Local sources have reported that because of a ‘spliff’ tail, Dancehall entertainer Laden has landed in hot water with the United States.

Reports are that Laden was deported back to Jamaica recently after a spliff tail was discovered in his pants pocket by immigration officials while he was being processed in the LAX in Los Angeles, California.

It is said that Laden who refused to be recorded, tells our local sources that it was an honest mistake and he is upset with himself.

Laden is not the first entertainer to be caught with marijuana in an airport as just last year, fellow entertainer Tommy Lee was caught at Grenada’s international airport by police.

So, was he really deported just for a spliff tail???…. Keep it ZIPlocked as we bring you more on this story.

0 thoughts on “LADEN DEPORTED?

  1. kmft…

    den do t give a phuck suh why sud i? dem already knw all hell rule deh nd if oversea money av a turning value tuh dem rass pocket den dem wuda mek sure sey wen dem a enta r leave de ppl dem rass country dem hands rass clean.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Yow Laden or whoeva…Idiot!

    Yu traveling…you wake up a few hours early, wash yu face/teeth, make coffee or prep brkfst and BURN one, then go bathe and prep (vice versa) fi go airport. Idiot! NOBODY inna dem legal mind BURN weed and step inna airport smelling like it or put Already smoked weed or cigarette inna dem pocket….STUPID!

  3. I hope a lawyer can help him solve this one soon, cause i think it is very sad to know that as a young yute a try make some ting of him self just lose it all before it reach him.

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