0 thoughts on “LADIES RIDE OR RUN?

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  2. Mi a try figga out di bes way fi do da yeye brow style dey. Whe him do take a wax strip n take out d miggle alone? Or him go di longer way n shave n lie up di top row, then shave n line p di bottom row?

    Dem creme out n lineup d baby hair dem, then groom up d beard? What a whole heap a work dis “bwoy” ya tek on fi look cuteeee doh eeh? No wonda inna Chrismus mi did haffi wait so long inna d beauty/barber shop.

    Waste man dem dey

  3. What a pretty man! wow. Him mek me want fi apply metallic eye shadow pon him lashes…pretty bitch of a man.

    Hey MET, chuet and Yep! Happy 2014.

  4. sass crisse all the corner a the man eye the pencil reach. instead a two cuts inna him yeye brow split inna two one fi me and one fi you.

  5. Run coz he looks like an idiot and a fruity lean one at that.

    Not gonna lie though – I actually like how he do do do him yeyebrow.

    Who said this guy is Pretty nah see right – he is far from ‘pretty’ (we as Jamaicans fling that word around way too easy and eat too often everything is pretty) I know is Sarcastic they probably being, but this guy is just effeminate, deluded begging for attention and WAY TO OVER GROOMED – Him is not pretty but clearly thinks he is.

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