Big Pop reports LA Lewis to cops
Claims he was threatened by deejay’s cronies
Former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contestant Big Pop is claiming that he was recently threatened by cronies of LA Lewis due to his association with Tanto Blacks.
Big Pop came to THE STAR on Thursday fuming following an incident he claimed took place earlier in the day at the Duhaney Park market in St Andrew.
“Mi inna di market a buy something, when mi hear a man seh ‘deejay’, and mi ansa. When mi go to the person, him drape mi and a seh “u nuh know Tanto?” Him a seh di man dem bun up LA Lewis car the other night. Dem a seh mi fi watch miself or else mi ago get knock wid dem,” Big Pop told THE STAR.
“When the car drive off, mi see a grey Honda wid di glass barely wind down. When mi look, mi see LA Lewis in deh … . A Poor & Boasy a drive, and LA Lewis inna the front seat, and him caan hide inna fi him bad-colour white.”
Following the incident, which Big Pop claimed took place around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, he made a report to the police. A constable at the Duhaney Park Police Station confirmed getting a report.
LA Lewis, however, disputed the claims.
“Mi no send no man fi Big Pop. Mi a drive come pon the road and mi a see a car in front of me and a man a talk to Big Pop, and mi drive pass dem. Mi nuh send no man fi threaten him. A me and Poor & Boasy a drive, yes, but mi neva send no man fi go threaten Big Pop,” LA Lewis told THE STAR.
But Big Pop says he wants no further involvement in the feud between LA Lewis and Tanto Blacks.
“Because me and Tanto deh pon the road, dem rush mi, and I am in fear of my life. Mi nuh care if dem a war, but mi nuh waan dem draw mi inna dat,” he said.


  1. dem and dem bitch war
    dem need fi guh learn fi read a book
    mi tired a two eediat a clash, di one who can read a book win di war and di clash put dat pon tv real drama tv dat

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