Understanding the dreams you dream-Generational and Ancestral curses
Satan’s’ primary purpose of invading our dreams is to continue the cycle of Ancestral, generational and bloodline
Unfortunately, for the most part the dreamer succumbs to his subtle tactics simply because they are unaware of his devices. I cannot emphasis enough that victims of Satan and his cohorts are only victims because of what they do not know. Thus, the power of Satan is solely based on the ignorance of his victims
With the above being said, today we will be focusing our attention on dreams that indicate or represents ancestral, generational or bloodline curses. Now, a generational, bloodline or ancestral curse is basically a negative characteristic, behavior or performance that is consistent throughout the length and breath of that family and by extension their past present and future generations.
Evidence of such curses in that particular family would be a consistency in divorce, marrying late or not being married at all, poverty, Alcoholism, miscarriages, unable to have children, anger, homosexuality/Lesbianism, witchcraft, sexual perversion such as pedophiles, rape, bestiality, masturbation etc. again, anything in that family that displays a consistency of negativity can be considered a generational, ancestral or bloodline curse.
Every curse has a beginning; it will always be the elusiveness of this beginning that will secure its tenure in a family. The bible tells us that a curse causeless cannot come, Proverbs 26:2. This particular scripture is clearly suggesting that there must be a cause in order to facilitate any curse. Meaning, a curse cannot just jump on a family or randomly subdue a family. The reality is a curse is derived via the consistent sin or consistent violating of the laws of God. For example consistent lying is upgraded from just a sin to what is called iniquity.
God said that he will visit the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate him, Exodus 20:5, Exodus 34:7, Numbers 14:18, Deut. 5:9. So it was the iniquity (repetitive un-confessed sin) of our forefathers that started generational curses in our families. If our forefathers were practitioners of witchcraft then this explains the spirit of witchcraft in our family etc. Bear in mind that generational curses are enforced by familiar spirits. Familiar spirits are just that, spirits that are assigned and familiar with the afflicted family. They see to it that the curse is consistent and increase in strength throughout each generation.
Fortunately, our dreams would usually reveal to us the ancestral, bloodline or generational curses that are in our families. The following dreams would indicate generational, ancestral, bloodline curses:
– Having sex with your relatives in your dreams
– Dreaming about dead relatives, particularly your grandparents
– Seeing yourself worshiping idols
– Seeing yourself or relatives consulting with witches or warlocks
– Dreaming of dead relatives especially if the deceased relative died from some type of sickness. It would be that particular sickness the familiar spirits want to enforce.
– Dreaming of yourself or family members dancing or performing a family tradition.
-Dreaming of deceased or living relatives drinking blood or sacrificing at an altar
– Dreaming of your living or decease grandparents’ home or property
– Dreams where you are looking in a mirror but instead of seeing yourself as a reflection you see a relative especially your grandparents.
-Dreaming of family heirlooms such as jewelry, painting, property etc.
-Seeing yourself or other family members in the same negative position as your deceased or living relatives.
-Dreaming of items being buried on the property or home of relatives, particularly that of your forefathers.
-Always dreaming of a particular tree or a particular spot on your property or that of your relatives
-Dreams of your decease or living relatives speaking in another language and making evil hand gestures.
-Dreams of yourself being chained, tied, shackled or imprisoned with deceased relatives
-Dreams where your see deceased or living love ones signing agreements or covenants with strangers
My friend, it is such dream indicators and many more like them that are saying to the dreamer there is a generational curse ruling their family and at the same time determining their consistent negative outcome. The question is how do we break such curses?
Well, we must first recognize that there is an active curse in our family and to specifically identify that curse. For example is it a curse of having children out of wedlock? Is it a curse of divorce? Or is it a curse or marrying late or not marrying at all? Whatever it is it must be identified so that specific prayer and fasting can be launched against it.
Scripture says the following, “If they shall confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their fathers, with their trespass which they trespassed against me, and that also they have walked contrary unto me, Leviticus 26:40. As a reminder iniquity is the abuse of sin that not only causes that repeated sin to be upgraded to what is known as iniquity but at the same time paves the way for generational curses that God promise he would visit that iniquity of the fathers upon the third and fourth generation. Fasting will break the bands of wickedness, set the captive free, undo heavy burdens and break every yoke that kept that family in bondage, Isaiah 58:6.
Join me next time as we dig deeper into the mystery of our dreams and what exactly are they saying to us.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


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    A special Good Morning to you Minister Ewing don’t want to bomb rush you just yet with any questions it’s a pleasure having you here,nothing happens before it time and God time is always the right one,hope we will hear much more from you sir and thanks in advance.

  2. I understand that the spiritual realm can bring evil forces or curses upon us. But I have to say it can also bring blessings. My granny is a “dreamer” and before I even knew I was pregnant & having a boy child my late aunt showed her. And she showed her in my granny’s room. Dem time deh mi neva a live with my granny so that strange. Some dreams come as warning from relatives that pass on so explain to me how it is evil seeing someone who’s passed on?

  3. Welcome Minister. I’ve read your blog and I’m in complete alignment with your views and the way you reconcile biblical interpretations with the metaphysics. We look forward to being enlightened.

  4. I too am a dreamer. I dream see a friend of mines pregnant and she was trying to keep it secret to abort the child. But I dream see the baby and now her child is going onto be 6 years old. I’m highly intuitive. Highly. I believe it is a birth gift due to the zodiac I was born under. Some call it a gift of spiritual desernment. So I know that spiritual realm does affect our daily lives. So pastor do you believe that being intuitive is evil? Or psychic what have you?

    1. Puddie I think I can share my experience with you with this gift. Im reading the comments now, was on a phone call before and didnt see what everyone was saying.

  5. Mr.Ewing,
    I use to have live dreams of being tied or held down. I would be awake, but could see and feel myself being held down and unable to move or speak but would try to scream, yet no sound would come out. I would recognize my room as see everything as if I was awake, but felt forces holding me down. What does that mean? I would also dream of snakes ALOT until I figured out who the snakes in my life were, so I no longer have those dreams. Can you please explain to me, what the other experience symbolizes??

    1. I’d also like to know the best and most positive way to deal with negative people and their negative energy that is always directed at you for some unknown reason or another. I am NOT the kind of person to “kill them with kindness”, as I believe that is being phony, to say the least..I believe in love, unity and laughter, which always makes people feel better…so what is the best way to deal with negative energy so that it does not hinder a happy atmosphere????

      1. The best way to deal with negative energy is to:
        1) build your spirit man with reading the bible on a regular basis
        2)To speak positive at all time especially in spite of how negative something or someone may present themselves
        3) You must always remember that your words are spirit and can produce life or death according to spiritual law Proverbs 18:21, Death and life is inthe power of our tongues and those that love it (death or life speaking) shall eat the fruit of our words!

        1. Mr. Ewing,
          What does the other experience mean? I know it is not an out of body experience that I’m having, so what exactly is going on and why are these evils bounding me when I am asleep/awake???

  6. Good morning to all. It is indeed a pleasure and privilege to share with you that which God has invested in me.
    I am a strong believer that it will always be the absence of knowledge that will secure destruction at the same time an increase of knowledge will secure and preserve live…..

  7. I would like to begin with a few basis principles and they are
    1) There is a world that is not see known as the spirit world
    2) It is this unseen world that is the parent world to our natural world.
    3) Whatever takes places in this world was originally conceived in the spirit world.
    4) There has to be an agreement between the spirit realm and the natural world in order for any type of manifestation to take place in our natural realm be it curses or blessings.

  8. For example, when you prayer to God you are agreeing with his word which is spiritual in a effort to manifest his promises.
    It also works the same in the world of the occult. They pray to their demon gods via incantations in an effort to agree with their demonic deities to bring about evil manifestations in the natural realm

    1. So in order to break these do you fast & pray. Or consult a spiritual advisor who can reverse this curse? What JA people call a ” wash off”. This topic is right up my alley so I’m highly intrested because I’m so intuitive. I know it’s real. Please forgive me if I’m asking too much.

  9. Therefore, a dream is spiritual…. Things that are spiritual are things that can not be handle, not tangible, invisible. So while your physical body is asleep, your spirit man or the spirit part of your being is very much awake interacting with the spirit realm. The things that you see in your dreams are for the most part symbols that carries a greater spiritual understanding.
    For example, let’s say you saw yourself having sex in a dream. Well, in spite of whom the person maybe you are having sex with it is indeed an evil spirit masquerading as someone you know or don’t know. These are know as familiar spirits, which the bible speaks of quite a bit in the old testament.

      1. keeping strong in the spirit in our dreams will require frequency in reading our bibles. The reason is simple, the bible is a living book meaning it is spiritual. Jesus himself said that the words that he speak, they are SPIRIT and they are life….
        Therefore reading the bible which is spiritual literally feeds and builds your spirit. It does not matter if you understand what your reading or not.
        It is the same as when you eat physical food you have no idea how that food provides power and energy to your body you just eat and you’re energized right?

  10. Good morning Minister,
    I dreamt that my man was standing at the door of my bedroom, killing a shark, a snake and a rat. Please what does that mean.

  11. I had this dream and I would love your interpretation of it please if your not too busy.
    I dream that I was walking down a road to go to Church, on my way I met a very good friend who is a devoted Christian, she started praying for me and whilst praying for me i becan to vomit up some things as though I was possess and then I fell on the ground and started to speak some unknown tongues and a few other prayer warriors began to pray also for me. A few minutes after I began to cry as though i was freed of something.
    The thing is prior to the dream that morning, I was awaken suddenly around 2am , I was there lying in bed and the spirit said read your bible which I did, I then got up took the olive oil and rubbed my son and step daughter who were both sleeping foreheads. I made several crosses on the doors of the house and rubbed my head as well. So I am not sure. I would love your interpretation though.

    1. Hi,
      The dream is clearly suggesting deliverance on your end you walking down the road to the church, the church represents the body of Christ the road indicates your destiny the person praying for you are folks that God has already put in place for your deliverance the vomiting represents the things that polluted your spirit that had you bound spiritually that was causing you not to progress spiritually. Falling on the ground and speaking in an unknown tongue indicates not only you being freed from the demonic forces that had you held down spiritually but it indicates you being filled with the Holy spirit. Scripture tells us that the evidence of our conversion to Christ is the speaking in tongues.
      The other folks praying for you suggest that there are folks thatyou probably don’t even know about that covering and wil continue to cover you in prayer…Unknowing to them they are assigned by God to do just that, cover you!

  12. The purpose behind a familiar spirit is to forge an evil covenant with the dreamer via sexual intercourse in the dream, why is this you may ask, because sexual intercourse establishes covenants, agreements, the thing is you have no idea that you are agreeing to anything neither do you understand what is it that you;re agreeing to. For example you could be agreeing to sickness, poverty, fail marriages etc.

    1. My question to you is. How does one reverse this convenant/ agreement that they’ve made in the spiritual realm? How is it broken? By what means?

      1. Yes your experience is more common than you could possibly imagine. Such experiences are called demonic oppression. The truth is your physical body is not being held down. Instead it’s your spirit in fact it is being held down by an evil spirit. Most folks assume that when they break out of such experiences they think it was via their own strength.
        The reality is you are no match for a spirit via your own strength. Instead it is the Angels of the Lord that has released you from that evil spirit that was in fact trying to kill you. Scripture tells that God has given his Angels charge over us to keep us in ALL our way, Psalm 91:11-12, scripture further tells us that Angels are ministering spirits (serving spirits) sent forth to serve the heirs of salvation, Hebrews, 1;14 and Psalm 34:7

    2. last week i went to the country and I dreamt that my grandfather that past away last year was holding me down to have sex with me, I was fighting & praying but it was like the spirit was overpowering me.

      1. Dreaming of dead people inclusive of dead relatives are familiar spirits they are NOT your deceased relatives or people that you know are deceased. Familiar spirits are just that, spirits that are familiar with your family and all that you do and associate with, thus they have the ability to mimic living and deceased folks that you know or even don’t know in order to forge evil covenants in the dream especially through sexual intercourse.
        This could also be an Ancestral spirit of incest in any event the dream must be cancelled and prayed against asking God to break all generational curses known and in known in your family.

  13. God morning again and welcome Minister I have become a follower of your blog so it is quite a treat to have you here with God bless you and I’m really impressed with the way you started out this discussion to God be the glory.
    Metsy I have question but I guess you will find a format so each of us can be answered Metsy bless up my sister

      1. I did and no answer Ms. Met the soon sign in post was me really need an answer

  14. @ Met, keeping strong in the spirit in our dreams will require frequency in reading our bibles. The reason is simple, the bible is a living book meaning it is spiritual. Jesus himself said that the words that he speak, they are SPIRIT and they are life….
    Therefore reading the bible which is spiritual literally feeds and builds your spirit. It does not matter if you understand what your reading or not.
    It is the same as when you eat physical food you have no idea how that food provides power and energy to your body you just eat and you’re energized right?

  15. @ Puddie Fasting and praying is key to breaking these evils. Prayer alone won’t work this is why you find folks that have been praying over matters for years and absolutely zero has happened. This is so because the type or breed of evil that is being dealt with needs spiritual reinforcement to disable it.
    Jesus said that certain kinds of evil spirits will only be disable via PRAYER AND FASTING, Matthew17:21

  16. Ok Minister I have been having these recurring dreams of my brother and ex exposing them selves to me (naked) and in the dream I’m quite worried and angry about this I have been told it represent disgrace and embarrassment what you think Minister?

    1. Exactly it does represent disgrace and embarrassment but more importantly it also suggest that they are open to danger. Seeing that they are exposing themselves to you it can also mean that something that was hidden from you by them will be exposed!

      1. Thank you very much I have been praying n fasting about it has it could even mean that I’m open to danger as my faith in God is really been tested these days but God is all knowing n powerful and he has called me by name

  17. @ ISpy dreaming of your bedroom symbolizes a place of privacy, generally a place that is off limits to others. Therefore, to see your man killing a shark a snake and a rat suggest that your man is having spiritual attacks, however he will be successful in over coming them. Animals in a dream usually represents evil spirits. It is their behavior i real life that indicates the type of spirit that is attacking the dreamer. For example the snake represents, deceit, wickedness etc. The shark represents a stronghold meaning there is an addiction he fighting and the rat represents a spirit of poverty

  18. Good afternoon Minister Ewing, I had a very vivid dream last night. I had a dream that I was attending the engagement reception of a close family member who recently passed away. In the dream two ladies, who were also at my family member’s homegoing service, went up together (even holding hands) to congratulate the family member on the engagement. Those two ladies are good friends. Any significance to this dream?? Thanks in advance.

    1. Not a good dream, again this is a dream where you have masquerading spirits disguising themselves as folks that you are family with only to gain your trust in the dream to forge covenant.
      The engagement of a deceased family member…. Dreaming of the dead is never good in fact I wrote an entire article specifically on this and the spiritual manipulations that comes along with it. The bible is clear! “The dead knows nothing and have no more portion in the earth, Eccl.5:9. Engagements symbolizes covenants agreements. So if this deceased person is not your relative then who is it? None else but an evil spirit attempting to forge a covenant with you to secure their evil

  19. Good morning to every one on this forum, I am a bit late, but none the lest I am here, trying to catch up on things. A hearty and personal welcome to you Minister Ewing nice having you here.

  20. I had this dream and I would love your interpretation of it please if your not too busy.
    I dream that I was walking down a road to go to Church, on my way I met a very good friend who is a devoted Christian, she started praying for me and whilst praying for me i began to vomit up some things as though I was possess and then I fell on the ground and started to speak some unknown tongues and a few other prayer warriors began to pray also for me. A few minutes after I began to cry as though i was freed of something.
    The thing is prior to the dream that morning, I was awaken suddenly around 2am , I was there lying in bed and the spirit said read your bible which I did, I then got up took the olive oil and rubbed my son and daughter who were both sleeping foreheads. I made several crosses on the doors of the house and rubbed my head as well. So I am not sure. I would love your interpretation though.

  21. big sigh,I don’t even know where to start so i’ll just simply say let your will be done good God Almighty

  22. Good day Minister Ewing,..For the past few months I have been dreaming that I am afraid of height. I always dream that I am going up some stairs in a building but after taking just a few steps I stop and start to cry because am afraid to go further. I dreamt this about 6 times . Can you give me some insights on this please because it has left me in a state of confusion…Thank you

    1. Repetitious dreaming always indicates confirmation or the dreamer is not understanding the dream so the dream is repeating itself. The dream is suggesting that you are being attack by the spirit of fear (God did not give us a spirit of fear, I Timothy 1:7, therefore fear is a spirit) when one fears in the spirit realm which in this case your dream you are literally inviting the spirit of fear into your life.
      Spiritual law states, “The thing that I greatly fear has come upon me and that which I was afraid of has come unto me” Job 3:25. Fear my friend sends out invitations to their victims by providing things for them to fear once the victim accepts whatever that fear maybe that spirit has now enter the victim’s life and the things that they fear via their confession, thoughts behavior etc will manifest. Again, manifestation takes place when spirit and human agrees…..

      1. Thanks much ministry, how do i overcome this fear?….I think I also have a spirit of procrastination, there are alot of things I want to do with my life but I always procrastinate and I dont know why.

        1. I share that spirit of procrastination too LJB, would love to know how to break free from it, because it keeps weighing me down.

          1. It depresses me, I feel like I cant progress… I would love to break free from it as well One drop

          2. I think what we need to do, is just stop saying, that we are going to do it, and just act. We need to stop putting off things that can do today for another day, we have d potential, we need to just seize our opportunities when they come, and stop letting dem slip by….

  23. Good day Pastor Ewing asleep or awake I keep seeing the number eleven. Mostly when I’m awake if I glimpse to see what time it is 11 follows it.

  24. I dream that my friend boyfriend die and in 2 weeks he die up to now I am still puzzle when I get the dream I call her and tell her to tell him about the dream

  25. Minister I have a question would love the answer to, my aunt died over 23 years, and if I see her in my dreams, and it doesn’t matter even if the dream was favorable, you could always and best believe what so ever task or endeavors that I am involved in, is bound to fail, it has caused me great distress over the years as she is dead for so long, and I still see her when ever I try to do something to elevate my life, and the result of seeing her always end up with me being disappointed. Why is this happening, when during her life time I was never disrespectful her, even when she pushed me to the limit

  26. last week i went to the country and I dreamt that my grandfather that past away last year was holding me down to have sex with me, I was fighting & praying but it was like the spirit was overpowering me.

  27. Minister I have been praying earnestly last night and reading the psalms for about an hour an half about 11:40am – 1:10am. I felt good about my connection with God as I am currently facing oppression with an enemy at work who lies with no ending, she is very deceptive ! she lies to the clients about me on a daily to sway them her way, often times you will see their attitude towards me change and the look at me with such hatred! I’ve done nothing to her to deserve this, I’m still in awe of how people can be so wicked to someone who has done nothing to them, hence my prayer about this matter. When I slept last night I had a lot of bad dreams incestuous ones of me an my uncle, I dreamt I was back at my prep school (which is a reoccurring dream) this time they had a competition of sorts like a national talent competition, a boys group had one. I felt compelled to show my talent so I was trying to show everyone I could fly(I always have dreams of flying) but I had difficulty getting off the ground but eventually did to show I could.The my dream transferred to me strolling down to the playcourt by the gradstand where as pupils we would play under the seats. I saw over the fence on the other side where the school church is a huge crown of silver it looked heavy like its made of iron so I stretched my hand over to lift it up, as soon as I did I realize I was dreaming and somehow felt compelled to scrutinize the crown.. I started to search it had numbers written on it, I knew it was a dream so I tried to memorize the numbers by writing it on my hand in order to photo -memorize it. As I was looking at the crown a stealthy dark looking figure was watching me. but I was focused at looking at the crown I cant recall all the number in sequence even though I tried. I think 0 6 5 8 1??

  28. welcome pastor EWING I hope u will pray for the team that anything or wishes that will want to befall us that the god lord will step in……blessing n properity to everyone

        1. Quena, duh…PLEASE!!…mi ah beg especially YOU ( on bended knees )!!!…be on your most BEST behavior in front of Mr. Ewing :angel

  29. Good day met Mr Ewing I can’t express more how this relates to me in so many ways reading what you wrote I’m a dreamer I could count the nights I don’t dream……. snake dreams after so many years of having them constantly over and over I just stop thinking about them the only thing t that hasn’t changed its the fear when I wake up I’m always being chased or they speak I guess in languages I don’t understand I had a run in with a snake some years back so I just chalk it up to that I was just replaying what happened….. name the dream I had it a few nights back I dreamt about falling stars and the next day I saw your dream post the night after that I dreamt I was in a classroom and wearing a blue dress and last night I dreamt that a man gave me like a picture frame with like a scroll in it as soon as he gave it to me he disappeared and immediately I noticed everyone around me was looking for that piece of paper I got scared and ran and the frame fell out of my hand and the glass covering the paper broke and the paper opened like always I can’t read what’s written on any paper I dream about….. I pick up the paper and ran there were also a few ppl in the dream who are some famous ppl who wanted the paper but couldn’t get it maybe it’s just my unconscious mind paying tricks I don’t know I also had many dreams that happened for real in my waking life big snakes little snakes c black ones colourful ones you name it I also had dreams about grand mother that I never knew she died before I was even born sorry for the long book but just to explain a few

  30. Good morning Minister Ewing. I heard you would be tuning in this morning and I thought this would be a great way for me to get a few answers to my mountain of questions and a better understanding of what’s going on in my life. Welcome to JMG. We’re glad to have you. I have a teenage son and I have been having trouble with him since he was about 14 or so. He smokes “herb” and seems to be not at all interested in school or anything positive. He hangs out with the wrong crowd. Sometimes if you see him on the street you wouldn’t even recognize him as he no longer takes pride in his appearance. He is very smart and understands exactly what it is that I’m saying when I “preach” to him…..he just doesn’t end up doing the right thing or changing. He will say “Mommy….I understand. I get it” but his actions never seem to prove that. He was a great kid. He listened. He stayed away from company and did what he was told. But now…’s like I have lost my child and I don’t know what to do. When he does these things, it’s as if he is someone else. My family says “Sumting wrong wid him man. Sumbody must do him sumting. Him caan just tun wukliss so” …..but Minister….I honestly don’t believe in that kind of stuff. I don’t think it’s possible for someone to “do yuh sumting”…. My question to you is…..Do you think it is possible for someone to “do him sumting” to make him this way. What is your advice. I have tried everything I can except counseling. I’m hopeless at this point. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

  31. And also this might sound weird and unreal but the night before the 9/11 bombings I dreamt iti was 17 at the time I woke up joking to my cousins about it saying y’all country is gonna get bombed we laughed about it and that after noon it happened it might be hardtobelieve but it happened they said i was weird after that

  32. Good day Mr. Ewing.
    I greet you in that divine name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the Almighty God.
    Minister, when u dream of the dead, what is the significance? My brother passed away last year, in England and my sister who recently visited me here in the USA, told me that she dreamt our brother after he died and he had a message for me…she said he whispered something to her in her ear, but for the life of her, she couldn’t hear what he was saying!!
    What are your thoughts, minister, and thank you.

  33. Hello Dr Ewing, I am in my 40’s never been married and have horrible luck with men, got cheated on u named it. I consider myself fairly attractive, am employed. I believe I have a nice personality and deal with people fairly and honestly, yet I have no man n no real prospect on the horizon.
    Is this really a family curse? my mother has ever been married, neither any of my sisters, the only sibling married is my only brother.
    Is this rally a family curse and how do I break it?

  34. How u doing minister..I had a dream about a week ago that every night when I went to sleep a snake came out n bite me on my shoulder. Every morning in the dream I would wake up n notice 2 bite marks indicate that I was attack by a snake n the mark was 2 holes with fluid dripping from it like pus so one night I was determine to see what it was so I went to sleep n the snake came out again not really sure from where but as soon as he bit me this time I awoke to see the snakes fangs in my shoulder ,can’t really tell what kid of snake it was but I kno it was a big one .I’m a bit lost to what that means,I kno snake are evil dream but I need to kno if it’s a specific message n what’s the message n how can I deal with the issue if there’s a issue to b dealt with thanks in advance

  35. Good afternoon metty and the crew… special welcome to Minister Kevin LA Ewing!!!… Minister I have been having a lot of water dreams, i mean a lot of water like flooding, lots of rain, the ocean, i would like to know what does it mean? my husband is always having black cat dreams and he also would like to know what does it mean?…i would like to know if it is true that seeing a black cat crossing the streets is bad luck.

  36. Me sorry, but the”Godfather” comin on rite yah now pon HBO…..gotta go!
    Minister Ewing, it was a great pleasure being, partly in your company, and look forward
    to reading your response, because I know your answer, will be right on time!!!
    Good day.

  37. After listening to a pastor and he prayed for every bond be free from the life of the listeners, i dreamt that i was being release from a vine of macka bushes, i saw my heel coming of a big macka and then as i was about to run away i jump up out my sleep… What does it means

  38. Good day met
    Good day fellow metters
    A special good day to Mr. Ewing, welcome to JMG and thank you for the clarity you will offer us today.
    I had a dream about two weeks ago or so, and it has had me thinking and wondering what kind of dream it is because it just came from nowhere.
    I dreamt i was passing a dental office one evening after work and decided to stop there to get my teeth cleaned. I have never been to that dental office before so it was my first time there. I went in and sat down on a chair waiting my turn. There were two dentists on duty at the time, a very old man and a man looking to be in his 30s. I saw that time was drawing near for them to close up for the day and was worried i wouldn’t be seen, i can remember i felt eager to have my teeth cleaned that specific day.

    1. The younger dentist then finished seeing the patient he had and then called me. I got up from the chair and went to sit on the bed, then i heard the older dentist say to the younger one that it wasn’t my turn yet as there was another young lady before me.
      From around the corner came this young women in her panties and bra alone and i remember staring at her like why the hell is she dressed like that. Anyways i went to sit back down on the waiting chair, only to hear the older dentist say that they couldn’t see any more patients as it was late and he was tired. I began to plead with him to please see me as i wouldn’t be able to make it another day and i desperately wanted my teeth cleaned. He did not budge and told me no.
      All of a sudden i felt something in my throat, like something was stuck in my throat and needed to be dislodged, I began to cough, and began clearing my throat, i then felt something coming up so i grabbed a napkin an placed it over my mouth. When i looked in the napkin, i saw about 3-5 jelly looking sacs, which had skin as its exterior so i couldn’t see what was inside. they were covered in blood and blood was all over the napkin as well. I began to panic and suddenly my throat felt like it was on fire. The dentist still would not look at me even though they all saw what happened. I remember feeling scared in my dream and was crying for them to help me as i thought i was going to die. The dream continued, but i can not remember all of what happened next.
      Every time i remember this dream, i get filled with goose bumps and i feel grossed out by the skin covered jelly sacs. Do you think this dream means anything? i cannot stop thinking about it.

    2. hello met, you know if my subsequent comment gone inna yuh spam? a beg you dig it out fi mi please :angel

  39. Mr. Ewing,
    I have a serious question to ask you…Are there some people who are just born plain evil from the womb to the tomb, and there is no amount of shankle dipping nor Holy Water that can revive them into a good human/spiritual being??? Thank you kindly for your response…

  40. @Met and Pastor Ewing, this is a real intense topic and it scares me a little(no lie)..I get vivid dreams too, but cant remember details at times..I do hope Mr. Ewing comes back and reason some more..

  41. Good evening pastor Kevin, I had a dream some time ago that I was being violently shaken by a man but i couldn’t see his face. I didn’t have the strength to fight back so I gave up. Shortly after, the shAking stopped and I could see the guy who appeared to be a man who is trying to date my sister walking away with his shoulder slumped. Can you interpret this dream for me please?

  42. Top of the afternoon Metty, Metters and a special welcome to you Mr. Ewing. I have a question for you Sir, I was pregnant with twins, girl and boy. The girl survived, but d boy died at birth, he took 1 breath and died, as his organs had not fully developed. I would cry constantly asking y? and even blame myself for no specific reason. I wld have sleepless nights for months at a time, and felt sorry for d passing of my baby. But something strange happened, on their 1st birthday, i dreamt of him, & in my dream, he showed me images of an old lady singing and cradling him that proved to me that he was being taken cared of, I knew hat it was my baby whom had passed a year earlier as he looked exactly liked my baby girl. For a moment I wondered who that lady was, as I never met her before, suddenly d name mum came to me, as if he had whispered it in my ear. I was telling my kids father of my dream & describing d woman who I saw in my dream to him, and told him her name, he had a look of bewilderment on his face, and got up slowly went to his draw and took a funeral program from his draw & showed it to be, I jumped back and held my mouth in shock that was d very same woman who I saw in my dream, it was his great grandmother he went to her funeral when I was 8 months pregnant with d twins. My deceased baby was basically telling me in my dream without words that he is ok, and she was taking care of me, so I wouldnt cry and breakdown anymore, he had on a navy blue knee length shorts, socks and black shoes, and white shirt and his hair pulled back in a pony tail(*tears*) But stranger things happened after that, my baby girl d twin that had survived started revealing some strange things to us, when she just started saying her first words and just started putting words together. My newphew was really ill unbeknown to us, but not her; we were miles away from him, and abt 1, 2 o clock in d morning she woke us up crying for him, saying d words sick n calling his name repeatedly. So I tried to reassure her that he was perfectly fine, but that wasnt working, so we got on d phone, with him and asked if he was ok, he said ” I never felt better” I even put her on d phone to him, so that she could hear his voice and know that he was ok, but she still insisted calling out d words “sick” dead, his name. He took seriously ill about 3 hrs after we hung up from him, and started vomitting, and had to be rushed to d hospital, the Doctors did an emergency surgery to save his life, he was in coma for 2 days, his appendix burst inside him, and almost took his life. When d news reached us, we turned and looked at her sleeping, thinking to our selves was that coincidence???? How did she know that was going to happen???? As time progressed, it intensified, she could now tell someone she met if sickness or death would befall them, saying menacing words like shot, stab, knife, fire, head, belly. There was this 1 time when we were visiting a relative for d holidays, there was this guy who was good friends with our cousin whom we were staying with at d time, he would come over & visit & he took a instant liking to my baby and called her “coolie” when she saw him she would call him coolie, apparently thinking that was his name. This 1 day in particular, he came by, and I just put her to bed, I saw her walked back out as we had congregate on the verandah, and started babbling frantically stay, head, lost, cut, kill yuh, ur head over there, and pointing out yonder, foot over there pointing in another direction, he was shocked, speechless, then after abt 10 minutes of silence he started telling us of a dispute he had with some guys who he didnt identify and said they had promised to kill him, but he was willing to die over his things. Then he laughed it off and thought nothing of it………he is no longer with us……he went missing 2 days after that he was beheaded and they found his head and body at separate locations, in d same direction which my baby pointed… as she grew older she would stop strangers and tell them of sickness and death, she even stopped and comforted a woman who was mourning silently for her child who had passed on from an ailing sickness, my baby words were ” brianna is ok yuh mother ….. have her” which was her deceased daughter, when she had that she broke down in tears and started crying, it was d first time in my life I was seeing that woman who was crying on my shoulders, her mother had also passed away. Mr. ewing, how does my baby girl know all this, is her brother passing her information from d other side as some ppl say??? Is my dead son communicating with his twin sister??? He dreams me on their birthday every year, She will be 5 tomorrow!!!!!!!! I have no evidence that he or any force is harming her, infact she has never gotten sick only took her to d doctor to be immunized. I dont believe in ghost story, but is this a blessing or a curse??? I dont want my daughter to be d bearer of bad news, how can I stop it, should I??? I wish to add something else although I said quite alot up top, but when she was a toddler, and I use to give her her bottle, she would ask (in baby language for another 1) anything given to her would have to be in twos, this include food, teddies, anything, as if she was reserving 1 for someone else. Is he still with her? I nor anyone in my family never told her she had a twin, but when she could talk she asked me for her brother, I have a older son, so I would say here he is, and she would say no…. not him, ny other brother…..Could u kindly explain this to me please, thank u for taking d time out to read my many words….thank you!

    1. Oh wow OneDrop!! I am so sorry for your loss..your story is truly compelling and amazing at the same time. I would love to read what Mr. Ewing has to say to you :peluk :kiss

  43. Hi met. Do u think I should re-write my dream on here that I send u earlier. I saw that minister Ewing did comment under it. Thank u minister Ewing,

  44. I logged in late today, after Minister Ewing had to take a break to deal with urgent matters. Sure wish I had logged on earlier to assist me with the dream of my 1 of my deceased twin. He normally comes to me, and manifest himself to me in a dream on d night before their birthday, which means I will get a visit from him tonight seeing that their special day is tomorrow. I hope and pray that Minister Ewing will be back in time, and can kindly assist me with the knowledge I need to understand y I am visited on a yearly basis on his birthday, and not at any other time, and to find out if he is passing information to his sister from d other side. We have never exchanged words in myy dreams just show of my emotions, whenever I try to say something to him, he disappears. I would love to go to bed tonight equipped with certain knowledge of meaning of my dream, and if he is also dreaming his twin sister as well, so she is able to tell ppl what will transpire regarding their health and demise.

    1. Firstly, any dreams of deceased love one or anyone that is deceased is of a demonic nature. The bible is crystal clear when it says that we should have no affiliations or communications with the dead this is known as necromancy, Deuteronomy 18:11. these are familiar spirits masquerading as your deceased son who has absolutely no knowledge as to what takes place on this side according to scripture, Eccl 9:5-6.
      Any form of communication with these spirits in a dream or vision would be to encourage demonic manipulation in your everyday life. For example as a result a spirit of grieving has entered your life where grieving for a deceased love one never subsides in fact tit is rehashed as if the death has just happened. The anniversary date meaning the visitation the night before his birthday is just a renewing of the evil covenant that has been established. You must rebuke these deceptive spirits that are impersonating your deceased son. You must also renounce and ask God to bind all evil spirits that has entered your dreams to torment you.

      1. Thanks for response and for opening my eyes, and to think that each year I look forward to seeing my deceased son, and to now know d true meaning really frightens me, as the spirit in my dream ages and resembles in likeness and form of my daughter. I fear going to sleep tonight, how will I face a evil which has stolen and impersonated, my son image and form, and led me to believe that it was him. How can I stop that evil forces from coming to me in my dream. What I cant wrap my head around is that seeing that spirit whom I thought was my deceased child, had actually comforted me me, for d past 4 years and helped me to deal with the loss of my son. Now I am confused, and scared. But most importantly what can you tell me about my daughter, the twin that survived, how is it that she can tell ppl whom she nor I has ever met, abt their health or demise???? She has always been on point, and never wrong in her foretelling. Can you shed some light on this for me please….Thanks in advance

  45. Good Evening. Minister Ewing, I dreamt that I was standing beside my bed looking down at my pillow. A fire was kindled on my pillow. A huge flame like that on a candle. The pillow was not consumed and I remember trying to put the flame out with my hand. The flame went away but I could still see the bright orange embers under the pillow Case.
    Help me to better understand. Was I quenching the Holy Spirit?

    1. Because this dream took place in your room the dream is speaking to a private area of your life specifically your marriage. Your bed and pillow indicates a place of rest and ease, however, the fire that was kindle on your pillow points to confusion and trouble that has been set to disturb and disrupt the marriage. The pillow was not consume because the origin of the fire is not natural but spiritual as in someone sending spirits of confusion to the marriage. You tried to put the flame our with your hand. Hands represents power, however in this dream your hand represents self power outside of the assistance and direction of God as a result the flame went away but you could still see the bright orange embers under the pillow case which now indicates that because it is not fully extinguished you will see a repeat of this confusion. in the marriage. In other words you’re not dealing with the rot of this problem that’s causing this confusion. You need to ask God to give you clear instructions and more importantly reveal the spiritual source or root so that your prayers would be specific i putting an axe at the root to bring about a permanent resolve.

  46. Good night. My dreams are different as I dream of fighting with all kinds of demons. God giving me super powers to defeat these demons. Once satan himself came to me in my dreams and asked me to come with him. I told him no I choose God and he walked away. For years since I was a child I have been very powerful in my dreams. So maybe you can elaborate on this somewhat for me.

  47. My dreams are different as I dream that I am fighting demons constantly. I have super powers by God and the angels are with me in full force. The other night I dreamt that i was in a room talking to a friend and a familiar demon came out of nowhere and started fighting with me. The fight spilled out in the street and I called on God and many angels appeared bcuz this demon had his fighters with him. It was an all out war in the streets. The powers I have in the spirit world is so amazing and mind blowing. I always wake saying oh man I wish I had these powers in the physical word lol. But can u shed a little in sight on this for me please.

  48. Hi Met
    I posted a question yesterday but Minister Ewing did not answer it. Is he coming back today, please?

  49. Hello. My mother had a vivid night mare that she was being torture and cut up by demons the other night. It woke her up at 3 am in the morning. She aid she was hurting very badly in the day before her sleep.
    This happened after we went to her house and removed idols and parephenalia and blessed the house.
    Minister Ewing can you interpret this dream what it meant?

  50. good day kervin I want clarity on this after listeaning to your teachings I had a dream about you helping me to right righteousness and powerfull I don’t understand what it might be

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