1. What the tattoo read sey? These hands both need moisterizing. De ring like it need proper sizing fi it center properly, nice ring btw.

      1. Me hope har eyesight betta than mine cause I a dead fi read wha that a sey..lololllllllllllll

  2. It funny how a woman will stick it out with a man through tough time and as soon as he makes it she is no longer in his league. His baby mother should have gotten that ring.

    1. Londoner, sadly, if he is engaging someone else…then the baby mother wasn’t the one.
      Often times women/men waste months, years a hold fi that one (1) day which majority of the time dem force fi do it thinking all hardship will pay off. See the end result here. Proof that you should have moved on looong time ago.
      Baby don’t hold man or guarantee marriage.

  3. But a wha di tatto say look here who ever a announce dis entrapment pls to explain to us cause mi no get it

  4. A dat me seh too Londoner but me did see him have one likkle day in the life of konshens ting pan youtube an him n the babymadda did a live a diff residences, from dem time deh me see seh him was that type a man.

      1. PP ask Konshens if when him neva have nowhere to stay if a neva sushanna did tek him ina har madda house so how comes him so drunk ina love wid latoya? u ask fi mi because if mi ask dem a go say badmine :angel

        1. :tkp mayb cause him grow ya now n Latoya ah hmmm mouth bigger than sorry mi mean house , house bigger can hold him :nerd

        2. O lord…mama house?! Not a rass! Man no fi kotch or reside a dem oman people yard. So widout the singing talent him would have been a nonprovider?
          What did chicken finger so fi get ring? Cause first one was home provider.

          1. Konstance have no Konshens ,,,,,,,,,,,, :cd ..Konstance a pretend like him in love and wah married …him just too much fi mi …..mi nuh wah nuh red head man and him nuh scottish :travel

  5. But dat ring fava the same exact one weh mi get outta the Cracker Jack box wa day ya…hhmmmmmm, very suspect indeed :cystg

        1. Latoya come ya man is whey u say that ring in the pic up top is this ring right ere ??????? Awwight congrats

        2. Again, nice ring, but it not banging on that finger. Wearer need to paraffin dip and constant moisturizing.
          Trust me! no hate cause my “ice” is just right and I’m ADDICTED to lotion on my hands…lol

  6. Congratulations โ€œWishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family,โ€ (In my Beyonce voice.

  7. If this is a green card arrangement, why announce engagement? You wouldn’t just married and done? This seems to have become news because Latoya posted about it on social media and some body who follow her leak it. It seems legit to me.
    I wouldn’t even worry too much about the baby madda because wedda dem deh or not, he’s going to continue mine she and her pickney and will and run road sed way. Like he’s BEEN doing. Everybody win

    1. In cases where persons marry for immigration benefits, they often have to submit proof of the legitimacy of the relationship…pictures, emails, and in this age of social media, FB and Instagram posts….so, I’m just saying…not insinuating this engagement/marriage is for such reasons, just clarifying why it would be made public in such a case…On the other hand, good luck to the couple and may God go wid unnu :2thumbup :2thumbup :2thumbup

      1. Me sure dem nu need JMG as proof to their public engagement! lololllllll not wid CLEARLY statement…DWLNNNNNNNNNNN

    2. He still gonna sex every groupie, ugly, cute, baldhead , no ambition same way so …….just like that ugly DJ weh engage last year….I give it 6 months lol

  8. so how comes his madda never big up this gurl on her facebook yet? everybody who is the madda facebook fren know dat she eva a big up her daughter in law dem. so wha.. dis gurl nuh get mummy approval??

  9. Well she better brace for the 5 minute f**k wah him give and that he isn’t loyal to one pussy .

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