Hi Raga I have listened to this story in regards to the young lady that have the young baby my views on this is both parents of this child is to be blamed first the guy made it clear to her that he was not ready for any children he went as far as paying for her to take care of it so she shouldn’t be shocked at the out come yes he should have used protection but he also tried to correct the issue before it came to this also the lady you spoke with yesterday was not the girl’s mother because when you asked her for her daughter date of birth her was not able to come up with a clear answer and she also did not know when her grandson was born. Raga they are trying to pull a fast one her mother can babysit and she can go back to work I’m a single mother with three kids and I’m doing fine she will be ok she only have one may this be a lesson to her pickney naw ole man again lol good night Raga.

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  1. I listen the show too First off it seems to me the girl ah raffle up har pitney & the man have a good feeling him know, so that’s why he don’t want to own. If the baby is in fact his he should mine it, but remember the real babyfather’s brother called yesterday & said his brother takes care of the baby so she might just be trying to get farrin goods from Ragga’s listeners. Me personally don’t believe her & if she really deh struggle wid di baby den she mek it bad fi harself wid di bungle ah lie. Mi get pink over di whole mixup & ah no mi

  2. mi did hear yesterday show and that gal wicked she did try to scam the people and look money. she did have har so called mother call up and defend har. some people too damn hype and beggy beggy

  3. suh….hole on deer…..is u dem a call ragga met?

    so dem fi sen diss here story to ragga and mistakenly sen it to u? :nerd

  4. well how can he tell her to ” correct” her pregnancy. you can’t force a woman to kill her baby. Not only that but he should not have nut in her, let alone had sex with her if he was not ready for a baby. I’m not here to defend her, but that is kind of wicked

  5. Mi come from Mobay & mi shame bad cause tru Mobay already known fi scammong dis gyal come deh do di same ting pon Raga show so now people go wuss look pon Mobay people bad even the hardworking ones like misself yah.

  6. So Met only certain & certain people comments can go up? Mi nuh say nuttin wrong, just speaking my opinion

  7. take dis mix-up rite back tuh raga de wall ere doah av space for it…..too much phuck lie from de call start till nung mi head did stop hurt dont mek it start agen tonx

  8. Met its because my comments disappeared so I thought you deleted them. Ah nuh nuttun fi get work up bout,but now mi see it.

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