1. Kwesi!!! We want to see a picture with you and your son. Stop being a deadbeat, driving around smoking weed. Dolly don’t want that around her child. Dolly don’t want you either.

  2. kwesi telling ven he is moving forward after she come talk up a bag a things how you feel now VEN oh god he said he is moving forward should of been moving forward cuz I don’t no why him go back to ben f**king fool

  3. Dolly over dear looking lovely with her baby not paying woman mascot Kwesi no mind a good diss the gay An look at you now ven diss you broke ass up publicly on the media dwl

  4. Go mind your kid deadbeat ladies watch out for him queens biggest bum all him do a walk aawh beg eat out woman money

  5. :nerd Dat penis looks thin no lies and I passed cockynology… stick a pencil deh :nerd den a Suh it seerus fi wait pan food like? him nuh hungry? Him full aready? Unless wah him awda cyaaah keep him, it too lite.

  6. Kwesi an him baby mama can live happy now. An David An his baby mother can live happy too Homewrecker ven go fine your age low the ppl dem man stinking pussy gyal Kwesi go look a job an leave woman tings alone

  7. I hate a bum nigga that swears and believes he is no bum. I’m so allergic to bruck pocket men. These bitches need a reality check. Damn dunce bats.

  8. dolly is not winning ven is not winning. Facts the bwoy is a bum can’t even buy a plate of food to save his life or a pack of pampers for the baby SMH ,

  9. Dolly still want kwesi n this is facts he told his friend she keep calling him talking about the baby need to live with both parents but kwesi say he don’t want dolly or Ven he say he rather live with a regular woman both of them mixup n he also state tht dolly can’t take care of her big son she always go out to eat n leave him home thts wat turns him off plus she put tht boi out to allow kwesi fi come f**k her in her mom house those are facts and ven kwesi say you have to pay him for his dick n he also say u paying for the rental. He’s driving so u or dolly is not the winner kwesi is

  10. f**k boy just post the child is a boy and not a girl as DOLLY did want ppl to beleive , the DNA test dou and it’s not for the other guy , a KWESI did a sah a fi raj, f**k boy put up ” co parenting soh him only could see the child cause him and ven nah talk. Smh

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