1. I dont see the sense she interviewed her if her views are going to remain the same, she keeps insinuating things talking about the lady is getting mad. Jenny Jenny stay outta poor people issues if u nuh willing fi try and understand. Im glad the child is ok and is holding jer mother down while the world is against her.

    1. Mi nuh know how all people like dem a interview people. She was totally disconnected from the children so it was fake hence the reason why she couldnt ask better questions

      1. mt tipping point was her asking the older sister if the mother is usually naked dafq. mi never listen after. Fake like !!!!

  2. Rhatid!!!One more bout of bawling again. .Mek mi tek a break from ur site Dear Met…but before I go,can I say ..well said and maximum respect to Jenny Jenny!!!

    Met this lil girl is crying out for help. what you DO,over n out to You!

  3. i dont like the line of questioning from Jenny Jenny! is like she want the to child to implicate her mother, the child a tell her one thing and is like she want to twist up the child for her to say her mother is an awful person

  4. The interviewer never get beating? The interviewer nuh have children?

    I don’t necessarily condone the beating in the video but a nuff a we get beating like this or even worse, is only it never get video. I feel it for both the mother and child, as a parent and as a child that wasn’t spared from the rod.

    This interview didn’t do this situation any good, in my opinion. The interviewer all ask the little girl if she nuh feel embarrass as if the entire interview wasn’t embarrassing.

  5. Seriously wha kind a f**ked up question this Ms jenny a ask the pikini. As far as mi concern the media and all the other ppl involve in this is creating more trauma for this child than the beating that she got.

  6. Tears, I can’t stop crying because I feel it for this family. Until we are in someone’s shoes we will never know what they are feeling. The likkle girl do har best fi show her mother in a positive light and she wants to live with her, THAT ALONE SPEAKS VOLUMES. God bless all mother’s especially the Poor ones. I really hope they get the help that was promised, Jenny Jenny one word for u (Empathy)

  7. Met please do u have a contact for this little girl???? I don’t have much . But would love to help it pains my heart

  8. Very poor interviewing skills, she ask a question then answered it herself, whilst trying to put words in the children’s mouth..who give her authority to interview these children, she showed no empathy at all.

    1. Same thing mi sey she need fi sue her rass who gave her permission to interview the lady as far as I know the mother is still her guardian. To think jenny jenny is a frigging trained teacher, who operates a friggin daycare and school!!!! This is just low. Sue her baxside and teach these so called journalist a lesson

  9. This lady name Jenny sounds f**king stupid and dumb. Thinking that she’s better than these ppl. Who the f**k u r? These little girls are bad and they don’t listen that’s why she got a beat down. Leave the f**king woman and her kids alone. Jamaica need to look for the rapist and the child molester them before they can arrest this woman gtfoh

  10. Jenny Jenny married an old white man suh shi tink shi has arrived. She is a poor excuse, mi iggy fi har. Dutty Jenny Jenny, if yu caan help, dont hurt!

  11. The mother discipline the child. Yes, she wrong to use the cutlass but sometimes the first thing you catch is what they getting those licks with. Jenny sound like she want to separate the family. Leave ppl business alone damn. In the video the mother clearly stated that she’s tired of it, and as a mother I can relate. No child of mines going to disrespect me.

  12. Yow she ask some questions wey can get di madda inna waaaah whole heap a trouble…. A frustration doe str888888! an poor living caaah hear deh… one go school one week and di next one go school next week it sad yow….. ppl get frustrated and duh tings yes, but inna camera world lady lick har wid yuh hand drape har an bax it if yuh have tuh…. but machete???? If a farrin yuh deh an dis gwan investigation gallang immediately an foster care raise yuh picney an dat prally worst…..yuh cyaaah beat picney wid machete supposed it get wey and yuh chop up di picney out a frustration an den when yuh calm dung yuh sorry…. Go beat di bloodclaat fada wid dat wey yuh kin out an breed fah…. now a days picney weee come shame yuh all when yuh give dem and show dem di best. Mek mi :tkp wey yah man cause dis wee trigga mi mental ability.

  13. Why do you have a Cutlass your grandmother is a farmer that’s why you have a Cutlass in your yard ??? Really Bitch which Jamaican yard nuh have Cutlass f**king BITCH

  14. Jesus father man …. Jenny Jenny unu really wikid to unu sister di woman need help .. water full up mi yeye … gob reach de fast fi relocate and not to educate … wth the woman need help … is atrting woman … mi a wait fi a contact ficsend ar something

  15. Bwoy me no know a wha but tears come a my eyes listening poor ting the kid really sticking up for her mother tho.


  16. Come man apples/j ikant and Kerry Ann and all the rich Bronx ppl dem whey a wear 10,000$ bootttttttt , wih fellow Jamaican ppl need help now man make some effort man… all this richness and no donation, come on this is what celebrities do, do the damn thing now man up up and start donating. Dem rich ppl yah mean and selfish baddd Cho!


  17. I really do not mean to come across as being judgmental, but in terms of the child explaining that she has to take it in turns with her sibling when it comes to attending school, it is highly apparent that this is an extremely low income household. I am just curious to know why so many people have children knowing they are financially struggling and the result may include inferior levels of schooling. You see it all the time in these impoverished communities, are there no methods of contraception available????

    We notice how everyone is mentioning she is a single parent etc etc. Why do that to herself- and her children.

    1. Why u nuh fck off?
      Who the fck are you to tell people what they can or cannot do
      Just pray seh you no turn a single parent by any circumstances
      Before you start “judge” you damn ass! People sometimes don’t get to choose what happens to them nobody but you can apparently see into the future you self righteous bumbohole. Don’t be too judgmental in this life Anything can reach even YUH!

  18. Mi great grandmother ol have 10 pickney and mi sure some neva plan .. dem pickney de have doctor, farmer and engineer….and Mary have the saviour ,.., she did plan fi him??? Come on man

  19. The question the question this lady where did she get her degree from. She is the main reason Jamaica is in denial and continue to be.

  20. Met after 2mins i could not continue to listen to this bird.. she is a minor and her questions were inappropriate and unitelligent. The 21 year old sister should not have allowed the interview and the child dont own anyone an explanation. Yo mommy always walk naked, did you grt burses .. u never get no chop??? Ole daff.. irriate mi spirit.

  21. umm there is no excuse. If this was done in nyc she would be facing some serious jail time. This little girl is obviously afraid of her mom and she is being coached as per how to answer certain questions. I don’t care that parent has issues. Just because a child flash you off grab a cutlass and beat the lights out of her. oh plz give me a break
    and the individual who was recording the video is also an ass.

  22. I understand this clearly, when I was younger and my mom told me to do something, I always grumbled and shake up myself….one day she grabbed me and beat the daylights outta me…..I never did that again.It did not make her a wicked mom….my siblings and I turned out just fine.The machete was not the best choice though.

  23. Rass lie peoole a ny n all over usa beat dem kids so tap tell lie. Some white kids cant even look at them parents hard, uno nuffi mek it seem like people a usa nuh discipline dem kids. Right now white people in usa grow dem kids better than nuff of us blacks.

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