Imagine jigga just come back from jamaica a visit him good up woman and true you get a sleep over you run go put up pic with you inna fi him bed.The amount a gal wrap up inna di sed blanket deh you shoulda shame fi mek people know you go deh again.Thats why him always have you like a call girl.


0 thoughts on “KRATCHIZ BLANKET

  1. OMG!!! Am sick of this BULL SHIT Jigga story. YAAAAWWWWW…….. BORINGGG……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEXTTTTTT……..!!!!!!!! STORY PLEASEEEEEEEEE……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lissen Meh. dis big nose gal ago alwas be a mate. She knows that is har future and she accepted it. Please spare us pink wallers the daily rants of the buddy sharing epstickle. Jigaa is the only man that have the size fi fit ShAuna, Melissa the banker in Jamaica and Pinokio up top. the whole a unh no have no buddy ambition. Unh juss a halla fi buddy and no wah no money. Isn’t Melissa breeding for Jigga now? Germs and mores germs. ewwe

  3. Are y’all serious? How is that Jigga bed tho? How unu know is not di girl bed? Y’all really need to get a life and leave the girl alone. Met whomever keep sending in this BS and Jigga story really have a sick obsession with the girl.

  4. Right now mi convinced seh is either Jigga, him friend or 1 gal weh him a f**k weh wi nuh hear bout a send in dem stories ya. Come on ppl, think about it. Unu really think seh a Philly Shauna a send in all dem stories ya including bout r self?

    Someone has a sick abnormal and unnatural obsession with his guy.

  5. @know it. A di same ting mi a think. Mi know Shauna loose most of her screws but mi a think twice now star whosoever a do dis gone pass mad. An if is Shauna mi a go pray for her cause this whole ting a get spooky

  6. Get a f**kin life Shauna.. dat pic been up there and thats not jigga bed bitch.. she know how fi work her big nose and it a mad u n give sleepless nites. Everytime di ooman change har profile pic u a like a fly pon shit..kmft

  7. A melissa a sent it in.the time you tek a stalk her page you should a prepare fi ya raffle belly. No matter who jigga deh wid.Him always a f**k Tracey

  8. Sour ass Shauna u need fi leave the girl alone she no chat to Jigga nor look inna fi him direction but u still a worry bout r a muss f***k u waan f**k the girl but sorry she no do woman. U so old and stale wid dis boring story now bitch ave a seat it seems like when u naaw mention on pink wall u no happy, smh…

  9. oonu sad nuh f**k … FYI.. to the pathetic low life dog shit dat keep puttin up di girl. She n Jigga dont deal anymore dumb dumb, she lef him give oonu n if oonu cant keep him occupied too bad fi oonu, but lowe har out bitch.. thats not his bed, cheap comforter or not its hers n it clean trick.. go find sumting do ol waste…

  10. Little gal go sidung somewhere cause nobody no want Jigga as soon as Jigga do something with one a unno it reach pink wall a must Jigga a send in these story a try get a hype fi the woman dem

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