1. man face macka lie n wikkid bout laing tek yuh off a sting…excuse aftah excuse weh dai yuh claim yuh get laas a road n reach late n nuh badda cum now a saw tel laing fi tek yuh off…yuh full a blame doah wid yuh donkey face

  2. yuh need fi guh gi bak noah em money weh em tek feed yuh wid yuh hungri belly a farrin den yuh run weh anuh show up a di man dance ole crowbait

    1. Lundun dis is not sting instigated truly :hammer

      macka mek song huh much days ago and as it drop pan yah yessideh now it stawt

  3. It a shame for 2 big women to behaving this way. Even if it is for entertainment when you reach a certain age a certain behavior is expected of you. Macka Diamond you are older that time itself , nobody want to know about the man or woman who is bagging your face before them get intimate with you. Lady Saw I can see you trying to be above the fray but you still using that 4 letter word , you need a little more sunday school teaching

  4. Macka is the bet, uno si how she neatly claim she Saw mek Laing tek she and ole before shi young spice off a Sting, Macka u excuse loose like u teeth, Saw is spreading the red carpet fi suh nuh bother cry cree .

  5. mi know unu a go kill mi….but a lady saw put ar business a road now it tun side post ……..saw idle cah shi shouldnt even answer macka

  6. Mi a tap tek up fi saw caz wen shi a rant shi a shell all who a stan by har side har side to, even our beloved jmg lol kill har rass wacka diamond loll

  7. The song was recorded several months ago in August, because me and Saw had some friction at that time, but the producers just decided to put it out. People love the song. they see me in the streets and sing the chorus ‘nhingy nhingy nhingy’. too bad mi cannot get fi do it at Sting because Laing or Joe dem nuh deal with the business part right yet so mi tek another show,” Macka Diamond said.

  8. Mi need a magician to make this bullshit between Macka and Saw go away. Fe two big ooman inna dem forties, inna de music industry from nineteen how long, and their lifestyles are like two open books, don”t they realize that people are talking about them more for their silly antics, and less for their music these days ?

  9. Mi nuh know but nobody else but I hope somebody convince Macka fi do sting. Mi just want it hash and done. Smaddy need fi just win and done. Mek it be a 4-way so we can move on cause mi tired fi hear people business inna song.

  10. You guys needs to ignore these old ladies with the fake beef. This was all staged to hype of Sting. Looks like they want to do things the american way. Publicity stunt, except the two are old women disgracing themselves.

  11. Wait she no left dancehall yet fi turn Christian. A what do them two duty ole foot yah man. Macka u hv kids show some respect no man. Lady saw u making a fool of u self u come on air n talk how God. Call u unchanged all u twitter pic just to put it back up. U can’t fool god unu come like wild bush them just grow n deh every weh

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