1. So now dat Lady Saw and Johnjohn dey back together again, it look like she haffe mek some more money fe mine Johnjohn and him pickney dem, before she become a Christian. She dun know say dat him nah go provide, but she forgot say dat God will provide.

  2. Sunday best to met & staff 🙂 Lady saw hope u read this . When u reach over 40 certain look don’t attire well especially if u have a hard face come on u look a old dike . U always hard from we a ago school up a st Mary” ms hall I have seen u look nice & SUTTLE Before please me a beg U change that hair do pulse u never were a voluminous sexy appeal woman never never thought u had sex appeal worst now 🙁 U always look dry 🙁

    1. Scroll down and just focus pon de shoes….lolollllllllllllllll….Foot fava yam stick.

      Thank goodnes fi har dedicated fans dem…

  3. LOVE the hair!! :2thumbup ….everything else from the neck down :hoax2 :hoax2 … Hey Servah, almshouse, Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  4. I’m still stuck on di breast dem, I remember a sumfest show she did wearing a gold dress that cut down the chest area she was teasing the video man as usual to. Two “slipass” a race to har waist, tings and time change ee man. Bug up uself yah Saw!!!

  5. doah pay dem a mine mummah saw a jellus dem jellusssssssss at least yuh pencil foot dem tan betta dan fi macka wonn dem..age is a numbah :maho

  6. I thought she turn Christian and was planning to use her gifts to serve God in the church? Any way, Godspeed Lady Saw and blessings Met and Metters.

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