Miss Met this is truly a celebrity siting. Where has Lisa Hyper been. Is like Kartel done har career wid one sucking picha. She even look different but I knew it was her when I saw that bang belly. I’m waiting to hear di new trakk. Little advice for Ms Saw Pls to fire your makeup persons or stylists. I rate Marion but Jah know di makeup a beat mi bad. Ask the metters heff anyone has seen Lisa lately.


  1. Good to hear of the collabo’. Sender your correct in speaking of Saw’s make up, I love her work also but this particular day I think her make up was just slapped on, I don’t think it was a professional “face beat”.

  2. Wait deh, no Shauna di danca gal weh use to live a Philly dat ina di middle up top. She teck Flight go Texas and now she get dipp. all dem man deh weh you did a service couldnt wife you and gi you papers my girl? no man back to square and it worsa hard out deh now if you no have a career.

  3. Sender it luk like YU has sleepless night last night ova miss hype….dwl ….Har gut bang but she Naaw loose nuh sleep ova it an ur big like bob’s funeral …visit a surgeon ASAP

  4. I love Saw. Not as much as Tanya but after listening to her for a while mi get fi like har but ……fi real….di makeup a buss mi ass too. Dwllll. Sender yuh tio bad cause I remember thst pic wid Lisa sleeping in di chair wid dat bang belly. Lmaoo. I didn’t listen yet. Mek I go listen an cum bak

  5. Lol “know the things” Yu mek me laff. Yu cyaan mek di bloggers piss u off, a so them stay. Been here a while an nuh comment much but mi loike Lisa too. Dont get upset but the swell gut part funny. Lisa is not ugly but she need better stylists and better clothes. When i say better clothes i just mean put togethet better, not cheap or expensive. I just mean better styling cause if she put togethet well she can look very nice. She not ugly. Some nice weave and simple sexy clothes

  6. Yes Philty that is Shauna. Didnt know she get dip but she have hoeish tendencies fi real. Lol. She drop off a shape now.

  7. Yes anonymous Shauna is a f**kist and all di dipp she get she still not cooling her f**kish ways. She run right back up in entertainment people and them cannot help har. She need to get a trade and sort out har self or find a old man moneyman to mine her.

  8. Queenbee what you mean by that. Come enlighten us. Who Marion turn on and why. Yes I think Lisa has potential but she has to start clean. New management new stylist new material new style.

  9. Shauna use to live a Texas and give Pelpa a lot of three sum and then rob him,and when she use to live a Philadelphia she F down the place all Pelpa friend she use to F to

  10. Lisa put on weight and looking good. Hope she and saw work on more tunes. Love the song. “Yes, Lisa call Muma Saw”.

  11. Saw looks so lovely in the video still.
    @sender I do not think anybody can dun Lisa Hyper enuh, the fortitude and strength in dat girl nobody can topple her. If she off di scene is tru her own choice. I will always hold her in high regard, especially since I know she is a fighter, I just wish she had not put so many tattoos on her body.

  12. Anonymous 5:24 Which Pelpa??? Dainty man Pelpa or a different one. But i see Shauna on Facebook the other day saying she single so where she live now cause i see pics of her in Jamaica but mi nuh sure is dipp she get dipp. I love that picture of Lady Saw. She look seductive. Lol. But mi love Spice too.

  13. Unu a chat the gal Shauna an fi unu problem worst cause unu must a tek bare f**k inna unu batty an f**k inna unu mouth in merica.unu maybe not even work as much as this gal,cause mi always see har buy har own an no enca off a man,an thief mall cloths go party go pose up inna video light an hungry tomorrow.some a unu man leff unu right now,unu dead fi blood cloth hungry an cah pay unu bills cah 9to5 alone cah help unu dutty gal weh f**k bare man weh buy champaign a dance

  14. lol I don’t think shauna wah pelpla cause she use to deh with him friend an till this day me think dem deh,me no cause me hear a him a tek care a har.but dah gal deh always a hustle still ….dwrl back to the pelpla thing,dutty pelpa f**k everybody a philly,jersey an New York pan dainty so a no nothing a blood cloth,maybe dah gal deh a the cleanest him ever f**k apart from dainty plus she have har dutty secret to..all a unu dutty gal do….when u mine man a dat happen to u… lady saw muma,u look good raaayyyy still love u music gal….Mek dutty ppl Gweh

  15. So is that Pelpa used to f**k har then ok. But is why them dip Shauna. Anonymous 11:12 pm tell Shaua to put down the alcohol and weed if she wants to be taken seriously. If she use to work for DS then she can get another job but har reputation not nice. Sooooo Layla yu trying to said dat Dainty is dirty cause if yu say Shauna is the cleanes Pelpa ever f**k den I don’t wan see the dirtiest. Shauna have man all ova di globe nu mek she fool oono. Lmao

  16. Shauna care if Pelpa and him friend a f*k her,but yes a Pelpa friend a help her now and then shauna do anything for money. @layla u wicked u can’t put dainty with nasty shauna pelpA bad fi true but one thing him hide and do him thing and like Nuff of these nigga f**k these bitches and public it Pelpa use to sleep with one of my friend and him tell her nobody no need to know they sleeping because him have him babymother.

  17. But she looks like 90% of the time she either drunk or high. No wonder she will do anything for money. But anonymous 11:12 how different is your friend from the women you describe??? Huh. Kmt. Tell Shauna that she must shake up har ways. She is young she still have time to chsnge for her child. The possibilities are endless.

  18. Smh, this ain’t no new shit have it in my play list for months now. It came oit in the time of the rumor with Laz Morgan. Sender glad to know you making Lisa Hyper relevant, mumma saw bad make up day no sweat, ot happens to the best of us

  19. me nah tek up fi the gal,but unu no know har,unu see har a party a drink an smoke,an man a talk to har. Come on,man no chat to everybody unu talk to?unu an dem a f**k? That’s y me stay out a the Jamaican world cause unu ppl curup an no chat fi unu business…an all Jamaican do a watch an fight against each other

  20. Layla tell dem fi tell dainty fi Mek har man go mine him unclaim kids,cause tru she a mine him,him hide the Pickney dem an no stop f**k pan Har,plus dem a question if a fi him daughter dwrl unu too mixup yah me gone

  21. Fret dem….do not run away. Yuh yoo bad. Gosh man. Dwllll. Dat baby look like Pelpa. Oh gosh. So are you saying Pelpa have more kids. Seriously or yuh jus a talk because see Dainty made her 4th…his 1st….just to give him his first and only and now him breeding ppl all over. Wow. Pls say it aint so. Dats why I doan waan no hot bwoy/ street bwoy/ popular bwoy…..too much trouble. Smh

  22. Dainty and pelpa ago mad fret dem and the rest of the haters and how dainty to mind pelpa and she not working fret dem get a life pelpa a take care of dainty, fret dem let me ask you a question a pelpa is the only man cheat on his woman NO pelpa may cheat but No girl can’t go in pelpa babymother face ,fret dem u sure pelpa never hurt your feelings,pelpa me friend big up yourself you a real youth

    1. Donnetta no working so is Sean minding Dainty and the 4 kids and himself??? Ok thanks for clearing that up. You hear that Fret Dem. Anonymous 12:24 say a bayyyyy yuh must go mad. Dwlll

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