ride you go seek god

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