1. Di mumma need fi mine har own business.She erks mi nerves.If he wanted it on his own I would allow it, but not becaz dat psycho said so.Then again give it to him and lef him baxside bout she is a ole woman

  2. Di madda need fi go look job bout she ah depend pon its possible him have a baby now fi tek care of

    1. Whey you did deh when de woman a feed, send guh school, sit up a nite when him sick? All when she nuh have nuttin fi feed har pickney. Leave the woman alone an go look a life. All you all see is a food ticket wid yu nasty self. But remember before the fruit, the soil have to til. Did you or April til de soil. Check yu self.

      1. I am going to agree with you, The lady had Him when she was a teenager, struggle with him as well, These Rachets hurry come up young gal all they see is a meal ticket for real, I have seen it happen too much, These females come and put the mumma in a nursing homes and the idiot men who let these nastyness run their lives, The mother have right to Omarion money just like how April have a right as well, Idiot Omarion need to grow a spinal cord and balance both the mother and the Girlfriend. SMH.

        1. So cause she had him when she was a teenager an struggle him mus mine ar fi di res a ar life…Omarion nuh have no career right now..him a try start a family an di madda have issue wid it…she need fi go look a wuk.
          @Jackson so when people have kids the kids responsible fi take care a di parents forever…I have no issue wid helping my parents when that time comes, but should I put my life on hold when they are able bodied an not a ting wrong wid dem?

  3. bwoy de ppl yah gud e’ man de baby don’t even luk no mexican ntn the baby luk like him mada weh mix wid Asian,black and mussi white smh….dats why mi nd de mamas bwoy thing nah guh work enuh dese “bwoys” must tell their mom what time it is before them call themselves man.
    Jim Jones muma…
    Scrappy muma…
    some a de woman dem tuh need fi check dem mada
    Candy muma
    Rasheeda muma

    1. I agree she should have just went ahead and did the DNA and prove him wrong if him believe is not his child. Or Omarion should have did what dutty nasty Kirk did to Rasheeda by doing the DNA himself. All I know is that baby is a cutieeee :babyboy. I wish them both all the best still

  4. I don’t wrong her to feel hurt It’s the principle and as well as a big disrespect to ask for a DNA it’s basically stating you think the woman cheated and is trying to pin a child on you…I personally would take the test but after the results show the baby yours you can’t get back with me !

  5. To me it’s insulting and demeaning when asked after being in a committed relationship. I don’t know the background on these but if they lived together before the child was born and were committed to eachother (especially to the point that they have matching tattoo’s) then he should not have asked her, to do so is to now say you don’t trust that I was faithful to you and that you would believe I would betray and fool you in the worst possible way.
    A relationship without trust is a shaky relationship.
    Give him the DNA and seperate, rethink and go from there.

  6. He is a momma,s boy no question about that they are the worst men to deal with because you will always play second to mommy

  7. why him neva dweet de same day de pickney bawn …nah seh more while yuh mada caan right but de lady hate de gurl nd a put things inna de yute head if him neva question it from mawnin wat happen now dat a evenin

  8. “Disrespectful” to ask fora DNA?? Are you ladies kidding?
    The man is about to take on a 18 year commitment, nothing wrong with clearing his mind of all doubt. If she knows she was faithful what’s the issue? TRUST?? 1 in 3 babies are tailor made. Those odds a waaayyyyyy too high.

    1. If my man ask me for a DNA, I would give it to him, but do u Little Willie believe that we could be in a relationship after that? Because the only reason why u r asking is because you do not trust me

  9. It’s ok when she files for CHILD SUPPORT the DNA will be ordered. When it turns out it’s his he’ll feel like a damn DUMMY b/c you allowed ya MOTHER to run ya head. Where did the idea come from? He was very secure in his relationship and now all of a sudden he wants DNA?! Hmmmm….. did he see or hear something w/his OWN eyes & ears or was it Mama Marion. Cuz he’s gonna have to pay TWO women now. His mother & baby mother and not to mention the NEXT woman he gets involved with. He should have done the DNA on his own to satisfy his fears & STFU.

  10. That mother need to stay in her lane. She is the one that is planting the seeds of doubt in Omarion head. She reminds me of Kandy’s mother. They don’t want to see there children with anyone bcuz they think they’re spouse will talk them into stopping their financial support. Which Omarion girlfriend had already said to him. The need for DNA should have been established up front.Not all states allow the swabbing that Kirk did.I would give him wat he wants and be done with him. There’s neva going to be any peace with that mother questioning the girls every move.I thought they said she and the baby was his beard. Oh well.

  11. a man asking for a DNA test is no different then a woman trying to break in her mans phone or asking whe yah come from. Harmless iF nothing foul is really going on. these women better stop trying use them brain on a ninja……

  12. Nuff ooman gi man jacket, waistcoat, and suit….but if my man come tuh me wid DNA request it would not be ah pretty day, and afta dat he would only be known as di baby daddy. Cah dere is no way mi coulda eveeeeeeer deal wid him afta dat….as fi di his & hers tattoo, ah das why mi nuh duh dem tings dere….:travel

    1. Yawdy, most men weh want DNA duh dat because dem think the woman eena run roun ah sheep wid everybody like they themselves are doing…along with insecurities and trust issues; that is just a str8 up insult and waste of time so after all that I’m out…next request, child support..simple as dat!

    2. I don’t understand this mindset. If the man has doubts and request a DNA, why not grant him the request if you don’t have anything to hide. The reality is, he can simply take the child and do a mouth swab or take the child to a DNA facility without your knowledge and get the DNA test done. The only person who would refuse a father’s request for DNA Test is someone who is not sure of the paternity or is sure that the requester is not the father and want to cover it up. As the child gets older, it gets very convincing in a lot of cases that the child doesn’t belong to the person tagged as the father.
      I personally believe that all fathers should do a DNA test before signing that birth certificate, whether married or not. Lot of deceiving women out there looking to cover up their misdeeds. You appear to be one of them.

      1. Sometimes unno chat suh til unno nuh knoe weh fi chat. Ah nuh fi mi fault every man yuh breed fah request DNA. Yuh opinion belong tuh you and only yuh…..yuh nuh carry nuh weight yasso. Nuh worry bout weh me appear tuh you….guh ask yuh mumma ah which a di three man dem ah really yuh daddy cah as yuh get older it’s very convincing that you don’t belong to the person tagged as your father.

        1. Yawdy, sounds like a woman whose man requested a DNA test, test results came back 99.9% that her man is the child’s father and he is still a deadbeat bum not wanting to pay court ordered child support…typical smh lol :ngakak

        2. Yawdy, don’t go there with her because the writing is clearly on the wall…go back and read what she type seh and pick sense from nonsense…she is a deadbeat defender LOL!!

        3. @ Yard4Life, you know I’m a man, right? Maybe you want to try the emasculate approach next. I will check with my mother, though, to see if my father is really my father.

          1. Mi nah guh emasculate yuh, not my style. Alright papa nuh badda go ask yuh madda nut’n. What happens on di Wall stays on di Wall :ngakak
            Mi cah ask yuh a question, how much time yuh ask for a DNA?

          2. Yardy4Life, just once (out of 4). Yuh never know, maybe that is the only one that is really mine :nohope

  13. Disrespectful or not they are not married so he can ask for a DNA test if he wants. Only a child born into a marriage is automatically the husband’s child and responsibility (legally, due the assumption that married couples practice monogamy) and not the other way around. So, she can act up if she want too (if this story is true), which I doubt. However, when you choose to have a child it is no longer about you and your feelings. It is about making sure your child needs are met even before yours, which includes having a healthy relationship with it’s father. So, if a DNA test is all that prevents that from happening then she is silly and it probably best that they separate.
    p.s. I know marriage isn’t everyone cup of tea. Children however benefit greatly from growing up in a “healthy” household I think most people would agree.

    1. agree especially when the father is taking care of ALL his children produced out of wedlock and during marriage. i think most people would agree

  14. Disrespectful or not they are not married so he can ask for a DNA test if he wants. Only a child born into a marriage is automatically the husband’s child and responsibility (legally, due the assumption that married couples practice monogamy) and not the other way around. So, she can act up if she want too (if this story is true), which I doubt. However, when you choose to have a child it is no longer about you and your feelings. It is about making sure your child needs are met even before yours, which includes having a healthy relationship with it’s father. So, if a DNA test is all that prevents that from happening then she is silly and it probably best that they separate.
    p.s. I know marriage isn’t everyone cup of tea. Children however benefit greatly from growing up in a “healthy” household I think most people would agree.

  15. Should I give my husband a ‘Jacket’?
    Q. Doctor, I am a wife who is in a very big dilemma. My husband and I have been married for nine years and we still do not have any children! We have never taken any contraceptive precautions and we have sex around three times a week. It was the same thing in his previous marriage. They were married for around five years and they had no children. So I have come to the conclusion that my spouse is probably infertile.
    Now, Doc, I am desperate for children. I would really love a little baby to call my own, so I am very unhappy. Earlier this year, I came up with a plan to help me deal with this situation. I agreed with my husband that I would go to England for a month to see my sister who is a nurse in London.
    Doc, I am not proud of what I did, but could see no other way out of the situation. On the flight to England, my menses started. Around two weeks later, someone had arranged a ‘welcome’ party for me. It was a very nice occasion and I met a lot of old friends, plus some new ones. Well, you will not be surprised to hear that I danced a few very slow songs with one of the men who came alone. He was the best-looking man in the room. Soon after midnight, I took him off to a quiet bedroom, and in about five minutes, I had managed to get him very excited. To his surprise, I whipped off my pantyhose and invited him to have sex with me.
    I never saw him after that night, and I don’t know much about him, except that he has some high-powered job in England. When it was almost time for me to return home, my menses were due again. But they never came. So just before I left, I went into a chemists near Heathrow and did a pregnancy test. Yes, it was positive!
    On the flight home, I thought my heart would burst with joy at the idea that I was at last expecting a child. Then I began to think about my husband and I realised that things could be quite difficult with him. After all, I could hardly tell him that I had deliberately become pregnant by another man.
    The solution I came up with was this. He drove me home from the airport, and as soon as we got home, I told him that I was desperate with desire for him and we must have sex immediately. He happily agreed and, in fact, that was the best ‘session’ we had for years. I had multiple orgasms before we fell asleep.
    Well, now you can see what my dilemma is, Doc. Should I just keep quiet and then tell him in a month or so that I am pregnant? I could say that it happened on the night he brought me home from the airport.
    I think that the ‘dates’ would be close enough for him to be convinced. Of course, he might be surprised that I have conceived after all these years. But I thought I could tell him that I had some ‘fertility treatment’ in England and that is why I conceived on the night I came home. Would this work?
    One other thing, Doc. My sister and I had been talking about DNA. During my night of passion with that Englishman, I discreetly used some tissues to collect a specimen of his fluid. Since then, I have kept it in a plastic bag, which is sealed very tight. Have you any good ideas as to how I should proceed, Doctor?
    A. Well, I can’t see how the DNA specimen from your one-night-stand lover is going to be of any use unless, at some point in the future, you decide to prove that the baby is his. That could be very difficult.
    Now I do understand that your desire for motherhood drove you to do what you did, but I am sure that you can see that giving your husband a ‘jacket’ is wrong. If one day he found out, then it might be possible for him to take some kind of legal action against you, especially if he has a good lawyer!
    Trying to lie to your husband and convince him that you had ‘fertility treatment’ in Britain is not likely to help. If he has any sense, he will guess exactly what kind of ‘fertility treatment’ that was. One other thought occurs to me. If the one-time lover looks nothing like your husband, or if the two men have quite different complexions, then when the baby arrives, your secret could be revealed.
    I think you should have a conversation with a reliable and experienced older person, like a pastor or a counsellor, and discuss whether it would be better to make a fair and honest admission to your spouse. Just occasionally, husbands who are in this situation decide to welcome the baby with open arms.

    1. @Sameso please read Justice’s post because since you stated that ‘Only a child born into a marriage is automatically the husband’s child and responsibility (legally, due the assumption that married couples practice monogamy) and not the other way around’

      1. I dont think he/she is saying that only married couples practice monogamy, I believe she is looking at it as the law looks at it. I know here in America thats how it is, once the man is married to the mother he is the father even if he is not. Most judges will not grant DNA tests to dads if he is married to the mom at time of conception

    2. Thanks fi yuh story Justice. There’s absolutely no reason that justify why a man shoulda wear ah jacket. Dats ah low dung dirty act and di wife dead wrong pon nuff levels. She luckly is only a belly she end up wid….:ngakak

  16. My distrust of women came about during my teenage years. While attending a tertiary institution, I lived with my brother, who was a Casanova of sorts and for that four year period, he had many relationships with married women who would visit the apartment on a regular basis. Now at the time, he was only about 20-21 years old and these women were 30 – 65 (most were very attractive mixed raced Jamaicans). I remember asking myself if their husband had the slightest of hint that their wives were being unfaithful on a consistent basis. Now a number of these women were fairly well off and took could care of my brother money-wise, something he was quite pleased about. Most of these women did not work. I can just imagine how many of these women gave their husband Jackets.
    I had a cousin who was probably 5-times worse (they women flocked him in droves) than my brother and I remember him telling me how he had gotten a married Air Jamaica Flight attendant pregnant. He had lots of kids and took care of none of them.

    1. “My distrust of women…” an all ah now yuh caan personally seh weh at least one ooman do yuh. Yuh soon hear seh ah das why yuh hab feelings fi man ….:travel

      1. What happen if my feelings are for you AND Yep? Did I tell that I like feisty woman, especially when laying the pipe!

      2. Yawdy! Me did post a emoticon fi yu comment, then the person go write a love note to rass :ngakak
        MET! we need a funeral emoticon round here! cause some a dem comment yah!

        1. PP ah weak inna di Thursday yah :ngakak Yuh did read di epistle “while attending a tertiary institution” :ngakak Him hab sense ah humor doe….mi glad him can tek likkle joke :ngakak

          1. I sure did! De amount of Niece and Nephews him have uptown it is sinful :ngakak :babyboy :babyboy1 :babygirl
            Imagine how much a dem can’t reach a oxford and harvard after DNA check, lol

        1. Yawdy4Life: King Cobra/Anaconda, maybe? Would love to see your facial expression when the certified pipelayer is at work. Have you ever “spoken in tongues” outside of church?

          1. Fi smady wid dem deh esteemed credentials deh, why yuh oba yah wid di small talk :ngakak Den is di tertiary institution certify yuh inna di art of pipelaying?

  17. I cant even be mad because no man should be taking care of a child that is not his, thats his right to ask, but i just cannot see that relationship between mother and father being the same…I also believe that all men should be put on child support immediately as the child is born, if he is not married to the mother

  18. Thank goodness that DNA is required in filing for “children” from foreign countries…cause the amount of jackets that are falling off the hanger (men) it’s ridiculous πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ All 50 year old tweed jackets falling off old “hangers”. πŸ˜€

      1. Bad things but frigging hilarious! These gray tone women who profess fidelity and were quick to cuss young gal bout dem love catch man life a mash up like when boulda lick inna glass house WOOP! WOOP! jacket pickney dem fi years until the US immigration and Naturalization step uppa inna de dolly house! :ngakak
        :sorry Sad for the adult children…then I know one who did renk like the mumma and cuss people bout jacket not knowing until visa time that she was a custom made JACKET!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        Muary nu have therapist fi help dah one yah case…lol :travel

    1. Yu fart a de Embassy staff a say “Application denied because he’s NOT THE FATHER” dwrln….still sad but if you renk wid people and go embassy and turn down cause a DNA it funny! lol

  19. Hotstepper……before mi even draw dung yu baggy, mi a mek yu know straight up seh if yu breed it r DNA certified. That way yu can nuh badda sex me.
    Nah dry clean nuh Jakkit!!

    1. Wonder if u a one man weh live a NYC wah DNA all a him pickney den? In your case though if u tell dem I doh think den woulda mad still…because dem a expect it

  20. I don’t wrong yuh Omarion, he is doing the right thing. Mi haffi laugh cause just wha day yah the one MTO did a say omarion fava gerald levert dem say him muma needed her own dna fi him. i nealy dead to rass.

  21. De madda come in like candy mamma pon Atlanta house wives..I swear dem tink dem money ago short wen dem see nobody inna dem life..

  22. I have a feeling dat in a few years it will be mandatory for all children to be dna checked to confirm paternity.
    Look pan di ooman wah give birth to the baby wid dwarfism di odda day, is ongle afta doctors a dig into how di baby born wid a condition dat nuh eena eedaside a di family shi confess to sleepy wid di dwarf strippa at her bachelorette party. If di child didn’t have dat condition she would have passed it off as her husband’s. A wonda if di dwarf a pay child support?

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